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  1. haiyuki added a post in a topic Lime Crime/Doe Deere   

    Anyone see Jeffree throw Kylie's lip glosses in the trash just because of the wand? Just a few days ago. He didn't even swatch them. Don't get me wrong, she's way too loaded to release imperfect products for such a high price BUT TO BE FAIR, Jeffree charges waaaaaaaay toooooooo much for his lipsticks, too AND he's had to discontinue products because they were deemed streaky or unwearable SO. 
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  2. haiyuki added a post in a topic Lime Crime/Doe Deere   

    Jeffree Star is less shady but his lipsticks smell gross, like chemicals. Also, why is everyone totally okay with spending $15+ for ONE lipstick? 
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  3. haiyuki added a post in a topic Nose Surgery?   

    @ゼラ Could help you on this. Not sure if I linked him/her properly, but they've had a bunch of PS and are super open and informative about it. 
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  4. haiyuki added a post in a topic Don't hug me I'm scared   

    That sounds #deep. I'll have to watch them!
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  5. haiyuki added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    Excuse me?
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  6. haiyuki added a post in a topic Don't hug me I'm scared   

    I've only seen the first three, but WOOF.
    I think they're very . . . interesting? Lol. I feel like there isn't a way to effectively describe how I feel about it other than simply saying that I love them because they're weird.
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  7. haiyuki added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Kasavara/Felice Fawn Review
    Okay, as stated in one of the few disorganized Felice threads (can we merge those? She only seems to be semi-active on IG and has pretty much disappeared from everywhere else. I realize starting a new thread is further complicating things, but I am writing about an experience, not speculation), I made a purchase from Kasavara.com and I can confirm that it is headed by Felice. It's kind of a long story, so I will condense it as much as I can. As of this particular situation, I am indifferent, but I wanted to let you guys know what's up.
    It's my own fault for ordering even after someone on here had brought up the shop as her's, I had been creeping on it a few days prior and as I've always said on here, I really like her style and all of the stuff she's ever sold, she's just ugh. So, I figured, oh well, I'll be out $12-$16 if the items never show and I can share my negative or positive experience with you guys if it was her, but, honestly I wasn't sure that it was her when I placed the order.
    This is what I ordered:
    I even paid for tracked shipping so I could keep an eye on it, just in case. And look at these prices! Not fantastic, but not bad at all. I've definitely paid more for similar items. I used paypal to check out, & I received an email notifying me that the transaction had completed- that's when I noticed her name on the account. Not especially surprised, but then I scrolled down and saw my charges: $39.41. UH.
    As you can see in my cart, I had already used the converter to ensure I was being charged in USD. Naturally, I freaked out and called Paypal to cancel, and they were useless, so I called my bank and they were also useless. Nobody could do anything until I filed a dispute and then wait for Felice to either ignore me, refuse to refund me, or whatever.
    So, I filed a dispute and meanwhile, I posted this on IG, convinced after all I'd read via PULL that I would never see that money again. The picture isn't here, but it was just a screenshot compilation of the charges I already posted above here. I was rude, but I was mad, ignore my lame hashtags, I was trying to make sure it was seen:
    I called her out in the second comment because I tagged the shop in it, and I'm assuming she hadn't even looked at it, BUT she liked my post. After our conversation, she blocked my friend that had commented (lol why?), removed her shop from the tag, and unliked my post. But she didn't block me or lash out or anything and I'm still not blocked.
    ANYWAY, so we had a tiny discussion via email hours after the fact, which I did appreciate, especially considering I'd blown up, but I was still angry because the refund hasn't gone through yet, here's the series of emails on that. I received my refund as of today, because I had to move it from my Paypal to my bank account.
    That's it. She didn't say anything else, but she did handle the whole thing very professionally and she did give me my money back. I'm not sure if I'll actually receive a gift, but I will post a FAIR review on that if I do. I think that it would be pretty shitty for her to not send one after saying she would, but I did handle the whole thing like a bitch, lol. I did delete the post on IG, but it reached 20 likes by the time I had- I was pending my refund.
    Would I shop there again? No, the actual prices of the items are way too steep and now that I know for sure that it's her AND this happened, it left a bad taste in my mouth. BUT I will say that, assuming she wasn't lying about the converter, she did handle the whole ordeal well. Who knows, maybe she's trying to change her ways and distance herself from her shop. From her shop's IG, you can see that she has thousands of followers and she's tagged in a lot of happy customers pictures. It just wasn't worth the risk for me.
    Take from it what you will. 
    (Mods please edit out anything personal I may have missed, I tried to be careful but I've never done something like this)
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  8. haiyuki added a post in a topic Asian Beauty/Skincare   

    Same! My skin is super happy since I started using a Korean routine. Even though there are a lot of steps/layers, they're not heavy products. Everything I have is light and airy and I always try samples before buying.
    Cleansing Oil: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil
    Foam Cleanser: MIZON Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser
    Toner/Freshener: MISSHA Time Revolution Clear Toner
    Secret Key Eye Serum
    Secret Key Honey Bee's AC Control Spot Remover for Skin
    Etude House Moistfull Essence
    Also: RiRe Lash Essence
    Emulsion: Etude House Age Defense
    Cream: Etude House Moistfull Collagen
    Sleeping Pack: TCFC Fresh Gore
    Primer: Etude House Face Blur
    BBCream: Mizon Snail Repair
    Finishing Powder: Skinfood Peach Sake
    Tonymoly: Appletox & Tomatox once or twice a week . . .or when I remember
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  9. haiyuki added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Both of their pages of have been voided of the relationship. She still has pics up, but his name is gone from her profile. Her IG is now @Wylona_
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  10. haiyuki added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    Your's is almost exactly the same as mine. 
    Etude is cheap, smells nice, and it works. #noshame
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  11. haiyuki added a post in a topic felice is back?   

    NOPE. It's Felice.
    This is really embarrassing, guys, but I bought from this shop and the pay-to was Felice. I also thought that it may not be her and I gave it an idiot shot. Sigh.
    I have more info and I do have proof, but it's awkward and I want to hold out until the dispute (yes, there is a dispute) is handled.   It should be a couple days, Paypal is failing hardcore.
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  12. haiyuki added a post in a topic Something fishy with @felicefawn on ig   

    Interesting, that Felice account is totally gone as of this morning.
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  13. haiyuki added a post in a topic felice is back?   

    How do you know this is her shop? I can't find anything identifying about it.
    EDIT: Nevermind, It's totally her.
    What I've always hated about Felice is how if she were a legit saleswoman, I'd buy her shit in a heartbeat.
    But, noooooo, she has to suck. And I'm not spending $60 on a Killstar shirt. 
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  14. haiyuki added a post in a topic Lime Crime/Doe Deere   

    The most recent development on the LC website:
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  15. haiyuki added a post in a topic Tonstaar (former scene queen)   

    None of these pictures are working for me.
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