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      Hi Everyone!  We've opened up an official discord. In order to join, you need to have posted at least 20 comments on PULL! This is to make sure we don't let in any flakes with ulterior motives. After joining, you will receive a DM with instructions on how to get verified! Also, your registration date needs to be earlier than December 2018 so that we don't get a ton of people signing up only to join the Discord but without actually contributing to PULL. Drop by and chat here: https://discord.gg/KDF2kt5 Also, we need to upgrade our server in the very near future. PULL grows bigger by the day (yay!) but  to handle the load, we need upgrades. For less than the cost of what you spend on Netflix, we can continue to host your content. Whether it's $1 or $5 a month, all gifts are appreciated. Please consider giving here: https://www.patreon.com/PULL Thank you for your continued love and support!
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Hello! I've never done an introductory post on PULL 1.0 so I thought maybe I could do one here. I'm PurinPrincess, previously rubyredrum. I'm a very open person and don't mind posting personal stuff. I'm 18 years old and I enjoy fashion, makeup, music, and pretty much a lot of the basics. Oh and I really effing love flan/"pudding" and pan dulce 

I used to be a lurker for months (I actually didn't like it at first because of all the saltiness but it dwells on you) then I decided to join because there were discussions on Instagram cosplayers that I knew a thing or two about. I'm usually lurking and partaking in discussions about instagram and tumblr users because those are the two sites I'm on the most and know the drama. I'm looking forward to this new PULL growing and all the threads coming back/being reposted. :) 


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