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Kiki's Age

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows Kiki's real age? She claims to be born in September of 1993 but of course it coming from Kirsten it's more than likely a lie. The police report supports this but I've seen other sources say she was born in September of 1990. 

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(I hope it is fine to bump this thread... otherwise, I apologize, please don't stone me .__.)


Where to start? Kiki´s age was discussed a lot back in the days of PULL 1.0 and the general consent was that she was born in 1990, but it was questioned constantly. She claimed to be born at different times, depending in what stages of her persona you caught her. I remember Stickydrama posted the police reports, and she was listed at being born in 1990 or 1991, do not remember perfectly. In one of her vlogs she claims to be born in 1992. And a VK fanpage I found listed 1990. 

I personally remember from her myspace days that she was one year older than me, so 1990. And it would make sense since she is two years older than Kooter, and Kooter is 23. 


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