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How Did The Instagram Baddie Phenomenon Begin?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a journalist (my alias on here is Wen), and I'm working on a culture piece on the creation of the Instagram baddie phenomenon. As a frequent user on Instagram, I've noticed so many accounts of teenage girls to their 20s (specifically Asian women, since I am Asian and they show up in my explore frequently) gaining thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, which are frequently from other accounts that strive to be Instagram "famous" through solely selfies. I wanted to start this thread if any expert, or person who's been on this website a lot, can give me specific examples or timeframes of when this began, who are the most "iconic" Asian Instagram baddies and the community they've built around commenting, liking and following each other to grow "famous." 

To name a few accounts that I've followed growing out of this phenomenon: Justine Mae Biticon (who's gone on to be extremely successful in ANTM), babiambi (I started keeping track of her when she was around 12k), jessyluxe, camilakilla (although her growth is stunted now), lilymaymac

Any thoughts or opinions would be great! If we can connect over e-mail, that'll also be helpful for my research on this piece


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