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klochella/ kloey ramirez

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instagram  // twitter  // youtube

19 year old model slash internet personality (?????) from Arizona who currently lives in LA. runs a youtube blog with her bestfriend summer ferguson . i personally found out about her a few months ago on twitter bc i kept seeing her relatable tweets n seflies everywhere. i think she had no thread here so i decided to make one :-) 

i think she is quite beautiful and i love her eyes, i havent rlly found anything that irks me about her face??? i dont follow her and i havent known her for long so i dont know any drama about her. i dont think there's anything interesting (yet). also i tried to watch a youtube video of hers but i got bored of it and never tried again .what do u guys think? 








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we used to be mutuals until I got kind of bored of her lolll (but i dont think we never rly talked aside from the ocassional comments) she was pretty sweet tho from what i remember. I defintely don't think she's model material, she has a unique look but I dont think she is gorgeous or anyting

her yt vids are boring as FUCK. they are pleasing to look at, but there's nothing else going for them. I do think summer is much prettier out of the two of them

ssuper jealous of her eyes, totally agree that they''re gorgeous. 

also, where is she from? 



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She's from Arizona. I always found her and Summer to be kind of obnoxious. They're like the Walmart version of Suede Brooks and Meredith Mickelson


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