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Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]

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Anisa Jomha / Raihnbowkidz / iDubbbz's Girlfriend (lol)

Twitter // Twitch // Youtube // Instagram

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Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz is a 23 year old streamer who is currently dating Youtuber iDubbbz. Prior to being on Youtube, she mainly streamed League of Legends on Twitch. However, she mainly became popular due to her being a "titty streamer" and was shouted out by other popular streamers like Gross Gore. If interested, more about her past as a Twitch streamer can be read about in this Kotaku article that she was featured in. Currently, she has her own Youtube channel now and still streams.


Talking Shit and Being Rude to Other Youtubers

  • Talked shit about Ice Poseidon's content, leading his fans to go after her and attack her
    • Called him a douchebag, unintelligent, and said that his content was lazy and that he didn't work hard for what he has (despite much of Anisa's fame coming from her boobs and iDubbbz)
    • Clip of her comments on him here
  • Talked shit about Pyrocynical on stream, because she didn't like his video about the problems with titty streamers on Twitch
    • Anisa gets very defensive and angry about the points he makes
    • Clip on her comments about him here
  • Tried to distance herself from Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega's "hoe squad," despite previously trying to be friends with them and talking bad about them on stream
  • Sky Williams drama
    • Anisa and Sky used to be "friends"
    • Anisa was just pretending to be friends with Sky, and was actually talking shit about him on stream
      • Sky talks about this in an unlisted video here
      • Sky was nice to Anisa and defended her when people attacked her 
      • Naturally upset over her lying to him, he confronts her-- she apologizes, but goes right back to talking shit a few weeks later
        • Chris Ray Gun *cough* Anisa's white knight in shining armor *cough* jumps to Anisa's defense, angry at Sky for sharing a personal conversation and accusing him of manipulating his audience
          • 6zaigz.jpg
        • Sky promises that eventually he's going to drop a video exposing Anisa, though it's yet to be seen
    • Anisa has called him a "valuable piece of shit," due to him having a lot of followers and not wanting to cause drama with him so she has relevant, popular people following her
      • VOD of her saying this
        • Just goes to show you how desperate Anisa is for relevancy...
      • Sky talking about Anisa on Twitter 1 / 2 
      • Sky's comments on Anisa's behavior towards him:
        • Anisa can DM me any time she wants to work this out but... she won't, because she straight knows that what she did was inexplicably fucked up - but I'm infected with the gay. I'm not buying into that - so if she wants to reach me to have a platform to defend herself, I'm always here, ready, genuinely non aggressive and willing. 
  • General list of people she's talked shit about: Ice Poseidon, Pyrocynical, Zoie Burgher, Celestia Vega, Jessica Nigri, Laci Green, Tana Mongeau
  • People are worried to respond to Anisa talking shit because she uses iDubbbz as a shield
  • Reacted to Venus Angelic's video where she discussed her health and issues with having an eating disorder
    • VOD here, shorter clip here
    • Generally seemed unsympathetic towards her and thought she could be faking the surgery
    • Made fun of her accent, despite the seriousness of the video and laughed that other people had died from the surgery
    • Has no context for anything Venus has gone through, wondering how she even got the money to run away and wonders what her Venus's parents must think seeing this video (despite it being very east to find information about her horrible life prior to running way to be with Manaki)
  • Doxxed Keemstar of DramaAlert fame
    • While she feels bad, Keemstar still seems pretty annoyed and thinks he might have been set up
    • VOD here
  • Doesn't seem to respect others' privacy
  • Has talked publicly on stream about how she didn't like her friend CeleryPerry's girlfriend
    • VOD here
    • Chat figured this out due to her identifying them as someone who lives near her, and CeleryPerry was the only one who fit that description

The Infatuation With Chris Ray Gun

  • Chris Ray Gun (mentioned above in the Sky Williams drama section) is a Youtuber who Anisa frequently talks to while on stream.
  • Anisa has talked shit and been rude about Chris's girlfriend, Laci Green to him while on stream
    • Called her a "f*ucking c*nt," asked if he's eaten her ass, made comments about her vagina, asks if she's pegged him, comments that she would make a great porn star... etc.
    • Overall just very awkward, intrusive questions about his sex life and girlfriend that even he seems to eventually feel awkward talking about on stream
    • Compilation of her talking to him
    • Liked a tweet saying how strange it was that Laci was dating Chris
    • More weird sexual harassment (VOD)
  • Revealed on stream that she has had sex in an elevator to him, while asking him what the weirdest place he'd had sex was
  • Weird tweets (????????)


    Chris would defend her but not her own boyfriend, iDubbbz because he's pussy


  • As of May 2018, apparently they haven't talked much in the last few months... :thinkingfaceemoji:

Possibly cheated on her ex boyfriend, Akaadian (Matt) with iDubbbz (Ian)

  • Akaadian is a professional LoL streamer who was a few years younger than Anisa. Towards the end of their relationship, they both went to Twitchcon together
    • This con took place in San Diego from Sept. 30th to October 2nd
    • Around this time was Akaadian and Anisa's one year anniversary, which she seemed excited for in late September
    • Picture of them together before ending the relationship
      • Image result for anisa jomha twitch emote pear
  • While they were at Twitchcon, Anisa apparently booked an extra night at the hotel by accident and was alone, and invited iDubbbz to hang out with her
  • During this time, Anisa says that she had been talking to Ian for a while and that Akaadian knew about this
  • Later says that Akaadian and her hadn't been in a relationship for a while, however there are tweets showing that he was hanging out with her up until October 6, 2016
  • People said on one of her streams that Akaadian claimed Anisa had cheated on him, but Anisa refuted this and said that it would be "completely unwarranted" for him to say that
    • On Oct 25th and 27th, Akaadian tweeted that he wouldn't be streaming for a while because he was in a "bad place" mentally and said that he "hated girls"
    • On Nov. 4th, Akaadian said on stream that he was upset and very angry but didn't give many specifics about what he was so angry about
    • Later revealed that he had blocked Anisa while on stream to his fans, which a fan later told Anisa on Twitter
  • Admitting to wanting guys who will spend money on her (essentially, a sugar daddy)
  • "Cheat Sheet" and timeline of her past relationships (courtesy of lolcow)
    • 1526152564971.jpg

Slut Shaming

  • Despite being a former titty streamer, she has slut shamed both Tana Mongeau and Zoie Burgher
    • Claims it was more skin than she ever showed on stream, despite clips of her existing where she's unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her bra 
  • Now claims that her titty streaming days were all just trolling and a "social experiment"
  • Has called other girls sluts on Twitter, and overall just seems very derogatory towards other women

Relationship Troubles With iDubbbz (Ian) (Dec/Jan 2018)

  • Moved in with Ian rather early on in their relationship
  • Genuinely seems frustrated and angry whenever Ian tries to scare or surprise her on stream
    • Sometimes seems kind of unhappy about their relationship, and gets bitchy talking about him on stream
  • While Ian was making the AJP Content Cop in the UK, Anisa talked on Discord about her relationship troubles, saying that it seemed like he was going to break up with her
    • Admitted that Ian didn't see her for a while, and said she tried to break up with him
    • However, Ian was desperate for the relationship to continue and they Anisa stayed
    • Hinted that they've had a "relationship scare" before
    • Revealed that Ian wanted to move in with her again once he got back from the UK, but Anisa refused
  • Has called Ian gross on multiple occasions
  • Screenshots of her talking about breaking up with Ian from the leaked Discord conversations
  • Is also using Ian for a Visa because she's from Canada
    • For the Visa type she has, she's listed as an "employee" of Ian's and can't get any other kind of job in the United States
    • Also cannot support herself through her own content, and loses subscribers at a consistent rate
    • Mooching off of Ian's Patreon subs for money


    • Visa Screenshots:
    • V31BQSb.pngaKXBEvc.png

Try-hard Edginess While Also Being Basic

  • Tries to emulate Ian's humor to appeal to his fans, but is incredibly basic with her posts and personality
  • According to her, the holocaust was justified because they experimented on people and made "groundbreaking discoveries" during it
    • VOD
    • It is widely known that the Nazi experiments did not produce legitimate results. Most notes taken by Nazi scientists were "gibberish and disorganized," experiments were done only because the Nazis had the ability to out of sadistic desire to harm people, and the small discoveries made could not be verified due to the experiments being so cruel.
  • Pretends to be good friends with Maxmoefoe and seems to try to emulate how he talks/his personality
    • Ian has called her "female Maxmoefoe" in a Content Cop before
    • An anon on lolcow, who was a former fan talked about how on stream, she admitted that her and Max had only talked once when they went on the trip to Hawaii together
  • Tries to compare "cracker" to an offensive slur for Aboriginals, and attempts to play her own race card for legitimacy
    • Maxmoefoe's girlfriend, Kat, calls her out on this and publicly shames her 
      • 1526683123283.jpeg1526701710380.png

Fake Body-Positive

  • Gets angry at women at the gym for making fun of an overweight woman, while also making videos calling women like Amy Schumer "whales"
    • "My favorite past time is watching fat people trying do Zumba"
    • Ridiculed BBW women, saying they show 0 respect for the human form by making their body like that
      • While doing this, she praises curvy "thicc" women who work out
  • Reacted rather unsympathetically to Venus Angelic's video talking about her struggles with her eating disorder
    • Despite claiming before that she has OCD and has struggled with body issues before, she doesn't quite seem to understand at all what Venus was going through

Faking Mental Illness

  • Has said that she has OCD
  • Claimed that a school therapist at her university diagnosed her with this, despite therapists being unable to diagnose someone with a disorder
  • Changed her story to her also seeing a psychologist, then psychiatrist at the same time as her therapist who diagnosed her
  • Overall just very inconsistent with what she does & does not have

Using Others to Get More Popular

  • Used drama with guys like Gross Gore and had relationships with popular Youtubers/Twitch Streamers to increase her popularity
  • Constantly talks about how she doesn't want anyone else to make her famous or popular and that she's done it all on her own, despite her fan demographics clearly saying otherwise
  • Only had a substantial subscriber increase when people started posting videos of Ian scaring her on her streams or her being featured in the description of Ian's AJP content cop
  • Clings to whatever her current boyfriend is interested in: With Akaadian, she started playing LoL, with iDubbbz she started doing Youtube a ton, when she dated guys into sports, she became obsessed with sports... etc
  • Bragged about how the Tana content cop was her idea
  • Seemed to be obsessed with iDubbbz's popularity, going as far as to call him iDubbbz on her phone instead of Ian

    stay classy anisa...


Salty About the Haters

Art Theft/Tracing

  • Has claimed art as her own on Instagram, despite it having proof that it was traced

    Traced art with the original art: 


    More art that seems like it was possibly traced, or used bases for that she claims she drew:


    Her real art:


  • Is friends with both popular artists OhNips (ex-friend of Momokun) and Wiishu (Jacksepticeye's GF) who are very anti-art theft

Much thanks to Pearfax's video for help with making this post:

Many thanks to @anisa_jomha_receipts for helping with sources/VODs and stuff (also idk if you're pearfax but thanks fam i couldnt have compiled this post without you)


(this is a wip, will add more of the tea screenshots when I get time)

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    i love idubbbz videos and all but he also seems like an awkward whiteguy. prolly not very good with women.

    as for her i think she is very pretty, but i hate the ex titty streamer bullshit. like she needs an award for covering her chest and not padding??? 

    anyway is it true she was into joji (filthy frank) before she got with ian?


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    Posted (edited)

    The fact that all the commentary & 'drama' channels on YT are so afraid of Ian/idubbbz irks me. She talks smack about people (i.e pyro) constantly and always gets away with it. I don't understand why more people aren't calling her out. It's not like Ian would defend her publicly  anyways (her own words).

    Some of her conversations with others where she trash talked him were leaked a couple of days ago and it's really embarrassing.

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    I'm surprised nobody has bothered to make a thread about her until now. Well I guess it makes sense since she's nothing really special, just a butterface with tits, and she's just piggybacking off other people's hard work and fame. I read those Discord chats but I can't remember where I found them. If someone could post them here that'd be relevant. 


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    Posted (edited)

    istfg the cry streamings and her bitching about laci are so damn disturbing. While on stream w Chris she kept goign on, bitterly might one add, how laci would make a good porn star, wth.

    She cries about Ian being a shit bf (fkn break up then, he clearly ain't ready for all that commitment, love yourself), keeps flirting with other streamers and is a total mediocre mess. I can't imagine wtf it would be like to be her friend lol, must be tough.


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    I'm surprised nobody has bothered to make a thread about her until now. Well I guess it makes sense since she's nothing really special, just a butterface with tits, and she's just piggybacking off other people's hard work and fame. I read those Discord chats but I can't remember where I found them. If someone could post them here that'd be relevant. 

    Have to agree, in many ways she’s just such a generic titty streamer that it’s boring. Even the part where she’s trying to ride other people’s coattails is so common... But it is the way she deals with everything that makes it comedy gold at times. (Also if everything she wrote on her discord is true, she seems to put up with a lot of shit idubbbz does for that fame lol.)

    I copied those screenshots from her lolcow thread I think (or reddit) and posted them a while ago in the idubbbz thread, but I guess it indeed wouldn’t be bad to have them here as well now that she has her own thread. Despite the video probably covering everything.

    Also saw this posted on lolcow recently? Makes you wonder what else there is. 


    Breaking up with Idubbbz/Ian


    Ian's gross


    Taking credit for the Tana Mogeau CC


    Kailey plz lurk


    Peeing in the Shower


    Momma Johma wants Sugar Daddies


    Anisa being shielded by Ian


    Mooching off of Ian


    Discord Drama


    Jessica Nigri is a Suck Up shit talk


    Anisa's content sucks


    Chris would defend me…


    Plenty Educated



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    Posted (edited)

    559A44B7-48FF-41A3-B35F-5FC9571A660A.thui dont mean to nitpick but i honestly dont get as to how she pulls so many dudes, but also have the audacity to cheat and also flirt with other guys while shes in a relationship. she honestly looks extremely mediocre & her personality is kind of obnoxious. if you watch her streams she comes off as try-hard edgy and its so cringy. idubbz deserves better imo



    Well  this  going to sound redundant, but you get what you deserve ( I mean this guy Idubbbz  he doesn't seems  to be like the nicest guy in the planet, and he isn't even trying to be a  better person, so yeah...)...

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    mispelled some words

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    I kinda laughed at the breakup thing because she couldn't even write Felix and kept calling the guy pewdie pie. I get the feel she's kind of a dunce. Like doesn't think through her actions or words and just does does does. 


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    I guess anything from our past that we are embarrassed of, we can now call "social experiment" and its all erased! Lol

    To me it seems that's she's riding others back for little fame.


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    Posted (edited)

    deleted comment

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    god @ those discord conversations. her and ian sound like a trainwreck, i ALMOST feel bad for her but at the same time she's proving to be a bit of a cunt. especially with the way she shit talks other girls (jnig, brittanyventi, lacigreen, tana) this is typical highschool catty behavior.

    i want to see these laci green shit talks though. 


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    Posted (edited)

    Gotchu fam @jaydotgif at 9:40 is the weird passiveagressive porn star thing lol


    Edited by sand guardian

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    Lol at the person she's talking to in that discord screencap. 

    Additionally, she'd also tell people that Akaaidan was manipulative/abusive (emotionally/mentally), and said the same thing about her other ex's when ding ding ding.. it's not true! 
    She's a massive fucking liar and the manipulative one, makes sense why she won't leave her relationship when that's the only thing people associate her with. 


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