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Kanadajin3 Summary Thread [INFORMATION ONLY]

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Posted (edited)

(still editing, please bear with me)

I am going to try to break down this summary in non-chronological order of incidents, so that you can read about the worst parts that prove how much of a malicious and manipulative person Kanadajin3 is. EDIT; if you're not interested in the sockpuppet conflict, then please scroll down to the 4th post on this thread so see how racist, rude, etc, Kanadajin3 is.


I highly suggest that you start off with watching Rachel's (from Rachel and Jun) video regarding this matter.
It covers things like
-proof of Mira (kanadajin3) using sockpuppets (with screenshots from our former forum) to badmouth other J-vloggers and speak well of herself
- Mira trying to sabotage Rachel's and other j-vloggers reputation
- etc

I will later explain what happened, in chronological order, regarding this matter


It all started off with Mira coming onto our forum with sockpuppet's to speak well of herself and ill of other J-vloggers.

Here are some comments from accounts that are confirmed to be her sockpuppets:
(EDIT; I will make a masterpost of Kanadajin3's posts on PULL, as the BBC is not cooperating. Please scroll down to the post comment on this thread to read all about that.)2
1. Kyaripa2
- extremely fishy account, knows too much about marriage in japan and details about mira (herself), knowledgeable about Mira's living condition and employment status, which computer she uses, etcetc
-tries to prove that she is not mira by posting this image
-Mira then quickly removes the image, because members recongized that it is a picture of kat loves osaka (another jvlogger)
-Kat loves osaka comes on the thread and reveals what had actually happened, confirms that the account kyaripa2 belongs to Kanadajin3 screenshot from our former forum

These are the original photos she linked:
- Mira had asked Kat privately to take pictures of herself with a sign saying ''I am not Mira'', and claimed that she would use it to get rid of stalkers
- Mira uploaded the picture on PULL with her sockpuppet account, as you can see above
- Due to it being illegal to post private messages, Kat could not upload proof, but if you scroll down in this thread you'll see Gimmeabreakman confirming that he saw the private messages and that Kat is telling the truth. Other vloggers that were not directly involved in this drama also confirmed this.

1. tarokun:

I find it very pathetic how you guys are on this forum making fun of her. Maybe because you are all nothing? Why do people spend time making fun of people they don't like, because they have no lives themselves. These comments are just pathetic. Looks more like you all are stalking her. Like you would, you are all just trolls and haters. Jelly?

You all say she is rude, but all you people in this forums comments are rude. BECAUSE YOU PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH! SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY THAT! WHY DO YOU PHOTOSHOP. CHEATER! CHEATER!

You watch 3 of her videos and hate her? That's pretty stupid. You need some new hobbies if you go around hating someone after watching 3 videos. You people are the ones who are just jelly of her or something. You seem to all be in love with anime, but because Japan isn't the anime world you wish it is, you get upset. This forum is stupid.

I don't want to hear more garbage.

Are you Chinese? Why would you type such a stupid thing? This isn't Japanese, this is garbage words, types like a Chinese or Korean as pretending to be Japanese. What horrible words too.

I don't understand the point of typing horrible Japanese trying to prove you are Japanese. I know you are not Japanese after reading this. Japanese don't write such stupid crap. It is so funny how stupid your words are. You crazy or something? You pretend to be Japanese. Your Japanese is foolish. Yeah. Because you are insane to post such crazy crap. Garbage as in rude crude and poor spoken.

I don't know your stupid joke.


- Happens to misspell "exaggerate" as "exadurate", just like Mira

2. jivvina:

She is not better at speaking than Mira. She has a fairly strong Russian accent. If you could understand her Japanese, maybe you would hate her more than Mira. I don't know if you speak Japanese or not but both of them at times speak unnatural Japanese.

If you see in the video, when Mira speaks Japanese to the Russian girl, she can't understand what she is saying. I think Mira's ability to understand Japanese and respond quickly is better than the Russian girl.

-speaks ill of another jvlogger's (Ashiya) Japanese language proficiency, and compliments her own Japanese language proficiency
3. whitefoxgirlxxx:

Wow. You went as far to make images of her? You got time.

I can see why people hate Mimei, because shes married to Duncan and the Japanese girls don't like that. Some people think Mimei is annoying. However, Kanadajin3? Look at yourselves, 70 or more pages of crap. Spend your time making images of someone. I hope she sees this and makes a video about it, her latest video exposes some nut job, I wouldn't doubt it if that nut job is the one who started this forum.

4. "French guy" sk89ty:

Boy you keep on posting there. If you think her videos are so terrible, make videos yourself? Ever think of that? This forum shows up in Google when I search for Kanadajin I seen this forum a few months ago, talking about Yukapon? who pee'd on camera. Now THAT stuff is fucked up and should be on websites like this.

Looks to me like some people in this forum have took a dip in the jealous sea. Maybe even a touch of borderline insanity. Reminds me of a 10 year old stomping around "OH SHES FAMOUS!! STOP HERRR STOP HERRRRRRRRR RAWWWWWWWW OMG SHE MADE A VIDEO ABOUT JAPAN SHES A LIERRRRRR LYKEE I KNOW MORE ABOUT JAPAN THAN HER SO I AM GONNA SIT HERE AND COMPLAIN ON LINE". Is how the real world views your forum

Her personality is very real, unlike Ciaela, who is 100% fake (with good cause). Her sponsors wont let her express her real life, but with her posts on her Facebook fan page, you can really tell her real life is a mess and she hates living in Japan. Not to say her videos are terrible at all, but if someone wants to complain about someone who makes videos of a fake personality, its that direction that would be in best interest.

Its funny how you would even excuse this kind of behavior. No, its not funny actually, its sickening.

I am not French Canadian, I am French. In France we do not call people of names of food. The mod doesn't need to make such remarks to hint that I am French.

- Ciela confirms that this is personal information which Kanadajin3 has obtained from Ciela's private facebook. Screenshots of Ciela writing that will be posted later down in this thread.
- Claimed to be french, but could not respond in french

5.  taylorlord: (will be edited, BBC is off)

Common things about her sockpuppets:

- Is only active in the Kanadajin3 subforum. Literally made this account just to defend her.

- Misspelled "exaggerate" as "exadurate" - just like Mira. It's not like this is a very common blunder like their/there, so that's reeeeally interesting

- Hates this board and hates its members. Still feels the need to hang around here though.

- Never interacted with the other sockpuppets even though they were all on his side. Gee, I wonder why he never tried to have their back and support their arguments? Oh yeah, I guess it's because there's absolutely no point in talking to yourself.

(Well okay, he quoted Textwalls like once. Right after he has been called out for not caring at all about people who are on the same damn side as him.)

- Seems to have a pretty good ... er, spiritual connection to Mira judging by how often he points out the things Mira was thinking/trying to say.

- Never ever seems to admit that Mira is human and some things she does are just stupid. We're always the dumb ones because we don't ~get her~

- Sockpuppents come and go in waves. Taylor is going to be around of a couple of days, then kyubei will take the spotlight and contribute something, Textwalls joins the board and writes an essay about how awesome Mira is and two weeks later Taylor will be back to tell us how dumb we are because we can't comprehend... They all just happen to follow the same pattern of sporadic online activity, which is kind of funny considering that they're so obsessed with Mira that they can't live with somebody else finding her offensive.


Taylor in a nutshell:

Tarokun: Registered under Second IP.
First IP: Tokyo, Japan. (Unknown) [proxy]
Second IP: Tokyo, Japan. (Saitama)
Email is suspicious, starts with “123japanese” (which is a website owned by Kanadajin3)

Jivvina: Registered under Tarokun’s Second IP.
First IP: Buffalo, New York (Same as Whitefoxgirlxxx) [proxy]
Email is suspicious, ends with “taro111”

Whitefoxgirlxxx: Registered under First IP.
First IP: Buffalo, New York (Same as Jivvina) [proxy]
Email is unrelated.

Sk89ty: Registered under First IP.
First IP: France. (Unknown) [proxy]
Email is unrelated.

Taylorlord: Registered under First IP.
First IP: Chicago, Illinois.
Email is unrelated.

Cryssy: Registered under First IP.
First IP: Saint Louis, Missouri.
Email is suspicious. Random assortment of letters and numbers.

Zal4569: Registered under First IP.
First IP: School, Pennsylvania.
Email is suspiciously close to Taylor’s name.

Kyaripya: Registered under First IP.
First IP: Tokyo, Japan. (Unknown)
Email is unrelated.

Then Rachel comes into the picture:

- Rachel makes a video of her experience with an online store from China called Dresslink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgwJCLYY7rw

- Rachel receives persistent negative comments about Dresslink being a scam, that she's getting paid to advertise this store on YouTube, and that she should take down the video.

- Kanadajin3 writes YouTube comment to Rachel about Dresslink:



- Kanadajin3 writes Facebook comment to Rachel

- Kanadajin3 posted tweet:


"Never buy from websites unless you check the reviews. ネットで買う前に、ちゃんと会社のことを調べたほうがいい"

- One of the YouTube users leaving negative comments on Rachel's video makes a video about Dresslink and Rachel being a liar:


- On Kanadajin's Facebook (take note of Jiwana Lesan and Ryuji Yoshida, some of the haters going after Rachel):

- Rachel's explanation: brBp73H.png?1

- Rachel's thoughts posted on Twitter:

- Rachel's thoughts posted on YouTube:

- Rachel does her own investigation, connects the dots and exposes the sockpuppet accounts and kanadajin3 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqH72zd0Qy0 (video that is linked in the beginning of this summary)

Sharla from SharlaInJapan blocks Mira, starts tweeting about her, and Mira responds with a mule account:
- Full Screenshot of all tweets of monokuro_b00 to Sharla.

- Mira changes name of monokuro_b00 Twitter account from Mira Nagayama (written in Kanji) to m, and makes the account private, hiding all previous tweets to Sharla



1. youtube comment
2. Tweets
3. Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/113936620329409 ... KfneRsHDM3
4.More tweets
5. Deletion spree

-A PULL member wrote: ''   OMG you guys she's doing damage control! She's deleted all the negative comments on her Facebook [:P] There were about 30 or so and now there's 2!

    Too bad she can't delete everyone else's comments on YT and TWITTER!

    She's lost around 50 followers on FB, btw.''

Another member wrote:
''Trying to garner sympathy from her Japanese audience it seems.

Obviously she asked someone (her husband??) to write these sentences. It's too good for her.


Though the video that accuses me was uploaded, the content of the video is completely different from the fact. I am suprised and disturbed that such a video was suddenly uploaded in a unilateral way without any confirmation or talk beforehand. Uploading such a video that denigrates a specified person for general public viewers is not fair.''

7. Facebook post

8. YouTube - Kanadajin3 deletes her YouTube collaboration videos with Sharla (SharlainJapan) from her channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3/videos

/edit: It appears that she only deleted those videos with Sharla's photo on the thumbnails.

9. Why Mira deleted many posts on her Facebook wall
10. Tweets
11. Facebook post reply

Sharla's (sharlainjapan) statement, which she wrote on PULL(the forum prettyuglylittleliar):

Sharla wrote:

Hello everyone, Sharla here. (If you want me to confirm it's actually me, just ask and I will tweet something!)


I've been scanning through all the posts here over the past few days, trying to figure out the extent of what Mira has been saying about me. I noticed that a few people were wondering why I haven't made a public statement about this yet, and thought I was being "just as bad as Mira" for blocking her and refusing to talk to her. It's understandable that people may feel that way, so I want to clear up a few things.


So here's a quick summary as to why I refuse to have any contact with her, I won't go into too much detail because it's starting to look like I may have to file a lawsuit so I will save those for the lawyer.


The day that I tweeted about not being able to trust my closest friend was the day that I was shown 100% solid proof that Mira had be lying to me all along, about various things. I've known she has been trying to ruin my reputation on YouTube for a while now, she would always suggest that I make videos about things that she knows will be controversial and bring me hate and dislikes from Japanese people. I tried to just shrug it off, and thought maybe she was just angry that I had more subs than her, which I thought was understandable... so I continued to try to be friends with her even though I was pretty hurt that my friend was trying to ruin my channel.


Then, someone decided to share my personal information from my private Facebook on the internet, and even at that time I had suspicions that it was Mira. But after finding out she had been lying to me about many other things... I was pretty convinced. So after realizing that someone who knows basically all my personal information, is in fact backstabbing me and trying to sabotage my life, and is possibly the one who is posting my private information on the internet, I blocked her on every platform. I have no intentions of unblocking her and allowing her a chance to talk, because I have 100% proof that she lied to me. I don't need to hear her side of the story. I don't have any more time or patience for someone who I gave so many chances to, even after I knew they were trying to screw me over. I am pretty disgusted to say the least.


All I ask for is an apology and that she stop trying to ruin people's lives. Especially those who were supporting her, and were always there for her when she needed help.



* Members needed assurance about user Sharla being the actual SharlainJapan, so she was asked to post a photo of a cat on Twitter. Here is the cat tweet: https://twitter.com/SharlaInJapan/statu ... 1019346944


another tweet:

-Rachelandjun exposing video made private
Sharla also commented:

-Kat's (Kat in osaka) and Victor's (gimmeabreakman / gimmeaflakeman) response regarding screenshots of fb PM's between Kat and Mira



Kanadajin3's response video:




description of video:

A PULL member summarizing the video

Basic summary of the video (Because it's kinda hard to understand)


1. Talks about rachels dresslink situation

2.Talks about sharla and Gimmeabreakman

3. Addresses The Miranda686 account

4 talks about how insulted she is

5. How her info was leaked and how rachel sent people to call her family

6. How it was a dangerous situation because her family's phone number was leaked

7.She googled "OFCOURSE"

8. Talks about how she doesn't even have the youtubers numbers or addresses.

9. Talks about how she's on her own now and that she's fine with that.

10. does not ever address the picture with cat in it.


Micaela's (Ciela on youtube) reaction regarding Mira's video respone

Sharla's reaction to Mira's video response


Mira's video was made private for a short while, then was restored to public.




Blaming Rachel's video for the number of dislikes her video received


She probably saw Gimmeabreakman's video.


Translation: DailyNihongo: This channel is over. For watching up until now, thank you very much. It's very sudden but there will no longer be no videos uploaded to this channel. From now on, within the entirety of Youtube's site, please continue to support the bloggers of your choice. I am deeply sorry for the inconvience.

Which means Mira admits that she used Kat's photo as proof of identity of kyaripa2, one of Kanadajin3's sockpuppets on PrettyUglyLittleLiar.

KANADAJIN3 TWEET (about rachel privatizing the video ''an unforunate announcement'')

Mira makes her video private as well


Statistics of the decline of Kanadajin3's subscribers by this point
Sharla replied to a youtubers question from the MIRA REACTION VIDEO by GaijinShane (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjcsOTIhtSg).

- Victor said that Sharla received copyright complaints on YouTube from Mira on their collab videos still on Sharla's channel. He said that Sharla is doing her thesis right now and for Mira to make these complaints on YouTube at this timing that it seems intentional = Kanadajin3 attacks Sharla.
- Because of this, Rachel (in the comments) has decided to make her exposing video unlisted (it was made private before), meaning if you still have the link to her original video, you can still access it, but the video won't appear on her own channel and cannot be searched.


- Mentioned that Mira tried to shut down 2 jvlogger channels on YouTube (I wonder how…)
- Mentioned that Mira shared the "Rachel is a liar" Dresslink video response as soon as it was uploaded, like she has already seen it beforehand.




- Could be referring to Sharla and Rachel appearing in a video together about canned fish.
- Could also be referring to Sharla and Shane (Gaijinshane) appearing in a video together doing the twerk challenge.


Transcript of the part where she mentions the jvlog drama incident
''So may of you(i think she meant so maybe some of you) are wondering why theres this extremely large amount of thumbs down and negative comments on some of my recent videos.This is because in June of 2014 another group of youtubers created a video defaming(??) my channel and making accusations against me.Due to this incident,it has caused alot of people to come to my channel in order to just spread hate against me.It also appears that some of these people are subcribed to me,only so they can thumb down every one of my videos and anyones videos that has me in it.These accusations are false and i do not condone or endorse their behavior.I am also not able to control what other individuals say about me.But if you have any concerns or questions or would like to clarify as to something is true or not please contact me regarding this.I respond to every single message people sent to me and i will also note that these attacks on my channel do not appear to let up anytime soon,so unfortunately there will be thumbs down on my channel.I also do not condone the behavior of other individuals attacking my subscribers calling them names for supporting me.My channel is not interested in promoting drama,so if you post any negative comments regarding something unrelated to the video,your comment will be removed and you will be blocked.So if you are interested in Japan,check it out.I reccomend you to go to atleast five video,different topics,see what my channel is all about.Okay.Byyeee!''

Mimei's (another jvlogger) take on this whole incident
Regarding the fake apology Kat from Osaka recieved from Kanadajin3



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you can see that 123japanese and kanadajin3's #officialwebsite are on the same server, so she definitely owns both of these sites.


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Posted (edited)

On 2012-10-29 Mira joined a forum called gaijinpot with the username shinpaigaijin to seek help regarding her visa. It is quite obvious that it is her account due to numerous reasons (situation, time frame, spelling, mention of Canada, pride in being skinny in Japan) that will be stated below.

Here's a link to her profile: http://forum.gaijinpot.com/member/104555-shinpaigaijin

1) Her very first post is about her divorce and asking what to do about her visa/work. 
- We all know that Mira claims that her husband was abusive towards her, as she uploaded a video where it sounded as if she was getting abused by him (please do not upload that video here)
-Mira claims she got divorced around this time

More about the visa situation:


2) Spelling error

- ''sponcer'' is how Mira spells the word ''sponsor''

3) Terms only Mira uses
- ''special visa'' is a term that Mira always uses when she speaks of her visa

4) Skinny in Japan

5) Is from Canada
-Lives in Canada
-Fails to remember that English is the international language, as usual

All of her posts in chronological order, in case she sees this and decides to try to cover her tracks:


Credits to 脳漿炸裂外人 for finding this information

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Posted (edited)


Picture of Kanadajin3 doing blackface



- Wannabe japanese. When talking about the population of Japan, she often uses pronouns such as "we" or "us", even though she has only been living in japan for 2+ years. Made a video for white japanese people like she's a part of them. She's also constantly reminding people of how she's forgetting english even though that's more than unlikely since she still makes videos, writes blogposts and talks to other gaijin in english on a regular basis.


- Use of "we" and "us"

trying to justify it here (in the comment at the bottom)


- Constantly feels the need to compare herself to other gaijin and talk badly about them, because she's clearly MOAR JAPANESE





Translation: funkycrew2: "Even though you're Caucasian, you have a small, cute nose. (*^^*)"
Kanadajin3: "Even though you're Japanese, you're fucked up in the head. Too bad."


- Has terrible english skills but still feels the need to teach others.


"Please help me out my English."

Seems legit.

- Totally qualified to teach others



- Really seems to like bashing America/Canada (that gun culture comment, not wanting to teach her children her native language because who the fuck needs English in a globalized world???)


will update


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Posted (edited)

It has now been approx 2 years since the Mira vs jvloggers incident. However, Mira hasn't really forgotten about it, and is now trying to ''prove her innocence''.

On Apr 26, 2016 Unrested made a video telling his viewers that they shouldn't harrass Mira because she told him that she's suicidal. Mira had watched one of his videos where he had said that you may contact him if you're suicidal, so she knew that he would hear her out.

Unrested has unfortunately had 2 friends who commited suicide, so it's understandably a very emotional topic for him.
However, once he uploaded his video, other j-vloggers commented that she had contacted them with the exact same messages.



It seems as though Unrested was shown proof of Mira's malicious and manipulative behaviour, so he uploaded this video where he basically apologised for the video titled ''About Kanadajin3 (Mira): please hear me out'', meaning that he came to realise that Mira had manipulated him into creating that video.

(I have saved both videos, so if he were to delete them, then please tell me and I'll reupload them)


--- (will add more info here)


Naruruinjapan contacted Mira when she made her suicidal posts. Mira sent her screenshots of private conversations between her and Sharla, trying to make it seem as though Sharla had been trashtalking other jvloggers. Naruruinjapan requested to meet up irl to record the messages, which Mira agreed to. Naruruinjapan found out that Mira had altered the messages. Screenshots and a summary of the incident were provided by naruruinjapan in a long masterpost. Please read it below. There's also screenshots of Mira admitting that she had created sockpuppet accounts to harrass Rachel.

Hello, my nickname is Naruru and my YouTube channel is NaruruInJapan. I would like to tell you a story about Kanadajin3 (Mira) and my conclusion on the latest investigation within 4 young ladies: Mira, Sharla, Rachel and Kat. Please do not consider this as a pro-Mira or pro-Sharla or pro anyone. I stay neutral and I try my best to help. I wanted to see the whole story – both sides of the story – and try to link them together. In this story, I want you all to remember that this is the first time and the last time you will hear from me. I have done my best to reach out to them and hear both sides of the story. The spoken words and each action are not exactly how it went, but it is about 95% accurate. And now, here’s the story:






Backstory: Mira has been sending out screenshots and videos of conversations between her and Sharla – where it looks like Sharla is trash talking people like Rachel – targeting big Jvloggers. The main case is about those two young ladies talking about Rachel regarding the Dresslink video. Because it shows that Sharla is backstabbing Rachel, Mira has been attempting to say that these screenshots are proof showing Sharla is dangerous while Mira herself is innocent.






But first, let’s read some history together, shall we?






On April 22nd, 2016, Mira posted a tweet:



On April 24th, 2016 at 8:10pm, I personally messaged Mira a positive message to boost her confidence and ego:



As a forewarning, I have the ability and power to delete not only mine but also Mira’s messages. Therefore, the screenshots I provided here were neither edited nor fragmented to save your little heart:



But then everything changed when the fire na---…Suddenly, on April 25th, 2016, Mira posted dark suicidal tweets:



After Mira reached out to Unrested, a Jvlogger residing outside of Tokyo, he heard her suicidal plea and uploaded a video for her to hear him out on April 26th, 2016. He had to save her from committing suicide.



I also reached out to Mira myself:




This was the time she sent me screenshots of recent text messages between Kat and Mira, and Sharla and Mira. These were the same exact screenshots and videos that were sent to the big Jvloggers. I read them during my lunch break at work and decided to meet up with her in real life to read her texts myself. As you can see, Mira’s calm manner is of a nice person toward me:



We kept on talking until April 27th, 2016 at 3:54pm, she started to sound suicidal:


I also suggested recording her text messages:




I recorded my voice and asked her permission if I could record her text messages, and she said yes. After that, she got excited and wanted to make a video, her suggestion to me:





“LET’S FKING MAKE THIS VIDEO” ß “What happened to your suicidal self? Are you okay?” I thought

“Jake is supposed to be _____ friend. NOBODY deceives my friend and gets away with it” 


I shouldn’t make assumptions to this, so I shrugged and let it go.



From that day until April 30th, Mira would private message me her reactions and comments to Jvloggers’ videos regarding the recent drama on YouTube. She then told me one fan on Twitter has all of her evidence and proof and Mira herself recorded them all through Skype. “It was a 20 minute video,” she said. “Could you please upload it? I’d like to see it,” I requested. “It’s 20 minutes, it might take very long! Maybe 3 hours or more. I have a birthday party to go to today, so I will leave it up uploading while I’m out,” Mira promised me. I agreed to it.


I met with Mira on Sunday, May 1st at 2:15pm in front of Mitaka Station ticket gate. My first impression of her was this: Very shy, nervous and doesn’t know how to speak. I can understand how it feels to meet up with people for the first time. I took her to a nice café that serves yummy cake and tea, but there was no electric outlet for her to charge her phone. So we ended up at Dutour Café instead. She took the seat with the charger, I brought the chair. The chair next to her was occupied so we thought we would wait until the guy moves and I would have the seat. I asked her if I could record her voice and video record her text messages – this is the 5th or 6th time I’ve asked her, I asked her 4 or 5 times through online chat before meeting irl – and she gave me the okay. She was happy at first, she wanted me to make a video showing her proof. I was happy as well. We ordered our lunch. She had a ham sandwich with melted cheese on top, ice tea and water. I ordered iced royal milk tea. “So how’s the upload?” I reminded her. “It’s still uploading,” she replied. It had been exactly 24 hours since Saturday afternoon and the video is still uploading? I didn’t think it would take that long for a 20 minute video. Is Japanese internet really that slow? I had that question in mind…


As we sat, I checked to see if she’s okay answering very emotional, hard, painful questions so I can see both sides of the story and see how this whole incident happened. So before the recording, I mentioned the text message I had seen between Sharla and Mira regarding the fake account.


This image below is what was shown on Sharla’s phone (Grey = Mira, Blue = Sharla)




And this second image below are the text messages Mira is showing to everyone as “proof.” Notice Mira’s text message, “hahahaha she blocked my fake account,” is missing on Mira’s “proof” on her screenshot? If we carefully examine this image, we can agree that the 2nd grey bubble text is from Sharla, therefore Mira deleted her message saying “hahahaha she blocked my fake account” before showing it to anyone.





While I turned on my voice recording and recorded the date and time, Mira suddenly got upset, and told me to stop recording. I reminded her that she agreed to this many times and I have that recorded in our messages. She grabbed her phone and charger, then her bag, got up and walked out of the café. Looking at her food on the table and without making a scene, I continued sitting on the chair thinking of what to do. 


Her food: on the right; My drink: on the left

I thought I had failed my investigation. I’ve let Rachel, Sharla and Kat know that she didn’t stay long enough and ran away from me. A few minutes later, Mira messaged me. It was a very long one, continuously messaging me regarding hope, sadness, suicide, losing her chance to get Japanese citizenship, etc. I had to make her stop rambling nonsense, and I knew deep inside she’s not in a good mental state. So I said “Come back, please. I won’t record anything.” “Did you throw out the food?” she replied curiously. “It’s still on the table. Where are you now?” I messaged her back. “Outside on the ground, crying in front of everyone,” I sipped my drink, got up and walked out of the café. When I got outside, she wasn’t there. She’s probably hiding somewhere out of public view, I thought. “I can’t find you…where are you?... Come back, please” I messaged her again. “I’m coming back,” she finally replied. I went back inside to see if anyone picked up her food. Her food was safe and sound. Waiting for her, the seat next to hers was not occupied anymore and I plugged in my phone to charge. I saw her coming back in with her sunglasses on. “I won’t record anything. You can tell me the story,” I told her as I held her hand or wrist – I think it was her wrist, she clasped her hand – and I also promised not to record what she was saying, because if I posted a video showing her texts, it would be proof of her manipulative behavior and I was worried about what would happen to her. “May I see the text messages between you and Sharla?” I requested. She opened her iMessage app and took me to Sharla’s text messages. She was only showing me the small portion at the end, telling me that Sharla didn’t open those texts. (This was after Sharla had blocked Mira). “May I see where Sharla trash talked Ashiya?” I requested. She nodded and without hesitation, she showed it to me. While reading it, Mira had something to say about this. “I knew deep inside that what Sharla has done was really bad, but because I didn’t want to hurt her I agreed what she said and followed along with her.” She said knowing what she has done was too late as of now. “Why didn’t you stop her from trash talking? If you knew this was bad, you could’ve told her to stop. That’s what best friends do.” I give her a bit of my wisdom. “Yeah, if I would’ve stepped my foot down, I would have stopped.” She said, knowing what she could have done the right thing to do as a BFF.




“Hey, Sharla, what happened to Ashiya? I just checked her YouTube channel and her latest vid is 10 months ago. Her Twitter is bare now” I asked her after checking out Ashiya. It was very strange that she would disappear like that. “I heard a Japanese man posted their marriage certificate or something online, to prove he was telling the truth, and told everyone that she had run away and he couldn’t find her. He said he bought her a camera, and all the supplies she wanted for YouTube, and then she just left and didn’t say a word to him. We weren’t that surprised to be honest. She would always lie to people about what she was doing, and wouldn’t answer questions about if she had a boyfriend or not” “OH! (O_O” Shocked Naruru is shocked. “We made plans to go shopping once, it was the first time we ever met. When I got there she started filming me as I was coming out of the station, but I told her I didn’t have any plans to make a video that day. I just wanted to hang out. After the hangout, I messaged her on Twitter thanking her for hanging out with me. She never replied. Ashiya got mad at me for not recording with her, so it looks like her only intention was to make a video with me so she could gain some popularity I guess.” Sharla told me that Mira would also trash talk people all the time. At the time Sharla had already found out that Mira had posted her private information online in an attempt to encourage people to hate her, so knowing that she did these things as a “friend” Sharla didn’t want to get on Mira’s bad side. She would pretend to trash talk all the people Mira hated, so Mira wouldn’t get suspicious. While Sharla and Mira trash talked people (the main case being Rachel), Sharla also sent screenshots of those conversations to Rachel and her other friendsletting them know what Mira was saying and asking for advice on how she could end her relationship with Mira without risking anything. The final point in their friendship was the Dresslink issue, when Sharla shared with Rachel the conversations where Mira talked about commenting on Rachel's video with fake accounts. And when Mira finally lied to Sharla about Kat's picture on PULL, Sharla used that as an excuse to end their relationship.


Sharla sharing the screenshots with Rachel at that time 2 years ago




Scrolling down the text, I noticed two text messages that were deleted off of her phone – the part where Mira mentioned about the fake account. I remembered the messages that Rachel and Sharla had shown me, and how it is easy to delete not only the receiver’s but also the sender’s messages one by one in the conversation. Did she delete them just to erase proof of the biggest mistake of her life and have a clean history of her past, or did she erase them thinking the haters will believe that every single fake account was created by her? I doubted it, but I cannot answer that for myself. Keeping a neutral position, I told her that Sharla and Rachel have shown me the actual messages that prove Mira had altered the conversations to make Sharla look bad. Mira’s voice became silent and she was livid and irritated. If I hadn’t mentioned that, Mira would obviously have thought I would be on her side 100%, but I have truthfully told her that I am remaining neutral and I am hearing both sides of the situation, as well as I want to help her with her mental state. She changes the subject and says “There are haters creating fake accounts and impersonating me online. Someone hacked into my very private FB account and posted a picture of my dead grandfather with a baby who is me.” Very sad to hear people would find her very personal FB account and post her photos online. She told me she created that account when she was 15 years old, around high school years back in Canada. She showed me an email from a hater wanting to kill her. She also showed me a text message to her best friend in Canada to close her mom’s – Mira’s mom – old FB account. The mysterious part of that text message was there was no reply from her best friend. Nothing. She then brought up Kat’s situation, the “This Is Not Mira” photo case. I interrupted her and said this to her: “You already apologized to Kat. She forgave you. Put this to the side and forget about it. She accepted your apology.” It seems like these assumptions, accusations, “proof”, everything that Mira had started, began with both misunderstanding and also jealousy 2 years ago. But this year, Mira is messaging everyone asking them to make videos showing her “proof”, and telling them if they don’t she is planning on committing suicide after uploading the video of her proof herself. Whether her threat of suicide is real or not, suicide is a very sensitive issue, so I will stick to the fact that she needs help. And here were the suggestions I gave her at that time during the meet up:


- Take a break from the internet during Golden Week and message me after taking the break.


- Make a general apology video. If she were to make a specific apology video, this will make some people doubt her and assume good or bad things about Mira.


This whole conversation lasted for a total of 4 hours. After she relaxed and listened to my suggestions, even after I jotted down those ideas on my Lawson receipt and gave it to her to speak with her friends about it, we agreed she will take a break. At the station, she looked at me and said, “I don’t know if I want to hug you or not…” and I hugged her. Deep inside me, I expected to hear from her after Golden Week, but the story hasn’t ended yet…because Mira did not take my advice, and instead pushed her friends further away from her. She continued to manipulate other people so they would feel pity for her, and believe that she’s innocent. None of her friends, as she told me lately through messages, are helping her or are on her side. None of them want to be involved. One of her friends is friends with Jake, whom Mira dislikes, and that made her extremely emotional. Because Mira has been getting increasingly hysterical and telling many people she plans to commit suicide in a live stream, many of us have begun to worry about her mental health. Regardless of what she has done, no one wants her to hurt herself. Rachel suggested to me that perhaps her friends could step in and help her find someone to talk to, and told me her own experience with seeing a therapist in the past and how helpful it had been. We both agreed that with Mira's state this would be best for her before she does something she regrets. So I reached out to Rodi, Mira's closest friend.


I got a hold of Rodi through Instagram – he was active there – told me he doesn’t check YT inbox so I took a pic of this message and sent it there instead. After Mira read my message from Rodi and Lola, she became angry, claiming I have issues and I should never come near her or she will call the police. 













In the end, she ended with this message:



“I don’t delete convos from sharlas bs” 



“However, you publically defame me, attempt to shame me.” 



So in the end, I believe Mira needs professional help. She believes her friends are not helping her, when she is the only one creating this whole thing. She is left alone, just as she thought she was in her mind. Mira expects that if she uploads her proof herself that she will be sued and lose the right to Japanese citizenship, which is why she is trying to make other people upload it for her. Although she says mostly to people it’s because she can’t live with herself if she makes Sharla look bad, although that’s suspicious because she has no problems sending the conversations privately to people, and openly and angrily talks about how evil she thinks Sharla is.


If we, the community, could help her out and seek out a professional psychiatrist, this will help Mira’s mentality go back to her normal state and have her continue living off making videos about Japan as a YouTuber.



Thank you all for reading and have a splendid day. Farewell, my friends!





- Mira is trying to make Sharla seem as the bad guy by spreading around screenshots of Sharla trashtalking other Jvloggers. However, the other jvloggers were aware of what Sharla had been saying. She asked them how she should end their relationship, because Sharla was afraid that Mira would release private information about her that would taint her image.
- Mira admitted in a private conversation with Sharla that she had made sockpuppet accounts to harrass Rachel on her dresslink video

Mira has read naruruinjapan's post on our forum, and has reacted to it on various platforms, confirming that they have met in real life.

kan1.pngTranslation: The girl who appeared in PULL really has nothing to kill time. 30% of what she wrote is lies. 30% is ideals that are comfortable for haters. I got out of the shop and cried because she said that she had seen Sharla’s proof and Sharla had a new proof which was a PDF file. I was shocked and got out with thinking that they’re scary and they never give up.
This girl is freaky. I’ve already blocked her. Originally she was a hater and met me to see what proof I have maybe? And then she’d tell Sharla my proof so that Sharla can make a new proof.
She has too much time but nothing to do so drew the cartoon lol? How much free time she has?!

Translation: Even though they say that I have removed some parts of the conversation, when you see the conversations, you can see that I’m not interested in trash talking. No matter how you read the conversation, Sharla obviously let others fight for her. What the girl wanted to do to post that in PULL that has lots of crazy people. If normal people see that, they may think like “So what? She drew the cartoon? Isn’t she desperate a bit too much?”



will update

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Posted (edited)

Proof to date of Miranda being married to Visa-kun 2.0

1) The timeline (proof above):
- Miranda moved to Japan on Working Holiday Visa and married Visa-kun 1.0 on 2012-08-10, she got her Spouse Visa in September, which was valid for 1 year, until September 2013.
- She got divorced on 2012-10-26, claiming her husband was being abusive, the immigration office told her that her spousal visa wouldn't be revoked for at least 6 months, after that staying the whole year would be a grey area, also regarding work (see above).
- She planned to attend a language school in April 2013 which gave her a Student Visa, I assume it was valid for around half a year? Feel free to correct me on this. This would last until October 2013.
- She wants to apply for citizenship this November 2016, for which you have to be married at least 3 years. Conveniently 3 years after her Student Visa ran out and she claimed to since then have her 'Special Visa', aka Visa-kun 2.0 whom she married around October 2013.

2) Obvious Observations
- She's living way above her budget. Miranda proudly proclaims she's only working half-time (very little half-time) as a waitress and is making the rest of her income off of youtube. Yet she lives comfortably in a spacious apartment in Tokyo and is never shy to show off her newest Louis Vuitton stuff or overpriced toe rings. Also she travels frequently.
- She is allowed to work on her 'Special Visa', which isn't the case on every visa.
- She wouldn't be able to rent an apartment without a guarantor, very nicely put here:

3) 'Hard' Proofs

- In a live chat Miranda did on youtube you can hear a door opening/closing aka someone coming home. Miranda mutes the chat, says something and abruptly ends the stream because she is tired.

- Though we agreed that Kat isn't a 100% reliable source, here is the post where she confirms Miranda is married.

- Gimmeabreakman/Gimmeaflakeman (aka Victor) lets slip in one of his videos regarding the 'suicide drama' that Miranda is married. He deleted the video from youtube, but you can find it here: http://jattvideos.com/video/watch/84EVxUGvhbs

At around 28:00 he says about Miranda's leaked messages, that 'nobody has access to anybody's cellphone unless you're husband or wife… and her husband didn't do it, cause he doesn't speak English I'm sure'. So it seems he has met him (?). Also it would of course be very convenient if Visa-kun 2.0 doesn't speak English so he can't follow all this bullshit of her online.


I deliberately didn't go into the topic of Miranda having forced or blackmailed Visa-kun 2.0 into this marriage as I haven't seen any proof (yet).
Please PM me if I've forgotten anything and I'll gladly add it to this post.

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Posted (edited)

Miranda harassing Rody 

Miranda goes to Kagoshima around May 26 with Rody (Rodi in Japan) and they have been friends for 4 years. During the trip, Miranda posted Instagram photo of them at Internet Cafe to spend the night. However, she suddenly deletes the photo on Instagram. The photo is not archived but it was a photo of Miranda and Rody together in a small Internet cafe cubical. 

Later, Miranda goes to the Ryokan on May 27 and does a live stream but there is no sight of Rody. She stays in Kagoshima until May 30.

On May 31, she starts to explain that someone very close betrayed her and didn't keep the promise of "staying friends forever". She starts to leave behind clues that she is talking about Rody but no one was sure. This goes on until June 5 when she posts a video (Link) of their good times to make Rody feel guilty. Although it looks like Miranda is blaming herself, she blames Rody for putting her though this depressed emotions in the comments.


Miranda's fans bombards Rody's Instagram and Youtube so he decides to upload a video explaining the truth on June 9.

RODY'S VIDEO    Archive:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx5MA65_qyGmUEI4NlVaOW1DYTg/view?usp=sharing

Rody explains the awkward situations with Miranda. In the video he mentions:

-Miranda was trying to grind on him at the club when he specifically told her that he only see her as a sister

-When Miranda visited Rody's house, she was in her underwear to seduce Rody but he was not interested and went out to buy her pajamas.

-Rody reveals that Miranda has a boyfriend name Simon (the name accidently slips). Miranda tells Rody that they broke up when they got to Kagoshima (so she can get close to Rody).

-During the stay at internet cafe, Miranda purposely gets a single room instead of separate rooms so she can be close to Rody. They sleep in the same room but Miranda tries to sleep REALLY close to Rody and he ends up putting his bag in between them.

-While staying at the internet cafe, Miranda and Rody were texting a mutual friend and the mutual friend informs Rody that Miranda was trying to sleep/ have sex (possibly rape?) with him at the Ryokan. Miranda lied to the mutual friend that Rody also liked her back and how it was a mutual love. Also, Miranda lied about breaking up with her boyfriend. 


later confirmed in Miranda's response video that their mutual friend is D-chan (Diana)

-Rody gets upset and goes home the next day.

Miranda's boyfriend Simon

He comments on Rody's Instagram to have private conversation. The user name is hej3daimon. Rody confirms in his video that he is Miranda's boyfriend.




スクリーンショット (60).png


Miranda responds to Rody's video

Archive: https://mega.nz/#!0jZ11axK!6IJ7ICKZffnZWW6VcTvMxEW7lzqaMp0XC1JLkXUeBok

- The reason why they got into a fight is because Rody wanted to film the city and spend time there instead of the Ryokan that is 1 hour away from the city. Miranda wanted to spend the time at Ryokan and Rody offered to split up and mentioned that he will comeback later to the Ryokan. Miranda took it as him ditching her and panicked.

- Her best friend D-chan manipulated Rody by sending their old message from when Miranda actually liked Rody. 

- She wasn't trying to forcefully take Rody to the Ryokan and she feels very sorry about making Rody uncomfortable. She also feel sorry about continuously messaging him about ditching her. 

- Miranda acknowledges that she was being too selfish and she feels bad about hurting Rody

- The video "are we dating?" : Miranda admits that she cut out things from the video and tricked Rody

- Miranda used to like Rody but after he mentioned that he has a GF, she gave up on Rody so she doesn't like Rody in a romantic way. 

- Miranda talks about how she sleeps in boxers and she wasn't trying to seduce Rody.

- The text her best friend sent to Rody was from her birthday when she was drunk and doesn't remember typing it.

Her story does not match up with Rody's story.

Rody ended up forgiving Miranda on June 16 and they are back to being friends. 


Rody Letting Go

Rody uploaded a video on July 6th around 2 am (Japan time). The video is about:

Miranda: I'm in love with Rody but Rody doesn't love me. We're both Muslims so we're not going to have sex, we're not in a relationship so please stop. 

Rody: And why?

Miranda: Because we're religious...

Rody: No, not that. Because we're both committed to something. 

Miranda: We're committed to God

Rody: No, other than that. I have a girlfriend and *Audio muted*

Miranda: No

Rody's comment on the video:


Simon (Miranda's boyfriend) comment on the video:



Later, Miranda makes suicidal post on her social media (now deleted)


*Credit goes to jcjbprince for the twitter screenshots


Miranda's friend breaks into her account to announce that no one can contact her.


Miranda keeps denying what she did and blames everything on Rody


Rody later gets harassed by Miranda.


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This is the video Rachel posted in which she has gathered proof regarding Mira's sock puppet accounts.

In the video, she's mentioned that she was contemplating going to the police but I guess they never did?


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Miranda Reborn as a Muslim Girl

After the huge drama with Rodi, she entered a depressed state (although she went drinking and partying with Tkyosam and his friends). However, she remembered Rodi telling her "you needs some religion in your life" to become a better person. She interpreted this quote as if she will get another chance with Rodi if she converted to Islam. By looking at the timeline, we can see that she converted right after they had an argument. 


June 9- Rodi uploades the video exposing Miranda. Miranda goes to Hamamatsu (when he blocked her on all social media) to meet Rody and he forgave her.

June 23,24,25- Miranda goes over Rody's house to live stream. According to Rody, this is when Miranda said "Fuck Me" (2 week after June 9). They get into an argument and Rodi decides to distance himself from Miranda since she is still trying to hit on him.

June 27,28,29- Miranda tells her relatives and ex co-workers that she is going to become Muslim (hoping to earn back some trust from Rodi). Rodi decides to give her another chance thinking the religion will help her calm down.

July 6-  Rodi and Miranda gets into another argument and he uploads the video where Miranda is saying she loves Rodi but he doesn't love me back. Miranda makes suicidal posts. 


Miranda starts her journey of becoming a Muslim girl by wearing hijab and allegedly reciting the Shahadah on her own. She makes a video about her conversion but received many backlash from her current viewer to the point where she had to disable her likes and comment section. 

After the conversion, she received additional backlash from the Muslim community for wearing see through skirts and etc. Due to the backlash and the doubt, she decides to officially say the Shahadah at a Mosque in front of 2 witness. 


Since she is sharing too much information, many have already figured out that this took place in Otsuka Mosque and she goes there to pray.

Past Be Gone!

Since the conversion, Miranda received criticism of the things she did in the past and decides to delete all of her video.





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Posted (edited)

Miranda Before Coming to Japan (will add more if I find something)

Before coming to Japan, Miranda lived in Sudbury. Based on the information provided by a new PULL member, LOLCOW and PULL found Miranda's account on http://punksudbury.proboards.com/ . Based on the new PULL user's information, Miranda made multiple accounts on this forum and LOLCOW member located two of her accounts which are Murasaki (http://punksudbury.proboards.com/user/35/recent ) and namaxdaijoubu (http://punksudbury.proboards.com/user/296/recent ).


The first post from this account was on Feb. 9, 2010.

Some interesting posts I picked up from her account:

-Same birthday as Miranda (May 19). 


-Other users call her Miranda (so her real name is Miranda and not Mira)


-Miranda confirms she can speak Japanese and slept with 12 guys. 


-She promotes her own website http://www.123japanese.com/ (that her boyfriend at the time created for her. She used the 123japanese e-mail to register for PULL)



Miranda's Sex Life

She goes into detail of the 12 guys she fucked. http://punksudbury.proboards.com/thread/588/quiz-bored-version-3000 


The guy she dated for 3.5 years is the Canadian BF who is the admin for a website called 64Digits. He also created 123Japanese.com for Miranda although she is talking all of the credits. He has a blog where he talked about dating Miranda(https://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=firestormx ). In his blog, he confirmed that Miranda cheated on him with an older guy. 


She creates a second account on the site since other members hate her and call her out on BS.

First post was made on Jan. 18, 2011 to brag about what she got for Christmas.

-Her Christmas presents were all the things Murasaki (Miranda) liked such as clothes from Abercrombie/Hollister and African drums.

-Brags about her 123Japanese.com website that her Canadian ex-boyfriend made for her (This is clearly Miranda) . The BF she is mentioning is Visa-Kun 1.0 who she married on August 10, 2012.


-Brags about her Japan life (she arrived in Japan on November 2, 2011 so the timeline makes sense) 


-CLEARLY Miranda


-Posted her old video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TogUPGMb9Oc&feature=youtu.be 


Miranda Hated Before J-Vlogging?

Due to her BS posts, members of the website was sick of Miranda and made a thread dedicated to Miranda.




People Never Change

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Posted (edited)

Oops wrong area.

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