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Anyone here try to mend a broken friendship b4??

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And how did it go? 

What happened? 

Curious as to what other people's experiences were...as I am going through something right now, I was blocked on all formats I talked to my friend. As far as I know (some you can't tell). Might have been blocked on texting and cellular too but I'm not in a good place to find out!! Or even read her last texts to me before I was blocked. I wanted to "walk away" and calm down before I was ready to read them. As she was getting more and more heated the more I texted her..even tho what I was writing was not intended to cause that reaction. In fact, I meant it to do the opposite. Make peace.

So I've been pushing off reading them cuz I didn't know if they would be good or bad (ignorance is bliss!)...but then I saw she blocked me today, which had never happened for previous arguments. She also had her family block me!!

I don't exactly have any friends, my only other two are distant and literally decades older than me. (My circumstances limit me severely.)..We also got pretty close pretty fast and she seemed to be slightly even more "present" in the friendship than I was, which I appreciated. So this is quite a shocker. And it hurts me more than I thought something like this would.

And God knows what her texts actually say if she took it as far to block me!! Idk if I can ever look now! I literally put my finger over them and my heart starts racing when I have to respond to anyone else on my phone. 

She does not live close enough to go see and we are both basically agoraphobic hermits right now anyways because of shared circumstances..which is why we started talking in the first place. 

I'm sure I did nothing objectively wrong, and in fact, she often upsets me, but I keep my mouth shut most of the time.  I have occasional outbursts but cool down fast, but she has impulsive reactions to stuff I say...usually the weirdest things. And if I get upset about ANYTHING, she often thinks I'm being ridiculous. But I'm never "allowed" to think the same. 

I apologized for my part of the argument and any misunderstanding but I also told her I wasn't going to deal with the double standards and such...and that I could be just as honest as she was to me...and I was..which may have been what she wasn't able to handle. But idk. She just started telling me I was full of shit. 

Pretty sad predicament. Not sure what to do. Not really looking for advice but thought I'd share my current situation in order to encourage others to share theirs so maybe I can take a few hints from them! 

Whether I should make further effort to mend the friendship or not. 


Thanks guys!


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People mend things with friends all the time, but you have to think about it whether it's worth the effort or if you should just try and get some more friends. Because the way it is.... it sounds toxic and I would know. Do what will make you smile every morning.


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