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Most of his friends have been pretty supportive on his therapy and rooting for him to get better (honestly, we need more of this, though). But agreed yes, Lily seems to be the only one to state publicly (out of all the girls), that they are talking/still friendly. Victim's can also forgive their abusers, though. But tbf, the internet has not always been nice to people, especially influencers -- many cases in suicide. Mizkif (another twitch streamer) reacted to Pokimane's statement but before that he states that he checked up on Fed to make sure he's ok/alive and didn't care what people thought about him do so because he says word for word "I know this shit can -- he can literally kill himself over this -- people have killed themselves over this." 


I think we need to realize that Fed is also a person. He did fucked up stuff (is being held accountable), but I am not nor should anyone else hunt him down and rid of his entire existence for this. I am a firm believer in growth and change as are a lot of people, so that's great.


Well, its true most still care for him and said he if really tries to help himself get better and go to therapy then they will support him. But actually like half of his friend group don't want to be his friend anymore because of the stuff he's done, like Moe and probably Poki (unsure since she said she still cares about him). There are a lot that happened between everyone that we don't know publicly. So that's why some people find it weird that Lily is still talking or friends with him. Cause honestly he really damaged his friendships, and tried to take advantage of most of them esp Lily, but imo Lily is such an empath and overall nice and kind person so i do understand why she'd talk to him or stay kinda friendly with him.


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Saying you still care about someone doesn’t mean you want them in your life in the future. He can’t possibly restore trust with everyone he’s wronged which means he could maybe keep some individual contacts but he’ll likely never be part of the bigger group again. And rightfully so. Sure, he deserves a chance to better his life but the people he’s manipulated and wronged don’t owe him anything anymore. 


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Wow, I see Lily's behavior totally different than most of the people here.

In the Story with Chris, Lily is the homewrecker. She's "the other girl", climbing into an engaged man's bed while knowing that he was in a relationship. Exactly what the green haired Sarah girl did to Magic boy is what Lily did here. The only one who deserves an apology is Pecca. The only difference is that "nothing sexual happened" here.

Lily is a grown ass woman of almost 30 years old. That's 10 years too old to start porn and yet she is treated like a toddler. Lily is comfy and can do no wrong ... I don't understand the leniency here

Both of them got black out drunk
Both of them went to his hotel room because Lily "Ups I forgot my keycard and don't want to get a spare one from reception"
Both of them consented to and decided to climb into the same bed
Chris hugs his arms and legs around her while in bed (What Lily did has been left out). His legs are hairy. Everything is his fault

Wow... just wow ... how can Chris be solely blamed here.

And then when a convenient hashtag flies along, she puts him on blast on her Twitlonger. Knowing how many whiteknights she has, her "Please don't harass anyone" almost sounds vindictive at this point. She knows her army will harass Pecca and Chris for weeks. And that after both of them put an end to their OfflineTV chapter long ago.

Given other streamers have engaged in drive by shootings like in dr disrespects case, what Lily did here is borderline criminal ...


TL;DR Lily is no child, should bear half of the responsibility with Chris and OTV is a modern Addams family. An Essay


MODS, please BAN this idiot.....


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