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  1. Kaluwa added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    Oh, i see. 
    I guess it's a mixture of just how her voice sounds and that she doesnt really speak up propably from being a little shy and introverted (maybe not wanting to say something wrong or unecessary)
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  2. Kaluwa added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    If you refer to her accent, she's from Israel, her mother tongue is Hebrew and if i remember correcly she only started becoming fluent/speaking in English when Ethan and her met and got together.
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  3. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Correct  me if i'm wrong but aren't you supposed to cut the peel off first and then cut the gel?
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  4. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Annoying people in the YouTube comments section   

    Thank god there is a thread for this now, I really have to get this out of my system.

    The comment section on youtube as well as the thumbs up/down is for people to express their thoughts and opinion about the video. But ohhhh no dont you dare do that nowadays because if you do there will be all those people saying "WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THEN?/ THEN DONT WATCH THE VIDEO" if you arent 100% kissing the youtubers ass.
    First of all how the hell would I know if i like something or not without watching it and second everyone has the right to express their opinion if it's done in an apropriate way. The "don't watch" comment is the most stupid thing ever...
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  5. Kaluwa added a post in a topic What is beauty to you?   

    I didn't think that this rather simple question would make me think about it so much.
    Beauty to me is so versatile that I can't really name it. 
    I love people with an unique feature. It could be anything really, just something that makes you look at them again and again. That being said I don't really look for a perfectly balanced face, but something that stands out (in a pleasant way). I have to say that more balanced "perfect" faces, like perfectly spaced eyes and perfect eyebrows, tiny nose and nice lips, aren't ugly by no means, but they can be very bland in my eyes. Besides that, I think people who wear no or very little make up look way better than people who wear a lot of it (doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man).To me it looks just dirty really quick. 
    In regards to posture, I like people who stand straight, because it makes them look really neat in my eyes.
    I guess beautiful people to me are those, who take care of themselves, keep a good hygiene (like not super obvious oily hair, clean clothes...) and who have an unique feature (e.g. a not so common lip/nose shape, freckles,etc....).
    Pair this with a nice smile and that's a pretty beautiful person to me.
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  6. Kaluwa added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I personally think there is a difference - when you are celibate you choose to not have sexual relations because of your belief or because of personal reasons. When you are asexual you do not really decide that you don't want to, but your mind tells you no. Like with any other sexuality it's simply how you are you don't actively do it. 

    Kenna might be celibate to support her statement that she is asexual, but it's pretty hard to tell since we don't know every aspect of her life and we don't know if she really is what she claims to be.
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  7. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    OT she looks so cute in this one! 
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  8. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Shave the face   

    Oh I didn't know this was a thing!
    Is this effect confirmed or do people just claim that?
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  9. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Shave the face   

    Depends on what you mean. I guess you are talking about peach fuzz that women have. 
    I think it's neither goor or bad. If you want a face completely free of hair I however would recomment plucking or waxing the hair instead of shaving it, because you could end up hurting yourself and the results are not as good and don't last as long.
    And dont worry, even if you'd shave your face the hair wont grow back thicker or anything like that, but because you are just shaving off the tip of the hair it may appear like that since the remaining hair shaft is thicker than the tip.
    I have tried it, but I am more pleased with the results when I pluck. 
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  10. Kaluwa added a post in a topic INSTAGRAM BADDIES general thread   

    I think petty does not mean "hoe" like "slut" but how they present themselves on instagram. They use excessive make up, over the top poses and promote things for money they probably dont even use just to get a lot of followers and become "instagram famous". 
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  11. Kaluwa added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    At first I thought this may be boxxy...but it looks more like june
    where did you found these??
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  12. Kaluwa added a post in a topic peachy.rosie   

    Yes I thought so too. 
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  13. Kaluwa added a post in a topic peachy.rosie   

    Oh man, another one of those.
    She seems to be an okay person, but I have to disagree with you @Hagrid, some of her pictures are a little akward, at least to me, they make her seem a little try hard. (for example this "finger pressed against upper lip" thing) 

    She does the overlined/big lip thing waaay to extreme and it makes her look weird in my opinion.
    By the way, why does she have freckles in her new pictures but not in her old ones? My first guess was that she covered them up with foundation but they look kind of different to me in every picture. 

    Aside from a few weird blurrs/ pixelations there is nothing much to say about her, I guess, as she does not have a lot of pictures on Instagram.
    Just another average "Instagurl".
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  14. Kaluwa added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    The item in the first video confuses me...how would anyone wear this throughout the day?

    The second video was okay, nothing special , but the contour looked too harsh imo
    Also at 4:56-58 she really says "but them cheekbones still slay" WHAT? 

    Sorry for OT but why does she smile like that? Tongue pressed against teeth?? I see this a lot recently in other peoples videos and it just makes them look so dumb! 

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  15. Kaluwa added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I really hate the whole contouring trend and big lips trend...they just dont look good. (On people who dont naturally have them)
    I am so sorry to hear that. Please dont listen to them! I bet you look great and besides that being muscular is great, you can be really proud of that! 
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