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instagram Jeffrey Lee/Jeffrey Hou

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(please move to online personality, he is a internet personality)


I’m sure many of you recognize this man. He was pretty popular in the Kawaii Ulzzang Contest community and is still somewhat popular in that same community. Jeffrey has been needing a thread for the longest because I have always had high suspicions on him. Since 2014, there have been MANY accusations placed on him, like how Jeffrey is a player, how he preys on underaged girls, and how he has lied to underaged girls about his age. He had lied and said he was 17 or 18 years old according to an expose Tumblr about KUC. These accusations still continue on to this day. Sounds a whole lot like the other Jeffrey who was exposed this past summer doesn’t it? Both of their stories are basically identical. I believe the accusations began when him and his now ex-girlfriend Molly Nguyen (went under Molly Dolly Nguyen at the time, 2014 or late 2013?) exposed him after they had seperated in 2013. They began dating in October 2012. I believe there was a lot of drama going on around the time they broke up. The drama was basically about her photoshopping her photos. I base this information from and on my memory because I have literally witnessed the drama and controversy surrounded by Jeffrey. 

Here are the basics: 


  • His name is Jeffrey Lee although he used to go by a different surname which was Hou. I think Hou is his actual surname.
  • He is currently 24 years old.
  • As stated above already, he’s known to be a player/fuckboy and is popular within the KUC/Ulzzang community. 
  • His Sarahah is
  • He has an Instagram and a Facebook:


His Facebook is very easy to find so I won’t provide a link to his profile. provides a lot of information on him. I just searched keywords like his names and other variations of it, like Jeff on the blog and gathered information sent in by anons. 

Here are some photos of him from his social media:1C0372D3-D8A0-470E-A53B-4772BD0AA7D8.thuCF30746D-B122-4EEF-8F43-ABD774232CD2.thu7BDD6228-A5DF-4CDF-9E21-CC9F9258E6B0.thuFCA1545E-B202-4CC8-8F4D-FF6B9C64C2CB.thu


I’m really shocked how there hasn’t been a thread created on Jeffrey because there’s so much gossip and drama in regards to him. If you guys know anything, please share your stories! Share your experiences! 

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