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  1. Zhaie added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I can't believe this thread will become big hahaha 
    I just started this thread because I was so mad that his ex was threatening me then after some years boom haha 
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  2. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    Oh did you mean the guy? I can't drop the name since I feel bad putting him again in the limelight
    That's what I don't know. It's pretty common nowadays fans goes gaga with their idols. It's a type of addiction I can't understand no matter how much I liked a personality haha
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  3. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I'm a little curious as to what kind of demands he's making.
    As for Reika, I think if I am an established cosplayer (with the same level as hers in terms of popularity), I would also like to demand the cosplayers I want to be with since some cosers (like Liui) are toxic.
    Either way, not a fan of anyone of them.
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  4. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    Not only he can't make his own costume, he takes credit for the costume making. 
    I don't really mind if you can't sew and I think it's all good if you don't want to acknowledge the tailor in your post, but at the very least, don't claim the work that you made it when you did not.
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  5. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    Yes. But no one will keep an open mind about it since they are srsly convince that everything is his fault.
    I alsoalso gave up calling people out everytime Liui does something nasty since everyone will side with him. That's how he creates his cultyard and he creates it damn well for being a moron.
    In my opinion, since we are talking about Reika and Liui here just stick with using names to avoid confusion. Everyone does it in this forum. Besides we all know who's who.
    As for the hidden, you can use the eye (spoiler) in the writing editing options. Highlight the text you want to hide and click that one. 
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  6. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    Yes. So basically, she's also at fault.
    But they put all the blame to the other party because Liui was defending her like she was harassed or something.
    It's annoying really back then but I just tried to ignore it.
    They approve as you can see. Everyone calls him kuya Liui and looks up to him. He uses this as his advantage when he tries to bully other people.
    Most of his wk are Filipinos since PH community is so supportive of him.
    And LOL there's a lot of people who are now complaining about his snobbish attitude in person.
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  7. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    There was an event in SMX and Misa asked a cosplayer assistant there for assistance. Ofc the person has no idea that giving Misa assistance is not appropriate. This person thinks he is a staff now since he was in the venue prior the event with his cosplayer guest friend.
    He helped Misa get to her hotel and somewhat get too happy about it that he let that get to his head and keeps on visiting Misa, bothering her like they were friends.
    Btw they even had a photo with Misa while they were on their way.
    So everyone was telling that person he's a creep. Then the organizer posted that they appointed a personal assistant for Misa. In my point of view, the person was wrong for assuming the role, but Misa shares the same fault since she has her own assistant so why not call for her??
    Then this matter gets a little out of hand when Liui posted about this issue. He's not even part of the issue. He just claimed "his good friend" is in trouble and he wants to help (with what?).
    So everyone now bashes and defames this poor guy, tho I can't sympathize since I also know this guy personally. (I'm not friends but I know what kind of person he is)
    It's annoying tho for a big brother figure who promotes healthy community to join such issue drama.
    You can post it here so I can translate it for you. I can understand Filipino even though I don't really reside in PH.
    Kuya means older brother or big brother. He is marketing himself as "Kuya" or somewhat senpai to the PH cosplay community.
    I never see him as one since he's too superficial and immature for me.
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  8. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    He's been throwing tantrums for so long as I can remember. Like the event in Davao. He thinks he's a very important person that everyone will go gaga for.
    If no one pays attention to him, he'll throw a fit. In the Philippines, we call that KSP = Kulang Sa Pansin. Or a person who seeks attention from other people because he lacks the attention he or she needs.
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  9. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I believe he hahas nothing to do with the event. He's not even a (supposedly) guest. He was just claiming his friends were treated badly and ranted.
    He used to post people who disagrees with him in his fb page too but that was before, right now he deleted those post since I tried to do some digging there as well.
    He likes to be the center of attention especially when there are issues with event organizers where "his friends" are involve. Also, the other issue with Misa as well in the Philippines. Which in my case, is Misa's fault as well.
    I'm somewhat disappointed with Alodia and Ashley tho. I thought they knew better because they've been in this industry for so long lmao but whatever.
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  10. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I'm also wondering why he has a lot and he even has his fanpage ;;;
    Though I have a lot myself too so it's not my place to judge haha
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  11. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    As for Casval, from my own understanding, Casval commented or said something that disagrees with Liui.
    Refer to image.
    It happened last March so I am not really sure what happened.
    I was not trying to defame you, I was just expressing myself, the thing that I don't know is... WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY FACEBOOK AND YOU KEEP ON COMMENTING... I don't even care what your opinion is. What is the big deal??
    For Liui, I am not angry or trying to defame you, I just don't like what I am reading. I don't like this one. I cosplay for myself. I don't need you.
    Liui is known for someone who fights back for the pettiest reason as long as the person disagrees with him.
    What happened is that he posted Casval and Liui's fans attacked him for "bullying" Liui.

    Casval - I don't like what you say that you have a responsibility in coscom. Don't be like that.
    Liui seems to be marketing himself as a big brother figure to the coscom and acting like an ambassador of the community for something. Idk.
    So I made some digging a bit. Now I have more understanding what this is.
    Basically, Liui was being "sawsawero" to the issue of the Talking Apple event (please refer to the screenie I posted in this thread before) and Casval pointed that it was wrong to join the issue since he's high profile and it escalates the problem to all his followers. That is from my understanding.
    So Liui says the community is his responsibility and Casval disagrees that everyone's self is their own responsibility not his.
    So Liui sees someone who openly disagrees with him, ofc you know the gist. Casval was called out by a lot of people because of this.
    But Casval openly says that "Liui is maangas" can meant that he's too arrogant for his own good.

    Some people agree with him that Liui acts like some sort of ambassador and whatnot but of course, people will still side with Liui because his fans and supporters believe that he is doing the right thing. But for Casval he seems like he's showing off.
    Anyway, that is my understanding of the issue.
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  12. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    Liui has a tailor FOR ALL HIS COSTUMES.
    He does not make it. Some cosplayers with the same tailor as he does, came and talked to me about it. I won't name them since Liui's friends are dangerous for ordinary people. They srsly fight with other people to protect their friend so I'll just give you guys a benefit of doubt on whether you will believe on this story or not.
    You will see his in his posts the name "Cenia", his "mentor". Refer to this screenie.

    And EWW he repeats that he plays MM all the time even if he did not. You can just admit that you don't faker.
    Anyway, this "Cenia" is a humble old lady who does not have her own facebook but has a tailoring shop in Novaliches, Philippines. She has no idea that Liui claims her works as his own and she never taught anything to this guy since she's busy, has no time and sewing is her primary living. 
    PS. Cenia does not want to take photos since she's shy on camera.
    Basically, Liui just goes to her shop. Watches the progress and take photos with the clothes and the sewing machine, which Cenia owns, if he has the chance. And of course uploading on social media that he does it.

    What makes me mad is that he takes advantage of Aling Cenia's, does not credit her properly and he makes his fans think that he can sew, when he can't.
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  13. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    His apology post is too long and I admit I did not read all of it.
    But let me see what else I can translate.
    He likes to make looooooong posts. Idk if he has too much free time, too much effort to be an ass.
    I dislike the part where he was insulting other people for their appearance like they're fat or ugly. That's really foul. 
    And usually he uses Filipino when he wants to speak something really offensive and ofc even if you translate it using facebook, you still won't understand because he'll be using slangs that only Filipinos know like "kotongan" and "shonget".
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  14. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    You're welcome!
    It was a lot of work, I should say 
    Chapter 10: I'm gonna rant about in my social media about something tasteless to "promote awareness" and "healthy community" but it's a rant okay. But it's nothing toxic.
    I'll be the coolest older bro with all my cussing and dissing on other people  This is probably the screenshot that makes my blood boil because he used a lot of below the belt remarks.
    Chapter 11: I feel famous, people will run after me.
     Chapter 12: I lied about making my own costumes.
    Lies. Lies and more lies!!
    When you though things ended with just an apology, there actually more things popping out and more memes being posted lmao
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  15. Zhaie added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I've compiled everything I could find about Liui from his social media account. And I should say he's such a HUGE RANTER.
    He's srsly TOXIC. I cannot find other people he posted since probably he deleted it but there's a lot but at least I found "some" of his posts.
    And people are telling he's just human when he's acting like a grade school whiner since forever.
    NOTE: He usually speaks in Filipino so his English-speaking fans won't understand his rants but I'm gonna translate everything for you guys so you know.
    To make things easier for you, I'll imitate Liui's chapter by chapter storytelling
    Chapter 1: The Irony
    Chapter 2: Trying to look like a saint but is cussing other people, but ofc my fans will still think I'm such a saint.
    Chapter 3: I can't handle criticism/negative feedbacks so I'm gonna whine on my social media.
    Chapter 4: I'm whining again to my fans because a lot of people disagree with me.
    Chapter 5: I can't handle criticism/negative feedbacks so I'm gonna whine on my social media Part 2
    Chapter 6: I have a very annoying fan.
    TLDR. As far I am concerned, this is my first time seeing an international (supposedly professional) cosplayer calling out to his/her fan because they are annoying.
    Chapter 7: Ranting about Talking Apples Event.
    I'm not totally sure what is his role in the event. He's also a "sawsawero", people who like to meddle in other people affairs. Contradicting to chapter 4, where he calls out people for being sawsawero in his life.
    The event is an utter failure and disappointment and it didn't happen, tho he's too high profile to be meddling with the crowd as a "concern citizen" ranting. While other supposedly guests, handle it nicely and appropriately, Liui uses words like "Noob" and stuff.
    Chapter 8: Promoting POPCORN issues on social media.
    It is not the first time Liui actually posted something for people to feast on some issue. I did not take the whole screenshot of his rants because I tell you it's like other of his posts. It's a freaking novel.
    Heck this guy should apply for wattpad.
    Chapter 9: I can't handle these girls. It's a shallow rant but I'll still rant about it.
    Also, I can't handle criticism/negative feedbacks so I'm gonna whine on my social media Part 3
    I'm very sure there's more, but I can't find them anymore. And I actually spend my time compiling it.
    I just want to prove that this is not the first time he did it. He's been doing it since forever. His fans, followers and supporters did not call him out for it because these people are ORDINARY people. They are not well-known, they don't have a fanbase, they are not international cosplayers or celebrities.
    While a lot of people knows his misdeeds, no one dared to call him out because his fans will fight for him. And you're right Mr. Liui Aquino, you have a strong influence, and you know you do so you are using it. You are using your fans because you know they will fight for you.
    But hey wait there's more!
    Such a sensitive prick who cries in social media. Every.Single.Time.
     Ofc other people CAN'T BE NOT-NICE TO HIM, but HE CAN.
    I'm really wondering who is the real cosplay god now? Or should I say "acting like a cosplay god" now? 
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