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What anime girl stereotype are you?

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Imouto means "little sister". Imoutos are very young at heart, enjoying the simpler things in life. They often struggle to keep up with everybody else because they are slow thinkers and slow doers; they prefer to do things at their own pace. Naturally they are fostered heavily by their friends and family, struggling to do anything by themselves. They are very trusting people, but are prone to being crybabies. Imoutos would like to be more mature and responsible people, but for now they simply look up to others and try to move forward in this big scary world.
I hate that this is actually accurate. 

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Posted (edited)

lolllll watch out wolfychu, there's a new loli in town!!



Lolis are the characters who stick out like a sore thumb in a group for looking ridiculously cute. They look far younger than their age, be it short height, flat chest or baby face, and people constantly assume they are underage. This isn't helped by the fact that the loli type has a childish personality to match their looks; they love dolls, eat all kinds of sugary food and give everybody cutesy nicknames. Nobody is sure if a loli ever truly grows up, but what they do know is that lolis can never eat enough cake.


well except for the fact that i'm actually 5 foot 10, this fits pretty well lmao. i am known for being very bubbly and cute and sugar is my ultimate weakness. i always expect people to think i'm older bc of my height but people tend to assume i'm younger for whatever reason. i accept my anime fate 

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