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Kanadajin3 - Looks

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God, yknow i realy hate to be this person, Im actually not because I am not special looking myself and hate to judge others for their looks, i genuinely think that nobody is actually bad-looking. and i'll be 100% truthful i do feel guilty that i have these thoughts. Genuinely. but for fucks sake im just going to say it because it was a sudden impression on me and like fuck i just feel really strongly about this and i think its pretty fine on a site where you're meant to ditch on others. So anyway:

FUCK Mira (Kanadjin3) is ugly. Her teeth are like rabbits and face proportions are so odd, She looks like that fucking squirrel from Ice Age: The movie. She annoys the fuck out of me (Thus I don't watch her anymore) with her god for saken nasally voice. That fucking overbite makes her look like a 40 year old male baby with down syndrome. Her eyes are nice but her eyebrows dont look good with them. It may be linked with the fact that she looks so similar to someone i despise in real life. But alone she still looks dreadful to me. Shes one of those white kids i try to avoid @ school but they come to me. Shes muslim for the controversy and her videos are uninteresting. Shes done blackface. I don't think she suits the fringe that much. I know shes canadian but but the way she pronounces "out" is so extreme. NO i dont think shes the ugliest person in the world but still fuck is she ugly.


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