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British Comedy

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On the Buses is good


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Ugh Mrs Browns Boys is mindnumbing. I can't laugh at it.

Agreed, Mrs Browns Boys is mainly for old people of dubious mental status (I don't mean any offence to those people, just stating my opinion). 

As an Irish person myself we are in general embarrassed by it, but it's UK that made huge audience figures which is why it was transferred to the BBC (making it a uk comedy). I can imagine people from somewhere else thinking they're not getting it or something - that's not it, it's just stupid. 

Father Ted on the other hand is my second favourite comedy of all time (after 3rd Rock from the Sun). Mr. Bean, Allo Allo, Blackadder, Keeping Up Appearances all very fine comedies. One Foot in the Grave and Fawlty towers great as well but I've never exactly fell over laughing at them. But definitely Father Ted, here's some of Graham Norton in it, priceless:    


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