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  1. Baby Pink added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    Blue Baby, welps, guess I went for the wrong username
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  2. Baby Pink added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    That sucking ASMR made me lose 10 years of my life.
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  3. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Spechie   

    How can she be so narciccistic over being an 'artist' if all she does is trace. Like how can you get any pride or satisfaction over that??? If you trace, you must know your average art sucks. So why the fuckest is she still so confident in her art skills???
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  4. Baby Pink added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    baby, doll or the name of a Pokemon HAHA
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  5. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Why are people obsessed with Disney?   

    Considering Disney shat out the movie that's considered to be the first animated movie ever, I wouldn't say they overrated solely based on that fact. Disney is something a lot of people grew up with. Whereas people from, idk 2000's might like Totally Spies or Winx Club a lot, due to youth sentiment, Disney carries this sentiment for several GENERATIONS. Not only you, but also your parents and grandparents grew up with Disney.
    And when most people have children, what will they let them watch? Something they're familiar with as well, like Disney.

    The movies are considered to be timeless and almost all of them become classics very quickly. Another thing that makes DIsney this succesfull is that most movies hold up in quality (ignoring the shitty DVD-released sequels of basically any good movie). Unlike other big animation studios like Dreamworks that heavily fluctuate in quality (read: Spirit or Prince Of Egypt vs. Shark-Tale). Disney is a safe bet. Although some movies are defenitly better than others, it's a safe bet to watch a Disney movie, as you know you're going to be at least semi-satisfied.
    And not everything has to be good story-wise to be a good animated movie. Early Disney movies were more a form of art. It was about the scenery, the drawings, the spirit and less about the plot and characters. I mean, Walt Disney was friends with people like Salvador Dali. He was considered to be an artist more than a movie-maker.
    I don't agree with the glorification of Disney and the amount of studios they own makes me nauseous. It's also disturbing how it has become such a cash-cow, considering that's against the original vision of Walt Disney himself.

    But I most definitely wouldn't call it overrated. Disney movies have made their print on the entertainment industry in many, many ways.

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  6. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    As far as I remember (I might be wrong, so feel free to correct me), Aki has shown to like Shota's, but not in a sexual way. Unless she owned some doujin's of them (which I wouldn't be suprised about) I'd give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

    But I mean, liking shota's or not, she has doujin's of RO-500 so it doesn't rlly matter if she likes shota's or not, cuz you've got Lolicon right there.
    In all honesty, I never really knew if Aki truly is into lolicon, doujins or even hentai or if she's just trying to appeal to her male audience (and Joey back in the day) by trying to be 'not like the other girls'. SHe's cool. She likes hentai and is cool with her weeb boyfriend fapping to loli's xP
    I kind of made this assumption because
    1) She's far less vocal about stuff like this ever since she started dating Johnson and really calmed down with the hentai content. I feel like she did it to catch his attention.
    2) Additionally you have the fact her loli waifu's were 9/10 characters Joey also liked. I always thought she just wanted him to like her by always agreeing w/ him. As Joey has a huge ego, I kind of can see how that tactique would very likely work on him.
    3) She is actually very, very uninterested in her loli waifu's, as she'd know not a shit about them or would even completely mess up their names. It kind of made me believe she randomly picked a girl that looked aesthetically pleasing without actually being interested/attracted to her.
    EDIT: I don't think it's bad to like loli or shota characters. As long as you see them as children and not as objects of lust. It's 100% normal to like a child-character because they're cute, have a cool personality, ... But don't go around calling them your waifu and buying damn hugpillows with their non-existent boobies uncensored.
    I have a bunch of characters that could've been labeled as loli's that I love, Like Unicorn from Azur Lane and it fucking disturbs me to know a lot of them are actually targeted at lolicons. It makes me feel very conflicted, as I just see them as cute kids and I fail to understand what could possibly be attractive about them.
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  7. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Spechie   

    I legit thought the same, judging by how stiff and symmetrical the arms are combined by how the hands look.
    Also, I cringed so hard when I read she said she pickes 'simple artstyles' THE AUDACITY
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  8. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Is no-one going to mention that, aged up or not, these are like two siblings doing sexual shit

    Also Emilia's face is like the worst thing ever
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  9. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    scrolled past the early posts w/ Aki's early pictures and it made me realize that Aki is starting to look prettier as time passes, whereas Joey is getting uglier w/ every picture posted of him lmao
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  10. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    bitch u telling me all this drama was about you squirting shampoo in yer eye. I'm laughing while I'm writing this. Agnes had her fans sitting there in pure agony, thinking she had some terrible accident. 
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  11. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    She drew something that kind of looked like a line for the spine, then realized it stopped right under her breast and left it there half way her ribcage. Sakimi wh?

    All I can say is: OOF

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  12. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    What I hate about aging up minors in NSFW art is that your basically admitting you think of them in a sexual way.
    If you didn't, you wouldn't even come up with the idea of drawing them like that. Like we all known artists just age up the characters to avoid backlash. Drawing them to be older is just to sublimate your intention to draw to minors having sex.

    That and in Sakimi's case it's probably also cuz she's only capable of drawing one bodytype so she wouldn't know how to draw more childlike bodies.
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  13. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Yes they are! And thank you!

    Also Aki uploaded this pic, I get that she's trying to imitate the pose. But it ain't flattering honey, esp not in a bathing suit

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  14. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    A bit late to the entire loli/ecchi loving thing, but from a personal experience, I dare to say that playing those things off as quirky or cleverly written is very harmful. Johnson should know that not everyone who watches his video's is his age and/or ready to be exposed to sexual context. It's ok to watch porn, but he kind of plays it off as something anyone should be comfortable with.

    I know Joey =/= Digibro, but I'm bringing up the latter because I formed this opinion through an experience I had with Digi, and I think you can project it onto Joey's attitude towards porn and lolicon.
    So back in the day, Digi was actually known as Digibrony and he made a ton of MLP video's. I was pretty young at the time and into MLP because, well yeah, I really liked the My Little Pony toys. When I found his video's analyzing Friendship is Magic I was shook. Digi read deep into a lot of stuff and to my early teenage brain he sounded like the smartest person ever. Something both Digi and Joey have in common is how they manage to make their opinions sound like facts. They don't say: "I like this show because of this and this and this reason.", but they go like: "This show IS good because of this and this and this." Almost making you feel dumb if you don't agree with them. As I was still at a very impressionable age, I would just consider his opinion to be the truth and always agree w/ him, as he sounded really smart to me.

    Now where the lolicon kicks in is that on one point, in a Q&A or a stream or whatever, Digi brought up his favorite manga at the time: Tokyo Akazukin. The genre is 'eroguro lolicon' so that's one bigass fat red flag waving right there. To be fair I don't remember a lot about it, but basically it was about some 11 year old girl that was obsessed by the thought of being eaten alive by some random man. It involved gore shit w/ intestines, vore and the 11 year old kid had also a lot of sex, also with futanari I think. Now the thing is, Digi started explaining why the show was more than just NSFW and some cleverly written horror. So what did younger me do? I read the entire thing. I wasn't even able to look at pictures of kissing people, yet there I was reading that manga. Like sure, call me dumb or whatever, but give me the benefit of being a naive kid please. To be fair, I actually don't understand why I read all of it, despite being scared, disgusted and uncomfortable. Maybe I was too edgy to put it down. Or I was scared I was too dumb for not seeing the sublime cleverness of the story. Facts are that I had a bunch of disgusting nightmares about it for like a fucking long time. I wouldn't go as far as saying it traumatized me, but I was most definitely not ready for that. And the aftermath had a very bad effect on me.

    What I'm trying to say here, is that the normalization of porn/lolicon has to stop. Lolicon aside, it's okay to like NSFW of characters that don't look like kids. But you need to call a cat a cat, just like you need to call hentai/ecchi (soft)porn. There are youtubers out there that talk about hentai, but do specify you need to be older than 16/18 to watch it. And like sure, minors will most likely ignore such warnings, but at least they're true about what they're talking about: porn.

    Ecchi isn't some pseudo-intellectual shit. 9/10 of them are just for fanservice. Fanservice is ok. Heck, my icon is a character from a pretty extreme ecchi. But don't pretend you are watching it for the deep meanings. There's a reason why 'I watch it for the plot' became a fucking meme.
    Aside from promoting hentai and lolicon and exposing (and encouraging) literal children to watch it, he's also normalizing this behavior. Even if Johnson ain't a pedo and just faps to loli's, him being openly a lolicon, will be an excuse for a bunch of actual pedo's. I can hear them say: "Yeah, but in this video Joey explained it's okay to like lolicon, fuck off :/"

    Sorry for the longass rant. But I seriously hope anyone who openly promotes loli/shotacon, whether it be Joey, or Digi or whoever the fuck on the internet, steps on lego.
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  15. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    My one and only argument pro lolicon, would be that there are definitely pedo's out there who jack off to loli's instead of actual 3D childporn. But that's like the only thing I can think off. Just the mere fact that all of them cry like the manchildren they are, shows that they feel attacked. If you don't feel attracted to a character that looks like a child you wouldn't feel that way. I know numerous people that like loli's and shota's for their aesthetic or the fact that they look cute and hate when they get lewded. But we all know Johnson ain't a person like that.
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