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  1. Post on Vic Mignogna in Vic Mignogna

    By Sagiri, posted
    Twitter // Website // IMDB // Wikipedia 

    Risembool Rangers Website // Facebook // Twitter
    Vic Mignogna known for his voice-acting roles in English anime dubs (such as Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist & Tamaki Suou in Ouran Highschool Host Club) and his acting role as Kirk in Star Trek Continues. He was engaged/married to Michelle Specht through the timeframe of sexual misconduct allegations.

    He remains popular for his starring roles in several classic anime and his charismatic personality at anime conventions. 
    Vic is a devout Christian and has worked with some Christian companies (this might be related to Funimation having Christian side business Echolight). He also briefly worked as a cop.
    The Risembool Rangers is one of the longest running English VA fanclubs ever. Members are of a range of ages and genders, with a notable number of young female fans during the peak of his dub career. Vic and his mother "The Matriarch" run his fanclub with fan volunteers.
    Long Standing Internet Rumors
    Forums and blogs have been talking about Vic's behavior for many years. Some complaints or discussions date back to the 2000's and have continued since.
    Common accusations include being a con diva, being flirtatious/inappropriate with minors, shoving his religion down people's throats, and being homophobic.
    Examples: /cgl, ANN comments (2007-2019),  GaiaOnline (2008), Vic Horror Stories Tumblr (May 2011 - March 2015), Vic Mignogna : The Visual Misconduct
    documented list of Vic allegations/articles (mostly recent + updated)
    It is common for female congoers to warn each other of staying away from Vic, and for people to have "a Vic story". Vic is referred to as a "missing stair", aka a problem well-known and warned out, but never fixed. Although some VA peers and con staff addressed things to him in private, he continued with his behavior. He is rumored to have been "shadow banned" at several cons for his behavior. This means that the con decided privately to never re-invite Vic as a guest, but did not announce it publicly.
    Risembool Rangers
    General Con Panel Content/Diva Behavior
    Behaviour with Fans/Minors/People
    #KickVick, #IStandWithVic, Vic's Apologies
    Jessie Pridemore/Todd Haberkorn
    ANN + Other News Articles
    Industry Pros Stand Up
    Dropping Vic (Roosterteeth, Funimation, and Con Appearances)
    Detailed Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    "Fake Evidence" Arguments / Misinformation
    Rikieta Law, Kickstarter
    Supergirl Twitter and PULL, Alt-Right, Youtube
    #IStandWithVic / White Knight FAQ