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  1. here are all the pics from taylor R (テイラー R) when she has started to work and living in Japan and began to be a wannabe of Dakota Rose. with cheecks fillers and heavily photoshop and pretending being 20 (although her real age is 26) she thought and hoped to become the next kawaii idol in japan.
    Pictures under spoiler
  2. Taylor (テイラー) did a  "Valentine Special" for Pocky on February 2015. The original video is gone. I don't know if she did some copyright claims because in this video you can see her cheecks fillers very well and her face does nothing look like in her edit pictures.Her fans asked her why she looks different here but of course she has denied any plastic sugery and wrote as an excuse that she has gained weight and need to go on a diet.
    i guess that this video shows taylor's real face.

  3. here is the video and some pics from taylor (テイラー R) in the Sony Digital Entertainment video from December 2014. again her bloated face .

  4. Post on Taylor R for Zipper in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Here is the thread about Taylor ( テイラーR) working for the japanese magazine Zipper
    her debut video :

  5. Post on Taylor R for RIBI in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Taylor was the main Model for the Beauty School RIBI and did a commercial for it.

  6. From what I know of, Kiki didn't make any new videos for about 6 months. And when she did post a new video it was her and her (Japanese) boyfriend named Taku. She posted 2 videos of them pretty sure, but I checked on her youtube channel and the videos seem to be gone!
  7. So... Seeing that it's a much debated topic on PULL, I thought it deserved it's own thread. It's pretty hard to find any info on this matter in the General Kanadajin3 thread without sifting through pages of unrelated posts. Here goes nothing.
    As many of you know, Mira has recently claimed that she has a PR (Permanent Residency) in Japan.

    Which is impossible for a number of reasons, which I will list in the following.
    You can not obtain a PR unless you are:
    a) Married to a Japanese national for 3+ consecutive years (She got divorced in a couple of months)
    b) Have been living and working in Japan for 10+ consecutive years (She has filled up 2.5-3 years at best)
    c) Have been a Long Term Resident for 5+ consecutive years (She does not qualify)
    I'd like to clarify that only people who are Japanese by descent who hold another country's passport (ex: Japanese-American), refugees, divorced foreign spouses who have a child with a Japanese national etc. can obtain permanent residency. Mira does not qualify for this.
    Even if she did, she clearly stated that she moved to Japan in November 2011. Which makes her stay period a little shorter than 4 years. 
    EDIT:  PenTen has informed me that time spent on the student & work holiday visas are not included in the necessary period of stay to obtain a Long Term Residency. Which probably brings her's down to an estimated guess of 2.5-3 years at best. (Assuming that she obtained an actual work visa after her student visa expired.)

    In the video, she states that she first travelled to Japan on a 6 month Working Holiday Visa in November 2011.
    Later on, she obtained a spouse visa which was revoked due to the her early divorce.

    After that, she obtained a student visa. 

    EDIT: Rabbit has informed me that working part time with a student visa is possible. But hostess clubs are illegal. The fact remains that Mira was a hostess. You deduce the rest.
    From that point on, I have absolutely no idea what became of her visa status. She has either obtained a legit working visa or has just renewed her student visa. But one thing I'm certain is that it's definitely not PR like she claims it to be.
  8. Hey everyone! I was really lucky to be able to participate in an awesome program over the summer in Japan for almost nothing, and it got me really pumped about what other opportunities might be out there for people
    I feel like there's a lot of great programs that people don't know about, and I would really like to hear about what people have done/what I might be able to do someday. And I wish that more people knew about the program that I did.
    Guy Healy
    The program actually goes under the name USA Summer Camp (however you can still participate if you’re not American as long as you can get a visa waiver from your country) but I sttill I like calling it Guy Healy haha. The main draw is that doing this program only costs $150 USD, including airfare, food, housing, transportation, etc. and I was able to do this for 7 weeks in the summer. So honestly even for someone not super passionate about traveling to Japan, you won't have to pay for rent, groceries, etc. for a couple of months.
    The basic set up is that you spend the summer doing camps of 3-days each with Japanese school kids (I was only with middle and high school students, but others did elementary camps as well) that focus on having them use practical English, in everyday situations. So this isn’t really teaching English, it’s engaging with them and allowing them to practice. There are structured activities, such as making a play with them and helping them to prepare a speech about themselves, but otherwise you spend time eating, playing games, and just talking with them.
    You also get plenty of days off. There are teams in Tokyo and Fukuoka. For me I was in the Tokyo team, but all of our camps took place in the Kanto and Chubu area, However for every off day they would bus us back to stay in a hostel right in Tokyo. I’m not as familiar with the Fukuoka teams. Also for off days they give you some money to cover food. Of course if you want to travel on your days off or shop you have to fund that yourself. There’s also “prep days,” where you’re at the facility where you’ll be doing camp (each camp was at a new facility so you get to see a lot of places) and you get ready for the kids, but most of the day you can just explore the area.
    You also have the option of staying with a Japanese host family for a few days as well.
    The accommodations range from luxury hotels, camp sites, Ryokans, nature facilities etc. So you get to experience both high end and more homey places.
    I have to say too that I really liked my fellow camp counselors, I really liked all of them and I ended up making some lifelong friends (there’s always people who start dating from this program or hook up too, they used to have a rule against this but I guess not anymore!).
    The amount of time that you spend in Japan depends on your team, as well as your needs. If you get into the program they’ll ask if there is a date that you need to get back by. The past few years it’s started on July 1st, and gone from 5 ½ to 8 weeks. Part of it is luck of the draw too.
    One thing to note though is that during camp days you are not allowed to speak Japanese or tell the kids that you know any Japanese. If they ask you, even if you do you have to lie and say “I know no Japanese,” and if you understand what they’re saying in Japanese you need to pretend that you don’t so that they’ll use English. With your host family or on prep/off days though you can practice your Japanese as you please! Plus my listening got pretty good from eavesdropping on the kids.
    Qualifications aren’t too strict, you need to be at least 18 and in a country that has a visa waiver program with Japan. Certain things help though like experience working with children, wanting to go into education/English related jobs, etc. This is a competitive program.
    There’s instruction here on the application process:!applications/c15xr In short there’s a list of questions to fill out via e-mail, it’s fairly short. You’d also need two references to be e-mailed to them as well. For Summer 2016 it’s due on January 20th, so you would still have time to do all of this. Otherwise there’s always next year!
    If you have any questions feel free to message me! I’d be happy to tell more about my experience or give advice about applying. ^^
    Just to be clear I am not sponsored by anyone, nor am i required to do this. I just want to get the word out about them and encourage people to apply for it.
    So yeah! What programs you you all know of?
  9. Hello everyone I am new here and this forums is just amazing c: , so i have always wondered if Dakota Rose lives alone in japan? i mean all i know is that she sent her photos to Bravo Models agency and they signed a contract with her (that's all i know from a website ) .wouldn't it be hard for her to move out and live alone in some place that is totally strange ? and don't forget about the language barrier and the cultural differences it's hard to fed in especially when you are all alone, i really wonder how she's dealing with all that especially when she did her apartment video (cute apartment btw) and she said that a lot of buildings do not accept "celebrities" or people in the entertainment industry over there~

  10. So there is a new trend in Japan called 'Pajama fashion'. Basically Pajama fashion is wearing really cute pajamas and minimal ulzzang makeup....and stickers for some reason?? 
    I think it's quirky and cute, I probably wouldn't wear it though.
    What do you guys think of this new Japanese trend?   

  11. I've never made a topic like this so I hope this is ok! Well I wanted to make a topic to discuss dakota's apartment and housings situation in Japan since her huge (and amazing) apartment in japan would cost a lot more than I think she would make at whatever her current job is.
  12. Sorry if this is selfish to ask for help but hopefully this can come in handy to anyone who also would like to know this information.
    This summer I'll be going to Kyoto for a month with my boyfriend. I want to get the most out of my holiday and experience unique things. I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice (I've never been abroad before) I'm from England and I'm a little nervous for the journey but more nervous that I'll not get to use my time effectively. If you have been to Japan before/ lived or live there what can you recommend to me? Even if you haven't visited is there anything you know about that could help me?
    I'm looking for things to do not just in Kyoto but in other areas too. I'd love to see places with beautiful scenery, architecture as well as maybe areas with great oppurtunities for fashion/buying clothes. (Any known shops/brands that are especially cute?) I'd like to visit areas that embrace past Japanese culture as well as other more modern areas. What sort of meals are a must try? What sort of clothes should I wear for the weather around July? Anything I should refrain from doing to not offend anyone? I know it's a huge amount to ask but any feedback would be a great help to me.
    Thought I'd add some more questions that I forgot about. I'd really like to use the bike rentals quite abit but I don't know much about how to use a bike in Japan. Are bikes only used on roads, are they allowed to be used on pavement?
    I'm very into cute/girly things and would know if there's any experiences that would cater to that for me.
    I'm super appreciative if anyone can help me!
    Also, I apologize if I messed up this it's my first topic.
  13. Post on Hi hi in Introduce Yourself

    By Hoki, posted
    Hi hi! I am 14 year old girl from texas hehe, my favorite girl is Venus I just love how doll like she is, even if she can be a bit scary at times! I'm studying japonese on my own at the moment cause my parents won't let me! They're pretty racist, they sometimes say that 2 nuclear doo hickeys were too little D:. When I grow up I wanna go to Japon and become a mangaka! I'm quite good at drawing. I hope we can all talk about how Venus is best girl, and get new friends! I hate my real life friends anyways lol.
  14. This YouTuber is a foreign girl living in Japan with radical far-right wing views. She admitted that most of her videos are in Japanese so it cannot be easily flagged for hate speech by English speaking viewers. 
    Here's a video in English where she talks about herself: 
  15. Post on Yukata in Beauty & Fashion

    By nanaxx, posted

    Hello there! I'm currently looking for yukatas to buy online because I'll be attending a Japanese summer festival or a matsuri. I wanna look nice for the occasion hehe 
    I really liked this style, however can't decide on the color. I have light complexion and dark hair. Can anyone here help me decide? 
    1 (top) or 2 (bottom)???
    Also, if you have photos in yukata, you can share them here.