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  1. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Why do racists hate getting called racist?
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  2. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    OK Micaela, we know what you define as 'success' has nothing to do with television, fame or the number of people thinking you are sugoi (great).
    Then why don't you strive for the success instead of minding people who felt sugoi about the lens used for your cat photos?

    Appendix: Her past tweets on success

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  3. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Thanks for clarifying the situation for me. Especially the part marked bold is something I missed. I'm gonna refrain from beginning talking about him as a separate, focal subject.
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  4. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    By 'group,' I think he meant Facebook Group where the group administrator can approve and kick out members. 
    I'm not a Facebook expert and may be wrong, but wrote a review of Facebook features.

    In his tweet, apparently Higgins didn't use an euphemism for what he was talking about; because when I googled "site:facebook.com YouTube Events Tokyo", I found the group listed at the top (link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400260336915840). It was a refreshing moment at least for me because English speaking Twitter users in Japan almost always use euphemism/subtweets when negatively addressing fellow English speaking expats in Japan. Or am I wrong? The group looks rather active.
    By the way, recently I was interested in these tweets:

    To be honest, I'm leaning toward the idea that I should not discuss Phoenyx any further. By discussing, I feel being somewhat manipulated (into mentioning the above tweets for example). He has made a tweet that this year is meant to be drama-free. However, last February he contacted his friend, who happened to be a PULL member, to ask her to forward his finding of Kanadajin3's another social media account to PULL. Yes! He's a valuable contributor to PULL!
    I regard him as one of Jvloggers who are very conscious of what's being discussed on this forum. He claimed that he came to PULL because he was notified of our talks about him. But I remember him, much earlier than that, uploading on Twitter some screenshot about Mira which had a trace of being taken from PULL (Sorry, the tweet is gone. I can't show any evidences). That's why I think that he knows some of us read his tweets and somehow tries to guide our attention to the subject he wants us to speculate about.
    I'm indecisive about how I should view and treat him here. As a (crypto-) PULL member, he is a big help to us. As a Jvlogger pretending to be averse to drama, he sounds a little bit hypocritical. Maybe last summer I should have given him a warm welcome instead of talking trash about him. But I just honestly expressed my negative impression on him at that time.
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  5. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    That's because Zach (Phoenyx 787) is friends with Victor and Hikosaemon, I guess? In my understanding, both of whom have some special communication channels with YouTube Japan. Victor said in this video that he was an ambassador of Nagoya. I imagine that Hikosaemon has a similar role in Tokyo judging from the fact that he has received swags from the company in hanami seasons:

    (Please let me continue my ungrounded guess work...) 
    I guess, though it houses such big names as Abroad in Japan and Tokidoki Traveler, Tokyo Creative as a corporate entity hasn't established a special connection with YouTube yet. It would be too direct and fishy if they approach straight to Victor and Hikosaemon. If Tokyo Creative and Tokyo Maniacs (Zach, Shiverz, et al.) make the largest Jvlogging alliance in Tokyo, however, the two ambassadors may become willing to be intermediaries between Team Okano and YouTube.
    In other words, Team Okano might be trying to build pipelines all the way to YouTube.
    By the way, Zach also has registered himself as a professional videographer at GinzaHub, co-working space in Tokyo's Ginza district catered especially for English speaking entrepreneur community. Tokyo Creative might be interested in that group of people.
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  6. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Really? The video doesn't show the warning in the beginning. Instead, it shows a want ad for elderly care staff published by a media company which specializes in human resources.
    I don't understand. Maybe because I've watched the video before, or because of my settings? Hmm. 

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  7. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    That's a great step forward.
    I want YouTube to implement that for people here in Japan as well. Black people here are still getting insulted by his videos and Japanese people like me who bother to watch English-language videos are still being informed that black people are dangerous.
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  8. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Thank you so much.
     Sorry for being a little skeptical...

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  9. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Is that picture from this tweet? (I censored his username, but I put the link to the tweet.)

    If so, I wonder from what social site the tweeter took the screenshot. Or is he Nobita? 
    I have no intention of white-knighting Nobita, but I'd like to be certain that it was written by him.
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  10. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Sorry, I received the notification of your reply today although you had posted it a few days ago (maybe because a new account has to have their posts approved by a mod?).
    PULL may become an echo chamber, but I don't think our discussion on this thread in particular is any different from general reaction to Nobita's recent videos. I suggest that you go to Twitter and search "Find Your Love in Japan."
    Nor do I think the examples he cited as toxic mindsets (such as supporting BLM) are remotely toxic at all. The movement is a reasonable counter to their real life experiences. And white supremacists are real and sometimes become lethal (eg. Charlottesville).
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  11. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Actually, I also wanted to take some screenshots from the scene where he yelled at black people because I was a little scared by his facial expression. I know he always speaks loud and looks very passionate in his videos. After viewing his recent attacks on black people, however, I cannot help but interpret from his face extra meanings other than his passion for helping out the English speaking audience.
    I don't have as much force as Master Yoda's but I sense fear, anger, hate and suffering from him as shown below.

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  12. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    This post isn't going to be much news-worthy. But I came across the following reply Micaela made in a discussion about Airbnb.

    Then I was reminded of her old tweet (no longer existing) where she slipped out her segregation mindset ... Following is a different person retweeting it.

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  13. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    I haven't watched all of the video yet. As far as I can tell from the description, Nobita set very high requirement for a black person to be regarded as safe in Japan. If you advocate Black Lives Matter, you have toxic mindsets. That's what he claims (smh ). Unless his smartphone is broken and the calendar keeps pointing April 1st, he is just a plain racist.

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  14. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    It should be a logical leap if I assert that every each one of Jvloggers is a toxic person. But it's still legit to say that the whole Jvlogging community is toxic. It doesn't require examining every piece of cells for a doctor to diagnose a patient as dead or alive.
    There is a systematic group problem which connects a small spark to another spark, to another ... turning them into a big wild fire.
    We should see the problem not only as psychology of individuals but also as social science.
    Often times, the situation gets aggravated as a result of how community members interact each other. Many of them have strong clique mentality and are very quick to express sympathy to one party that translates as huge betrayal to the other.
    Of course, many communities are more or less toxic. But the Jvlog community has a very bad reputation on that.
    @kurukurupaaaa Thanks for a quick post  
    So I'm leaving the screenshot of another tweet made by Victor.
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  15. dramajin3 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    So, to summarize:
    1. Emma has some serious issues.
    2. Thanks to her, the Jvlog community once again revealed (are they trying to hide in the first place?) its toxicity and childishness.
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