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  1. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    As you can see from her replies, Kenna got salty again. Someone wrote "I don't like you" and those were her replies to the OP. And there was someone commenting along the lines of "Thick thighs" and she replied with "save lives". Like... are you implying you think you have thick thighs...?
    I pity her floor/carpet, can't be good to step on them with ice skates.

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  2. Qualle added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    So why exactly does she live a two hours car ride from her school...? I get the "not staying alone" and "rent is cheaper outside of cities", but you can't tell me that it's worth driving two hours (making it four with the ride back) with her illnesses and how much the gas costs nowadays. That easily would add up to the extra cost of rent for living closer to her school.
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  3. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    She's just gonna ask mama and papa again, like last time. Worked pretty well apparently!
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  4. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    No editor/publisher would accept her simply for the fact alone that she wants the typewriter font including spots and washed out effects and all of that. That would be more like printing images than letters. I wanna see one single publisher who would accept that for a newbie who never published anything before and who hasn't won any literary prizes or anything.
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  5. Qualle added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    The most realistic version of Margo's story is that Venus asked the police for help before they met and they sent someone to supervise her. I remember something about them fighting and Venus calling the security at the airport, so maybe it's even simply that. Why would Venus want to steal Margo's passport? To have Margo being stuck at a Japanese airport and taking nudes forever? Doubt it. I'm pretty sure Margo is talking about the security/police thing at the airport and one of them grabbed her arm which translated into "tried to kill me" in Marglish.
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  6. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

  7. Qualle added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    I'm pretty sure Venus and Tsuruko talked about that and if I remember correctly, it was Tsuruko leaving a comment on one of Venus' posts that if she needs someone to talk to, she can talk to her.
    Now as to why she doesn't just block Margo... No idea. Maybe Tsuruko didn't even see that because she probably gets so many comments over the Patreon thing right now.
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  8. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Thank you everyone for the video summaries and stopping me effectively from clicking on that haul video!
    How talking to a camera for half an hour, then sitting down to edit the video is easier than only editing a video is beyond me... But yay for Kenna becoming a really great Yumi 2.0! Saying "cute" constantly, flying to a different state for her future lover... she has it all!
    Why did she state it's a boy at all? She could have used the gender-neutral "friend" or whatever else comes to mind, considering she's ace that's pretty... telling. For what I care, even "male friend" would have sounded better because "boy" alone implies a certain kind of interest for me.
    The items she got in Japan... "Didn't want to spend too much money", are you kidding me? The only acceptable items she got are Disney and Ghibli goods. And everything she bought there isn't exactly cheap. Girl had her iPhone in her hands but she's too stupid to scan a QR code? Haha, yeah.
    Here are some ultimate shopping tips for low budgets (aka not Kenners who is ~so poor but still manages to spend a fuckton of money on a 2 days pass to Disney~ (which btw costs over 13000 yen/~€100/~$115): go to Daiso. Live in Daiso. Now I know that some of you guys probably have a Daiso in your country, but we Europeans are suffering, we don't have Daiso. It's a 100 yen store and they have the most beautiful, cheap, good quality stuff. I got so much there, from masking tapes, letter sets, rice bowls, sweets and snacks, hair accessories, makeup over to typical Japan souvenirs and just goods I happened to need (they have medical stuff and that). Conveniently there's a big one on Takeshita dori in Harajuku. Also cheap and down the street but a bit hidden: 390 store (read: Sankyu/Thank you).As the name says, everything costs 390 yen there, they have character goods (Sanrio, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon...) but also lots of featured "indie artists", the artist from my icon is selling some small goods there for example. If you want to invest in Disney Resort goods (they're worth it!! But I'm a Disney addict) or anything else expensive, you can save a lot of money with such stores.
    Question: So she didn't go to Harajuku or?? As far as I saw she never mentioned it.
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  9. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Kenners said that her new video will be up in around forty minutes. Next Tokyo video probably? I'll be asleep already sadly 
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  10. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    After her editing history I now wonder if she's using a real typewriter at all. I was thinking about what an effort it would be to type that on a typewriter every time, then take a photo of it. Maybe she's just pasting the text on a blank piece of paper with an app as well?
    Edit: before anyone asks, she used a Snow filter for the flowers around her, so that's probably also why her face looks so different. Snow filters often come with automatic face warping/makeup. Kenners dreams of looking like that probably...

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  11. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    It's a 3, definitely. Kenners probably tried to look quirky, people make mistakes and no one's perfect, look at that cute typo she made there... 
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  12. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    It's nice that she writes for Grace but especially the last line is awful, it's like there's a word missing or something.

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  13. Qualle added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    And it was Rowling too who got a lot of rejection before Bloomsbury finally picked up Harry Potter.
    I still believe Kenna would only use a service like Print on Demand on Amazon/self publishing and not actually publish her book. Self publications are pretty low on the quality ladder simply because anyone can publish whatever they want and barely anyone makes it far with that until some real publisher picks you up. You also don't get advertised as self publisher, so I doubt her book reach further than her followers/viewers.
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  14. Qualle added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Honestly, that wasn't even half bad. It was pretty creative and Taylor worked properly on the DIY for once. The result even looked nice.
    Why. The. Fuck. Did they have to bother the poor workers at the model agency? Taylor went to Alexa's (?) model agency and made her wear those "roller skates", but it was an open room and in the background you could see people working. Obviously they were loud.
    Now what is actually super interesting and good is that Taylor went to the YSL store (found a foreign staff member lol) and tried the actual YSL shoes. That was actually pretty cool because for once she used her privilege as a blonde white foreigner and went to the actual store. I wouldn't even think about stepping into those because they usually have security staff and everything lol
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  15. Qualle added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    Lmao how is Venus supposed to get rid of Tsuruko? People would be quick at shutting down any attempt at online bullying.And to me they seem to be pretty close. Sounds more like Margo is trying to be manipulative again.
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