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Melanie Martinez

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Sorry, but it sounds stupid as fuck using the excuse of "separating de artist from the art". Just say you like giving money to a potential rapist and a person who romanticizes pedophiles/pedophilia and go. If she was a guy we wouldn't be having this discussion. But in another word for you: ew! 


I'm gonna say this and keep it moving cause the last thing I'm gonna do is argue with a bunch of people I don't know or care about online about my choices. I decided I'm gonna listen to her music and keep it pushing, I'm not gonna buy her shit never said I was gonna. I boot leg music so I never give any money to ANYONE. I shouldn't even have to explain that but go off and to question someone character and say their "ew" cause they don't argee with you is so 1st grade and chilidish, that shit was disrespectful. Im not here to say It was true or not because if you read my last comment I even said I don’t know what to do, and wanted to stay away from that topic. I was confused and conflicted because she was someone I liked for years and when I got wind of this I heard 8 different things from several different places, it was no disrespect on Tim, I literally said it before I believe all allegations until proven otherwise but from what I heard on different sites that’s what got me CONFUSED. If she was a man she’d get this same treatment, try that overused mess somewhere else to someone who hasn’t heard it. I'm done with this conversation. Catch me in another thread. 

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