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twitch Twitch egirls (and eboys)

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are guys in the gaming scene blind or do they all wear some glasses with snow-filtered lenses??? none of these girls look like their pictures..... ?__?



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All of these egirls heavily, HEAVILY photoshop their pictures to the point where they look botched. All you have to do is zoom in a bit and you can see blurs around their face/body, how their face is softened and looks unreal. 

People who were complaining about how photoshopped models in magazines were in the 2000s must be blown away now by the absolute NORMALIZATION of photoshopping and facetune. This can't be healthy for any of these girls self esteem or the people who follow them.


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twitch literally gets all up in arms about greek not streaming and ditching 

like honestly its his FUCKING stream and he can do whatever the fuck he wants 

streaming might not be physically hard but trying to entertain an audience of 10K+ for more than 8 hours is hard 

he's still entertaining af 

also, i'm so happy that erobb221's channel is growing so much, i remember watching him  when he only had 30 viewers :alpacacrush:


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