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Hi fam

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Hi, :D

I'm new here but I've been a long time lurker and I finally plucked up the courage to make an account, heh. :haiplz:

I mostly watch kvloggers and occasionally, jvloggers (mostly Sharla and Taylor) I'm in my mid 20's so I'm also familiar with,
Kiki and Koti during they're scene days as well as Jeffree Star. I recently got familiar with Wylona Hayashi 
(after a friend liked something of hers on fb then I thought something was suspicious googled her and found her on these forums) 
and lastly I'm currently obsessing over Mars Argo, Titanic and Poppy and all the theories surrounding them. 

So yeah, oh and please ignore the cringe username it was the best thing I could think of. :happee: 


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