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Kisty Mea's Social Media
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So I decided to create a thread for this girl because she's known for copying a much famous blogger, Camie Juan, for like 8 / 9 years and counting. :/ She's tried to copy photos, haircuts & hairstyles, and even worse, copied right off from Camie's blog entries. This blog has a more detailed breakdown of Kisty's copycat syndrome.  A lot of Filipinos in the online sphere noticed this and it reached its peak when Kisty imitated Camie for her YouTube intro.

Here are some Instagram photos where Kisty clearly copied Camie, taken from the detailed blog I linked above:


And some fashion choices, even



And just one of the many hair imitations Kisty tried.



Here's a side by side comparison of Camie's (now deleted) intro (Left) (possibly due to comments about Kisty (Right) and Kisty's intro, which is still up on her YouTube.


It was even worse because she also plagiarized one of Camie's blog entries about the UK Visa. Here's Camie's entry, and here's Kisty's (now revised) entry. But you can see where the sentence was ripped off:


A few months later, Kisty then writes this article about how she was "cyberbullied" by Camie and her followers. Camie then responds saying that she's been dealing with Kisty privately through the years and has receipts that most of Kisty's former friends are tired with Kisty's bullshit.


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