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  1. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    This is what her premium snap is worth? Jfc I can't believe there's guys that pay $50/mo for that load of crap
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  2. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I'm new to the thread so thanks for clarifying!  But she should really get on some sort of regimen to keep those at bay.
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  3. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I didn't know what he looked like so thanks! Yeah, he's pretty good looking imo. If there's one thing I can give her credit for, it's for her taste in guys LOL
    And is something wrong with Belle's lips? I don't wanna accuse her of having herpes but those bumps don't look like cold sores either. I've been seeing some pics of her with those red bumps on her lips while catching up with the thread but haven't found anything definitive yet as to why she has these.
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  4. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    That pic of her trying to be "sporty" is pretty cringe. I'd say any girl who actually interested in sports does not play it in that kind of attire, or has that aesthetic she's portraying on her platforms. Stick to the hobbies and interests that generally fit your aesthetic, if that makes sense.
    Also, I feel kinda sorry for her bf. It's sad that he's putting himself thru this emotional and manipulative abuse for some easy money and to have the title of being the boyfriend to a popular instagram "cosplayer". He must be an attractive looking guy like Belle's ex. I hope he sees the light some day and can find someone better for himself like Goran did.
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  5. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I definitely remember you! Hello! 
    Let's see... well, I was on PULL 1.0 as well. I said I came up with the nn bc from what I can recall, I think someone said something (maybe cupcakelove, unless she wasn't on PULL 1.0) or some convo was going on and it popped in my head bc I thought that all her neckbeard fanbois prob had tons of files on her to wank to, thus "Wank Bank Cosplay" popped into my head. But what I do remember is that I did miss out on PULL 1.0 right before it was deactivated bc I was distracted by other things at the time and I was looking frantically for the site again on google, and when I mentioned the term "Wank Bank Cosplay" someone quoted me saying that that was a really funny nn for her. Perhaps you did mention it before, but maybe I missed it?
    I wish PULL 1.0 files were archived. Maybe its on Wayback Machine? I'm not trying to rewrite history tho, and my reasoning is besides the point. The fact is is that Wank Bank really is boring now and she hasn't really gotten any better.
    I'm glad you're still around and I hope you're doing well! 
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  6. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Wow, this girl is Wank Bank Cosplay (Jessica Nigri) on steroids. She popped up on my insta from a person I follow who likes her crap. I think I'm gonna stay here and watch this train wreck. Just reading the 1st page alone had me dying in laughter.
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  7. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I remember I used to post in here very frequently. I came up with the lovely nickname "Wank Bank Cosplay" for her because it was very well deserved. This nn was conceived during the height of her controversies where she really was entertaining in unfortunate ways - lying to fans in so many ways, stealing work from others, being deceitful about sponsorships, stalking the hell out of her PULL thread, being toxic with her boy toy to fans on her platforms, etc. I remember all of us used to laugh and talk so much about all the crap she used to pull. But now it truly seems as if her career is declining more and more as time goes on. All she is now is: b-o-r-i-n-g, boring.
    I'm guessing the biggest fuck-ups that happened a few years ago that damaged her public image and brand caused her to become a lot more careful. I can't believe it's been that long.
    It's a damn shame the way that she's evolved, or rather devolved. You'd think someone that was making TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars PER MONTH on Patreon ALONE would advance in their professions that fans pay them to see and enjoy. She's had so much potential for so many years and it's extremely pitiful to see her wasting it all on expensive flights and hotels and a bunch of other materialistic and privileged crap that shouldn't be prioritized over advancing in what's allowing her to make this kind of money in the first place.
    She's still subpar at making cosplays, no longer makes YouTube videos, doesn't stream on Twitch, and it seems like many major cons have dropped her as a guest. Where are the Blizzcon appearances? NYCC? SDCC? PAX? ??? There's nothing wrong with going to more smaller, less popular cons but it's almost as if she's even been demoted on the cosplay social ladder in part due to her past controversies.
    All she mostly does now is trashy, shopped-to-hell boudoir costume shoots with 1 or 2 major cosplays every year and then reposts a lot of old content in between content droughts. I'd be hard-pressed to call what she does now as cosplay. To me, what she does strays further from cosplay each and every day and, to put it bluntly, makes a mockery out of the art. There's no way in hell I could ever consider her a cosplayer, much less a professional one.
    I think I take it a little harder than most because what her and several other snowflakes like her are doing is literally one of my dreams to be able to do one day. If I had the money and fame she had, I would have a website dedicated to my life about my geeky and creative passions. I would pay for acting, modeling, sewing and crafting classes and study to keep up with and advance my creative talents. I would be vlogging not just about my day-to-day life, but make tutorials, write books, branch out into other, more serious forms of the entertainment industry (acting, modeling, literature, etc), and possibly look into mentoring others who want a future in this kind of industry and allow them to shadow me and give back to the community in other ways. I'd even invest in dermatologists and take better care of my body if my looks is what's also helping my career, as vain as it sounds.
    I think I'll keep peeking in here every now and then but, for the most part, I've moved on. With her it's mostly gonna be the same boring crap, different day... but I won't lie - it's still somewhat comical seeing her try to milk these guys for every dollar she can while trying to hold on to relevancy and not being entertaining at all. There are going to be other ethots who will "take the mantle", so to speak, who are younger and more naive, and be more malleable by their basement-dwelling neckbeards who will want to milk them until the next younger, naive ethot can more easily keep up with whatever's trendy.
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  8. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    This is me simply speculating but she probably isn't going because she wasn't invited as a paid "guest". More and more major cons keep dropping her as guests possibly due to her past controversies, like ditching from a con last-min to go to an aquarium across the street with her boytoy. 
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  9. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She's gonna say "LOL you guys my lips are real! I also drank lots of smoothies with superfoods in them to help them grow!"
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  10. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Their friendship was discussed in this thread around January, back in June of 2016 and in the Twitch thread on this subforum in Fall of 2015. I think they had a falling out sometime after that Heroes of Cosplay show. It wasn't because of that show, but I and several others here think they had a falling out because Jessica was basically using Monika for cosplay and not treating her fairly. Monika probably had enough of Jess leeching off of her for cosplay fame and taking the limelight when she put her blood, sweat and tears in her work and not getting virtually any credit for it.
    If you go way, way back during the time of Heroes of Cosplay and before that, on Wank Bank's FB and IG you'll see tons of pics of her and Monika together. On Wank Bank's IG you'll even see lots of pics that didn't involve cosplay stuff and was simply them hanging out casually as friends. They used to be very close.
    All we can really do is speculate but it's obvious something went down between them. They also stopped following each other on social media a while back.
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  11. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    That too!
    LOL one of the founders actually said that? As someone mentioned earlier, the whole RT stuff was talked about earlier in the thread but I didn't know that in one of their podcasts they called her "the premier cosplayer in the world". Holy fuck that is cringey.
    It's really sad how so many people suck up to her or think she's this authentic geek/gamer when she's been exposed time and time again. It has got to do with the people she knows now and especially using her former fiancé Vann Childs, his ideas and his connections in the past.
    Another thing that's sad though is that Yaya Han is friends with Wank Bank, or has claimed several times in the past. They even did a YouTube video together after the directed/edited drama that happened between them on the Heroes of Cosplay show. I do notice that they'll have long periods where they don't seem to interact or collaborate with each other though. I'm hoping that one day Yaya Han does drop Wank Bank for good like Monika Lee did.
    And while we're on this subject of other internet celebrities kissing up to Wank Bank, could anyone tell me why the hell that Defranco guy was kissing her ass? I know he's like one of the biggest YouTubers, but what is this guy about, and what in the world did Wank Bank do that not only got him to notice, but to defend her too?
    She has no artistic bone in her body is why. Yaya Han, Monika Lee, Riddle, etc virtually make all their own stuff, and actually give out credit when they haven't. My guess is that she's gonna try to live off the Patreon moolah (her patrons are so stupid to waste entertainment money on her when there's so many other artists out there who will actually invest it into their hobbies and actually deserve it) and sponsorships. And in the event that she starts becoming truly irrelevant in her cosplaying, my guess is that she's made so many connections in the internet entertainment industry that she doesn't need to be worried; she'll do "behind the scenes" stuff with cosplay and conventions and stuff like that.
    Hard to say TBH. I want to jump to yes, seeing as she's trying to live this pseudo-luxurious lifestyle, but on the other hand we're obviously not seeing all the shit ton of money she's making going back to her craft. Not that that would be stupid, because that's the whole intent for Patreon--for a content creator to use their Patron's donations to go back into their content--but she seems to be exploiting it and her fans and putting the vast majority of money on the side, using some of it to fund her lifestyle, and possibly a smaller portion of it back into her cosplays. You can see this with her cheap eBay wigs and Party City costumes.
    So honestly, I kind of want to admit no, but the way she's going about this seems highly unethical.
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  12. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    TBH that Sith cosplay JNig did wasn't THAT bad. I'm a Star Wars fan myself. Maybe she should have focused on doing a Darth Talon cosplay--an actual Star Wars character with LOTS of sex appeal--but then again she would ruin that with her ratchet makeup and possibly being ill-equipped to do an alien-based cosplay.
    The only things that bother me are the boring and safe makeup, badly done hair/wig, and that god awful pose. Sheesh. She's really bad at posing. I agree with @CupcakeAnatomy--it seems like she was trying to aim for some emergence from stealth look but obviously flopped. She REALLY needs some professional help with posing. She looks so awkward and it looks forced. Certainly doesn't live up to "Queen of Cosplay" standards that's for sure!
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  13. GamerGurl added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She's seriously trying to hard. She's close to freakin California. Like go hit up some agencies or studios and get some modeling/acting classes for Pete's sake.
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  14. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Ryan Brandt/fakenerdboy   

    Wait, wut? Really? I stopped posting here near the Fall of last year, just a bit after she had reached 1mill subs on YouTube, so excuse me for being a bit out of the loop. If that's actually true then Wank Bank moving out of mommy's and daddy's is LONG overdue. I remember it was posted here about her gloating on her personal FB page how she could retire at the time she made a post about it and was sitting on a lot of money. If I'm also not mistaken, her dad owns or used to own a pharmaceutical place and her mom is or was an actress doing minor roles, so she likely has a very good inheritance on top of all the money she's earned from cosplaying, YouTube and streaming.
    Anyway, I think it's sad her parents pretty much condone the stuff their daughter's bf does to her, but who can blame them? Wank Bank makes like $50k+ a month doing shit-tier cosplays and selling prints of her stiff modeling.
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  15. GamerGurl added a post in a topic Old/Random Photots   

    She honestly should be using the $40k+ she makes on Patreon for some modeling/acting classes. I'm surprised she hasn't. She's occasionally stiff when she models and average at it at best.
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