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This! I saw a clip of the choreography video and she had that dead fish open mouth and dead eyes look which made me realize she was sporting that same expression throughout the entire video. Watched the fancam of her performance and she looked so bored and/or maybe the dance and song is just boring. Maybe she's tired but it's her solo debut stage, wouldn't she give it her all? Listening to Solo again made me think about those articles saying how strict YG is and will only let artistes promote if there's a really good song. Did he really listened to Solo and thought it was a great song?


y’all don’t get it. That was hIgH fAsHiOn SwAg. Why do you think Chanel bothers with her if she didn’t have that soul-less cocky expression about her face. 🤣

Onto the second point, i think it only applies to groups/artists who yg doesn’t really care about. In Jennie’s case, it’s quite obvious she’s a favorite and yg wants to push her to the top even if she can’t really deliver anything to the table. As for the song, i think yg pulled all the strings for this debut to happen and he wants to have a sultry solo artist on his employee list that’s why he really wanted to push Solo as a Jennie song. If jennie was actually involved in any stage of this solo debut, i doubt she’ll be lifeless while performing.


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I felt like their was something missing from Jennie's solo. I don't know if it was the singing or the production but something was off. I also saw a video of her dancing on stage at their concert and honestly it was tragic. I've watched less than a handful of Blackpink's performances but I guess I assumed she was a better dancer? Her fans say she was tired but I don't think that was it.  

She was missing charisma :S

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