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I don't believe she had any bad intentions when she brings these animals into her home.  I don't believe her animals are in danger because of her scumbag boyfriend or that she is not keeping the cages clean and maintained.

I do believe her decision making was impulsive and reckless.  It is less forgiving on her part because her fulltime job is being a pet caretaker of many, many animals. 

I do believe we all make mistakes and while many can be forgiven, hers is a difficult to accept due to the fact that numerous commenters offers her advice and help in a respectful manner and her response was calling them haters and blocking them.  How rude.  And due to her refusal to listen, mistakes did happen that could have been prevented, and a living thing suffers harm or death.  Would you forgive as easily if your dog was injured or killed due to the negligence of a fulltime kennel staff employee charged to watch your dog? Even if it is not my dog, as a dog owner myself, I would be furious.  

The malfunctioning of her heat sources.  Any good reptile keeper will double check their temps should this occurred.  We all are fully aware of the danger to the animal and the risk of heat sources not working properly.  Thus, a good keeper would not check the temps one time and leave the house for hours without a second glance.  When I turn on my heat mats, after dialing in the thermostat, I use a temp gun to confirm the initial temps.  Then, I would wait an hour or longer, come back and check the temps again.  I also would place my hand on the tank to test if it is too hot in case my temp gun fails (Though the temp gun is always more accurate than by touch).  She did not.  That thought did not occur to her.  If one has no time, then don't get pets that need your time.

Pet rats are a terrible idea for her home.  There is a lack of running space for them to play in and the danger of her cats unless they are moved into a room for an hour or two a day.  Feeder rats are not for those who never had rats.  Rats have very complicated social behavior.  Granted, some feeders can be friendly but most need work and a strong commitment from the owner who knows what to look for and how to correct said behavior.  Taylor lacks the space, experience and possibly time (2 hours dedicated only to supervising the rats play time plus at least an hour or more to socialize). 

Cheese's death is most likely linked to her adding the fungicide into the tank.  Fish can be difficult to keep so better care and precaution should have taken over rather than dumping more fungicide into the tank.  Her fish should have been removed before the treatment.  Saying that her other fish did not die therefore Cheese's death is unrelated is bogus.  Many times a fish can be ill and to the human eye, we can't see the sign a until it is too late.  Not dying is not a sign of good health.

And that leads to my final point: animals can do "fine" anywhere, including being housed in the closet, until they are not fine.  Every pet takes a dedicated fraction of her time per day, and there is only so much available time between her illness and her personal life to tend to each pet's needs.  Having her end the video stating she will acquire more in the future is nauseauting to me. 

At least she is seeking professional help with her anxiety.

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Tbh I know people mean well when they point out Taylor doesn’t have any malicious intent in bringing all these animals in, but imo it doesn’t matter. 

She’s still ignoring everything everyone’s saying about her piss poor care. She’s STILL bringing in more pets ( her new skinks she’s getting ). She still doesn’t wanna swallow her pride and admit she has a problem, and that will negatively impact her pets. 

My intent isn’t malicious when I bring in a nest of baby bunnies in my house thinking they’re absondoned, but upon taking them I’ve stressed the mother and essentially sentenced the babies to death because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, especially if I think I can raise them better than a wildlife sanctuary. 

Taylor’s intent isn’t malicious but her pride will be her  and her pet’s downfall. 


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