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  1. Qualle added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Oh, she doesn't even look that bad here!


    WHAT THE...

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  2. Qualle added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Her major sounds like she's learning to make all those cheap children's and Facebook games that all look the same. You know, those dress up games and that. So if she's coding games, why isn't she showing off some of those? She can show videos they had as random projects, but we've never seen anything of her games.
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  3. Qualle added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    There's a way to wear hotpants nicely in winter, but she's definitely doing it wrong. Probably already would look a lot nicer without the sweater hanging out at the back.
    Nice to see her wear her new backpack though!
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  4. Qualle added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    Guess that's why. Those were under the FANART she posted. She didn't even draw that herself and even if, how does that make her yellow facing? Probably got posted somewhere again and that's why there's such comments coming in.

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  5. Qualle added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    Poor Venus, finally she can live and people still accuse her of such stupid things.

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  6. Qualle added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Thank you! I really have no idea about such things.
    I wonder if she'll be better at dancing at the end of her college days or if it stays rather theoretical.
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  7. Qualle added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I have to admit that I don't really understand her dance "class". So she said she's taking dance classes. Which for me means dancing. Physically. Something that is an added activity in college, before or after classes. Sometimes with going out to watch performances. But she needs to write an essay about it? I never went to college/university, so is this a course there and that's why she has to produce some written stuff instead of only physical exams or how does this look? Kinda curious, kinda confused tbh
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  8. Qualle added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I can only imagine the worst when she says she took it apart and sewed it together again... She's probably gonna make a sexy version after all...
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  9. Qualle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Again, who says those two can't?
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  10. Qualle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I don't get that either, it's not like they're staring at each other all day because they don't know what to say. They have two languages to choose from, if they can't say it in one language, they will say it in their other language. Also, that's how you learn a language, you either look up what you wanna say or you pick it up from hearing it. And I don't know where everyone making that argument is from, but personally English is only my secondary language and if the forum here isn't proof that people can communicate just fine like that, I don't know either.
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  11. Qualle added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    That's been going around for a while, yeah. And I think he did mention it in his video as well. Those aren't really the worst consequences, at least not for his channel. He's getting the views anyway. But he was looking forward to his show, so it probably hits him more personally than anything else.
    Anyway, I don't think it's that appropriate to post the German articles here, just google for the English versions when you see it here? It's all over Google just by looking for "scare pewdiepie cancelled".
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  12. Qualle added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    That was the best summary so far, thank you, @Teabii!
    The video is almost giving off comedic vibes, if it had been a skit, I probably would have thought of it as funny (I do anyway but that's because Yumi's so ridiculous).
    But honestly, what happens if he breaks up with her? Of course she would whine all over every social platform to get attention and pats on the head, but... She's SO sure of marrying this guy and getting babies from him soon. I really hope that guy leaves her before it's too late, not because I'm mean but because he really doesn't seem to be happy with her.
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  13. Qualle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    18 minutes of whining. Great. Yet again she goes for a hoodie at Forever21. Luckily it was cropped, so she left it where it was...
    Holy shit, this vlog makes me so nostalgic and sad, I miss Tokyo so fricking much... I mean I only skipped through it, got no time for 18 minutes where half of it is food. But I don't see what's her problem with not spending VD with her fiancé. Maybe it's because I'm not a VD person in general but she had a nice day with Bii instead. That looked a lot better than how she usually spends her days, so... Still makes her sound a bit bitter though because Taylor had a cute video with her boyfriend and Sharla doesn't. Seriously, Sharla, this was a great day with Bii, be a bit more happy about it.
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  14. Qualle added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    He didn't send that sentence to those Fiverr guys as joke though. I never understood it like that, it was to expose how stupid that page is because some people are willing to do anything for money. He shouldn't have shown what he actually sent those guys, maybe should have explained it instead, but the fact is he didn't think of it as funny at all either.
    Now as to why he's constantly using the anti-semitic things to show how the current media reacts, I would guess it's due to him being from Europe. He grew up here and the whole neo-nazi thing is still the biggest issue in regard of racism here. If you hear racism here, the first thing you think of are nazis (probably, at least here in central Europe), while for America it probably would be white vs. POC in general (or maybe even black persons idk). It's also somewhat relevant to the refugee crisis and the upcoming of right wing parties and that.
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  15. Qualle added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I'm glad I saw that right. Maybe it's because we're the same age and I guess we got taught the same stuff in school about history and what now. But I do still like his current self a lot more. The Felix that criticizes the media, his own audience, the current society.
    He knew he was going too far with those couple seconds of footage, but honestly, the rest? The media really is divided nowadays and they're completely blowing up things and are making up things. They would rather enjoy getting someone torn apart than actually invest time to understand what's really going on.
    I don't know, I'd rather be friends with him than all those beauty vloggers trying to sell themselves. Probably because he listens and does admit to his mistakes and wants to change what he did wrong.
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