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  1. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Tbh most ppl in her twitter mentions are unwashed men defending her tho. A big part of the ppl that criticized sakimi have been literally attacked by her hoard of horny followers. It's sad.
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  2. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Ok but am I the only one who finds it baffling how Aki actually has gotten a whole lot prettier whilst jobo has become this unkempt caveman image of himself.
    Also I just watched the vid and the way he is super nitpicky on her pronounciation and imitates her by speaking Japanese with an English accent at the end of the video, whilst he can't even get one of these words fully correct w/o Aki's help has me like???? The audacity of this bitch
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  3. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    At least Digi used some thought out arguments to back up his opninion whereas johnson is just like: 'It is like this cuz I said so.'
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  4. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    tbh random thought but considering Joey's personality boils down to being a narcissistic horny douche, I wonder if he would cheat on Aki if he had the opportunity. 

    Like not to be crude but I would not be surprised.
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  5. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    KnY bad??? excuse me???

    Time for a long rant, which might seem like a reach, but this is not only about this KnY comment johnny made. He has said similar shit in the past, w/ similar logic behind it and he is just one of many weebs that seems to apply this mindset.

    The anime community has a real big problem with elitism, misogyny and gatekeeping, especially w/ male fans. Whether we like it or not, Johnson is one of the biggest voices in the western community rn and I wonder if this bag of dicks is aware of how influential he is? This attitude of his enables so many weebs to be elitist and mean over other's tastes.

    My second issue is that from a objective point of view, kny was actually a really good show. Compelling characters, clear premise, the pacing was nice and the fight scenes were very well animated. I'm not saying it had the best chars, best premise, etc. but I do think it really was worthy of winning. I mean Joey doesn't know a fuck about objective reviewing? He gave YOI like a 3/10 and Re:zero a 9/10. Like the homophobia jumped out. As much as I liked re:zero, the plot was hella predictable, the writing was lazy and it just reeked of the unwashed males it was targeted at. Yuri on Ice, on the other hand, was a breathe of fresh air and portrayed not only a very natural relationship, but was also made by someone who knewa lot about and loved the subject she created a show about. YOI is the only sport anime so far, that had this many professionals fawn over the show and fall in love with it's characters. Just for the mere effort they created a soundtrack with a bunch of foreigners to make the songs sound more authentic, had professionals choreograph the routines, did research on every single nationality included in the show, etc... It counts for something.
    Even when the fanservice bothers you. You cannot deny it was crafted with love and expertise, and although the skating animation looked icky at some time, it was a brave attempt for them to not use CGI all the time.
    Even Digibro, a man that ticks almost all incel boxes and admitted to loving 'slutty loli's' has dissed Re:Zero over it's piss-poor writing and praised YOI for the exact opposite reason. Digibro had said several times he is not interested in female-oriented shows, yet went out of his way to watch the show because he heard it was good and even gave it a 9/10. Which is, like, an almost impossible score coming from him. Even universally praised stuff, such as your name, he gave a 7 or 8 at best.

    My main issue with Johnson's taste is that it boils down to some internalized misogyny that is way too common in the anime community. For some reason, any show that attracts a big female audience, is considered badly written. Like I will not forget how Johnson said that Kuroko No Basuke only got voted really high in some top 100 because of the yaoi fangirls that shipped the dudes. Like it pissed me off so much because 1) literally any KnB fan I know IRL is male, 2) I love the show but I do not ship, 3) the greaselord had admitted before he had never seen the series. Like HOW can you berate something without even knowing it's good or bad??
    Because in Johnson's, and many other's eyes, the show is bad as soon as girls start to fawn over a character. And sometimes I feel like the only show that escapes this stigma for some reason is Jojo.
    But like KnY had both male and female fans. But it is a fact that many girls do enjoy the franchise and a large chunk of them will defenitly do so because they like the main characters. I don't see what's wrong with that, but apparently there's a big issue here. As if the feminization of an audience let's the quality of a show decrease lmao.
    Like Johnson, without your female weebs your audience would be so much smaller, how about you show them some basic respect.

    Sorry for the pile of text, but this man aggravates me

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  6. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Edit: fvcked up the quote but this was a response to the 'how did they meet' post.
    Ok so I have been a long time sub of both (subbed aki when she was at 600 subs and johnson at 2k), but I was a casual fan so I don't have the clearest insight on the situation. Anyhow, I did see their friendship develop.
    Afaik Aki and Joey met through the fact they were both anitubers. Chances are they were introduced to eachother through either lost pause or mistychronexia, tho I believe it is the latter. The first collab of them I remember was Joey reading a fanfic about him and Misty, written by Aki. Later he also made a video.about Makura No Danshi by Aki's request. From there on they made more collabs and seemed to have a solid anituber friendcircle including themselves, lost pause and Misty. Around this time Shine also befriended Joey, altbough the former clearly stated he had nothing to do with johnsons other friends.
    Around this time Shine started also being more hateful towards plussize girls and girls that did fansservice in their vids. Idk if I can find the video back, but there were points where he was clearly throwing shade at aki. There have also been girls that visited shine (see his thread thats a whole other can of worms I m not going to open here) that say that during their stay at his house, he would constantly ctiticize Joey's gf calling her fat and all sorts of names. Whom they could not name because johnson met her in secret, but later turned out to be Aki.
    A lot of fans started making AkixJoey fanart and the two of them started flirting publicly (see the beginning of this thread) but a bunch of ppl assumed they did it for clout. However, later it turned out the two of them had been dating in secret ever since meeting up irl with their 4-men anituber squad to attend some convention. I assume an american one.
    It s also important to notice Joey had a girlfriend in his early yt days. She is never in his vids but he mentions her a few times. So I assume they might've hit off faster if it weren't for her.
    Tl;dr: met through anituber community when aki was at 5k or smthng nd joey at 20k. Can't.help but notice he only started talking more often to her after she got more clout. 
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  7. Baby Pink added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I agree that u should not compare yourself to snowflakes but I do get it that people are bitter when someone gets clout for something they struggle with. Due to ppl like Wolfy issues like being rlly clumsy, not looking your age or having an unconventional voice are swept under the rug or written off as quirky or cute.
    As much as I condone comparing yourself to a snowflake to make you feel better about yourself to, I can't help but do it to some extend. And I doubt I am the only one in this headspace.
    I'd be lying if I said Wolfy branding her clumsiness wasn't one of the reasons I don't like her because I am 'clumsy' myself. I suffered some neurological damage after an accident, nothing too bad really,  but it did fuck up my motoric skills a bit, so I am prone to dropping things, slapping shit by accident or crush something I just wanted to hold. I feel like it is only natural I compare myself to people like Wolfy and am annoyed with how she turns it into something kyut u w u 
    I also don't think it is weird people assume shes lying about several things considering there is proof she did about many aspects of herself (like being a short irl animu child) and a shitton of her stories sound just too fanficcy/staged. Heck she even seemed to have copied off some other yters in the past.
    This being said, I do not agree with everthing in the post and I'd urge the poster to wait for 3 years before coming back, but I still wanted to mention this.
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  8. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Yeah I mean, the white-haired one literally refers to the black-haired one as 'nee-sama' so it isn't to hard to pick that up. They're based off boats, so generally if they're drawn together very often they are from the same class and/or sisters. It's not the first time Sakimi actually drew two sisters from Azure Lane in a sexual way, the first ones being Takao and Atago and I can't decide which one I find worse. Like Akagi and Kaga are clearly banging eachother in her most recent art, but as for takao and atago, they might not have sex, but they are undeniably sisters as they look a lot like each other.
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  9. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   


    I know Sakimi knows duckshit about the characters she draws but THEY ARE SISTERS
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  10. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Did Aki just read the manual in Japanese? If so that means she must be practicing the language. LIke she still clearly has an accent, but I think it's cool she's working on it!
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  11. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Ugh wtf. Aki's content might not be for everyone but she seems like a sweet person and I believe some might view her as cringey because she is genuine w/ her fans, which is on it's own not a bad thing. She has also changed for the better. If I look at the first pages of this topic, vs. the posts now, I find it safe to say that Aki had improved and grown, both as a person and as a youtuber.
    I find it fucked up she had to experience this, but even more so Johnson didn't do shit about it. What kind of boyfriend does that??? Like I would expect a reaction from a mere friend or even some bystanders. He is in a relationship with her? Wtf?? 

    In the best case scenario Johnson makes a change for the better, because at this point he doesn't deserve Aki at all. She just does better in any field?? Like whether it comes to not being a douche, to grooming yourself, to not screaming about the fact you live in JAHPAN and date a JAHPANESE person and are an ASIAN. I don't want her to go through a break-up so I genuinely hope Johnson changes his ways. And if he doesn't... Well, I hope she dumps his ass. Other and better, sweetheart. And believe me, if Hobo Joe is your ex, it won't be too hard to find better.

    I just hope Aki finds someone that appreciates her for who she is and supports her in whatever she does.
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  12. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I hate how I predicted the Mitsuri fanart but oh well
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  13. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Why are people obsessed with Disney?   

    Numerous LGBT rep??? Are we watching the same things?? Though I have to agree that disabled rep should be more common. Although I feel that in the cartoon world, it's often hidden in plain sight, but looked over because there's no focus on, or because it doesn't tie into a 'classic disability' (f.e. Scootaloo in MLP being born with too tiny wings and never being able to fly). There are more disabled characters in Disney than there are gay or even Jewish ones.

    As for 'hiding' in plain sight, here are some Disney characters with disabilities, and believe me, there are far more than there are LGBTQ+ characters:
    Captain Hook (amputee)Quasimodo (deformed)Nemo (has his fin going on)Dory (has very likely a neurological issue going on)Tamatoa (amputee)Mama Coco (uses a wheelchair and has dementia)Princess Cassandra (Blind)Cristina (paralyzed in the legs)King Fergus (amputee)Gabriella (deaf, communicates in sign-language)Mama Odie (Blind)...There are much more, there are entire lists dedicated to these characters and it grows even longer if you add the characters from franchises Disney has bought over the years, such as Marvel, adding characters like Nick Fury (misses an eye), Professor X (paralyzed), Iron Man (cardiac disease), Doctor Strange (suffered from extreme nerve damage to his hand after a car crash), Deadpool (was terminally ill with cancer) and so on.
    Afaik as I know the only confirmed gay characters in Disney movies are some background characters in Zootopia and Finding Dory, Lefou in the live action of Beauty and the beast and??? who else?? Like if you take Marvel into consideration you have characters like Deadpool or Valkyrie, although in her case it has only been confirmed off screen.
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  14. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    aah a crossover from my two fav PULL topics, Johnson and Sakimi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
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  15. Baby Pink added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    tbh this Claude looks ok and I'm glad she didn't whitewash him, but I can only assume how distasteful the pron version will be
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