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  1. General Kanadajin3 thread. You can discuss pretty much anything here, but please talk about her videos in this thread: Kanadajin3 Videos
    Link to her Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kanadajin3

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/kanadajin3/
  2. Post on Mira on the chat in Kanadajin

    By Strawberry, posted
    I'm rubbish at titles. I have no clue what to name it sorry and I'm rubbish at describing stuff as well so sorry. If someone wants to explain what happens better than I did please do.
    But anyway about two days ago when PULL got taken down again some people were discussing what to do next and some suspicious person called "dp" came on the chat and then started making suggestions and then (they first pretended to be Mira's boyfriend) starting defending Mira. It then turned out to be Mira. Basically, she attempted to troll the chat. I decided to take screenshots after dp said that they were Mira's boyfriend so you can read the full conversation here: http://imgur.com/a/aalfH
    I'm currently working on a rewritten version which shall be easier to read (as there are a couple of overlaps) and I hope to finish that tomorrow.
  3. So... Seeing that it's a much debated topic on PULL, I thought it deserved it's own thread. It's pretty hard to find any info on this matter in the General Kanadajin3 thread without sifting through pages of unrelated posts. Here goes nothing.
    As many of you know, Mira has recently claimed that she has a PR (Permanent Residency) in Japan.

    Which is impossible for a number of reasons, which I will list in the following.
    You can not obtain a PR unless you are:
    a) Married to a Japanese national for 3+ consecutive years (She got divorced in a couple of months)
    b) Have been living and working in Japan for 10+ consecutive years (She has filled up 2.5-3 years at best)
    c) Have been a Long Term Resident for 5+ consecutive years (She does not qualify)
    I'd like to clarify that only people who are Japanese by descent who hold another country's passport (ex: Japanese-American), refugees, divorced foreign spouses who have a child with a Japanese national etc. can obtain permanent residency. Mira does not qualify for this.
    Even if she did, she clearly stated that she moved to Japan in November 2011. Which makes her stay period a little shorter than 4 years. 
    EDIT:  PenTen has informed me that time spent on the student & work holiday visas are not included in the necessary period of stay to obtain a Long Term Residency. Which probably brings her's down to an estimated guess of 2.5-3 years at best. (Assuming that she obtained an actual work visa after her student visa expired.)

    In the video, she states that she first travelled to Japan on a 6 month Working Holiday Visa in November 2011.
    Later on, she obtained a spouse visa which was revoked due to the her early divorce.

    After that, she obtained a student visa. 

    EDIT: Rabbit has informed me that working part time with a student visa is possible. But hostess clubs are illegal. The fact remains that Mira was a hostess. You deduce the rest.
    From that point on, I have absolutely no idea what became of her visa status. She has either obtained a legit working visa or has just renewed her student visa. But one thing I'm certain is that it's definitely not PR like she claims it to be.
  4. Since mid 2014 I try to find out what the truth behind Kanadajin3 and Mira is. There is just enough information in Mira's video's to find out.
  5. Post on Kanadajin3 - Looks in Kanadajin

    By Zuko-Chan, posted
    God, yknow i realy hate to be this person, Im actually not because I am not special looking myself and hate to judge others for their looks, i genuinely think that nobody is actually bad-looking. and i'll be 100% truthful i do feel guilty that i have these thoughts. Genuinely. but for fucks sake im just going to say it because it was a sudden impression on me and like fuck i just feel really strongly about this and i think its pretty fine on a site where you're meant to ditch on others. So anyway:
    FUCK Mira (Kanadjin3) is ugly. Her teeth are like rabbits and face proportions are so odd, She looks like that fucking squirrel from Ice Age: The movie. She annoys the fuck out of me (Thus I don't watch her anymore) with her god for saken nasally voice. That fucking overbite makes her look like a 40 year old male baby with down syndrome. Her eyes are nice but her eyebrows dont look good with them. It may be linked with the fact that she looks so similar to someone i despise in real life. But alone she still looks dreadful to me. Shes one of those white kids i try to avoid @ school but they come to me. Shes muslim for the controversy and her videos are uninteresting. Shes done blackface. I don't think she suits the fringe that much. I know shes canadian but but the way she pronounces "out" is so extreme. NO i dont think shes the ugliest person in the world but still fuck is she ugly.