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Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)

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Find Your Love in Japan (Nobita)

Youtube / Blog / Patreon

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Who is Nobita? // Basic Summary

Find Your Love In Japan is a Youtube channel run by a Japanese man named Nobita. He makes videos similar to That Japanese Man Yuta where he interviews Japanese men, women and foreigners on the street on current popular subjects. In Nobita's videos, he mainly focuses on topics such as "How to find love in Japan" and Japanese people's opinions on relationships with people inside and outside of their culture. In his private life, he is a language teacher in Tokyo. 

Here are some basic videos of his:



Nobita's Opinions on Racism

  • In April 2018, Nobita uploaded a video titled "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"
    • TL;DR:
      • Essentially uses debunked information, such as Black crime statistics and pseudoscience regarding elevated testosterone that makes Black people "more aggressive" to argue that they are a danger to the fundamentals of Japanese society
      • Also cites "mean comments" as proof that Black people are bad (?????)
      • Says that black people have a "toxic mentality" for thinking they are oppressed, and states that black people are not oppressed at all in the United States
      • Denies the existence of white priviledge
      • Says that if you think you have it bad in the United States, it will be a lot worse if you bring your "victim mentality" to Japan because people are not as tolerant in Japan
      • Currently, the video has a warning that appears before watching it
      • Screenshot of the description of his "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"


    • For further reading on what Nobita said in this video and why he's wrong, you can read an article on it written by Ranier Maningding here. This article was super helpful in putting together all of this information.
    • After the very negative reaction to this video and the backlash on Twitter, he created a tweet titled "To Black People" trying to guilt trip people over his video and vaguely imply that he was going to kill himself soon


    • Those who defended Nobita's opinions used racial slurs against Black people, showing what type of people he is attracting in his audience
    • Uses the fact that he's apparently had black students and knows black people as a defense for his opinions (does the same thing to verify his opinions on homosexuality, claiming to have many "gay friends")
    • Thinks acts of racism are only extremes, such as people getting killed over race in situations like the KKK or Nazis. Doesn't believe smaller aggression in society should count towards "racism" 
    • Apparently is now talking about Latinos in Japan

Nobita's Opinions on "if Gay Marriage Becomes Legal in Japan"

  • Nobita makes a video titled "Dear Gays: Gay Marriage | Why it's Unacceptable in Japan"
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRVL0AaGVuY
    • Thank you to @JunkFood for their summary: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3968-find-your-love-in-japannobita/?do=findComment&comment=338160
    • Uses the classic slippery slope argument, "If we let the gays marry, what could be next?!?! Bestiality and Pedophilia!?!?!?!?!?!!" 
    • Claims that there aren't many gay people in Japan, thus gay marriage is not necessary because it's "such a minority of the population"
    • Thinks that if both parents are the same gender, then their parenting will be bad because "traditional roles" are the best way to raise children
      • Ignores the fact that half of heterosexual families result in divorce or can have an abusive parent
    • Tries to say that Japan just tolerating homosexuals is enough, because other countries have it worse and you can be killed for being gay
    • Says that he's "Tired of gays acting like victims in Japan and demanding 'special treatment'"
      • So equal rights are "special treatment??"
    • Basically just uses extremely unlikely, specific arguments such as "sham marriages to get citizenships" (once again showing how scared he is of foreigners in Japan) will happen, adoption apparently being hard in Japan, and children of gay parents being bullied to justify gay marriage not being legal there
    • Says Japan is a collectivist society, and being gay is "too different" to be accepted there and won't work
    • As stated before, uses the "I have gay friends so my opinion is valid!" argument

Nobita's Opinions on Feminism & Women

  • Victim blames underage girls for being assaulted by chikan (perverts) on trains
    • Apparently the girls are tempting men with their skirts being too short, and the men are exhausted from work so they do this as some sort of "release" due to stress
    • Also claims that girls do it to press false molestation charges
      • This has happened before, however it is a very very small minority of the molestation cases that happen on trains

        Screenshot from his video on chikan molesting girls on trains, showing Nobita's reasoning:chikan.png

    • Quote from Nobita: "If you see a really cute girl standing next to you and she's wearing a really short skirt, probably that's gonna turn on any guy."
  • Believes that the solution to Japan's birth rate issues is:
    • 1) Taxing single people
    • 2) Imposing legal restrictions on pornography and sex work
    • 3) Shortening the work week
  • Seems to support MGTOW and Redpill
  • Is possibly an incel, due to him constantly being self-deprecating by calling himself ugly, stupid, seems obsessed and frustrated with being a virgin, etc. 
    • Screenshot of him reacting to being "asked" if he's a virgin:


  • Believes in traditional gender roles, such as:
    • Women should not ask men out first
    • Seems to be insecure about confident/independent women
    • Is pro-life, and very against pro-choice people

Nobita's generalizing of the Japanese people, and objectifying his own culture

  • Generally, his video seem to focus on ways white people can "seduce" Japanese men and women
  • Kind of a personal view, but I feel that these videos objectify and fetishize Japanese people

Talking about subjects he has little knowledge of and is not qualified to speak about

  • Tries to argue that white privilege doesn't exist in America, and believes that Black people are trying to be victims
  • Has a lot of opinions on American society and racism, despite being a Japanese male who has seemingly not been to America 

Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Thinks people don't like him for his physical appearance and grammar
  • A past friend on Facebook has stated that he's apparently "gone off the deep end," and friends have tried to talk to him but he's changed
  • Has featured Kanadajin3 as a representative of Islam in one of his videos, who is widely known for being problematic and has been involved with a lot of drama in the past
  • Yuta has responded to Nobita's "Black People" videos

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Posted (edited)

Recently, Nobita discussed which race (black or white) of foreign women Japanese men prefer to date with.

The video ended up upsetting the black female community in Japan. On Twitter, YouTuber Ayana linked to the video where another woman was responding to Nobita.

[Edit: Putting random text here because my phone didn't fully display the embedded tweet.]

Edited by dramajin3
grammar and spelling

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He's giving me big creep vibes for some reason


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I used to watch a lot of his videos because he's really such a positive person. A lot of times when he does a video such as "Japanese men Ideal size for women" and everyone says they like skinny girls, he'll record himself at the end saying inspirational stuff like how you shouldn't let that bother you because there are tons of men in Japan like him that don't care about size and just basic stuff like that. In all honesty, I stopped watching him mostly because his videos and his speeches became repetitive. 


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I came across this Reddit comment claiming to be Nobita: 


It's about buying drugs in Tokyo, but if you look at the poster's (SmokingInTheToilet) other comments, there's some racism. Like calling black people the n-word or complaining about brown people in Europe. Could just be a troll, but I thought it was interesting...


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Posted (edited)

He talked about white privilege not existing.


sort of a response/follow up by him:


Edited by Halal Infidel

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Posted (edited)

I haven't watched all of the video yet. As far as I can tell from the description, Nobita set very high requirement for a black person to be regarded as safe in Japan. If you advocate Black Lives Matter, you have toxic mindsets. That's what he claims (smh :alpacadone:). Unless his smartphone is broken and the calendar keeps pointing April 1st, he is just a plain racist.



Edited by dramajin3
Made "the video" a hyperlink to the video.

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Posted (edited)

...But systemic racism is real and alive especially in japan, white privilege is a thing (although we can all agree that different forms of privilege exist that can make more or less of an impact on a persons life), and black lives matter is a valid and important movement in response to the very real racial profiling of black people by police (setting aside the people who label themselves as such as an excuse to do bad things because they detract from the issue at hand). Looks like the only black people he wants in Japan are politically ignorant and is willing to ignore all the racism they have and would face in their life. Unbelievable. 

Edited by fluffysheep

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That stupid “white girl black girl” video imo had nothing to do with eurocentrism in Japan(although I know its definitely still a thing in Asia) He chose only ONE photo to represent each race, and in that ONE case the white girl looked more approachable/pretty to people. It was so stupid. How can you say people like one race over the other when they’re choosing between a picture of two individuals?? In my experience men (in Japan and everywhere) like pretty girls no matter their skin color. I can’t believe he could be so dense as to think people choosing the white girl’s picture in that particular instance meant that men prefer them in general. It’s like if someone asked if I liked Justin Bieber or Kendrick Lamar more, and I said Kendrick and they were like “so you only like black guys huh??” That video definitely spread hurtful misinformation. I really hoped it wasn’t racism and that he is just a complete idiot. 

Thank god there’s a thread on him bc his latest videos have been popping up on my recommended on yt, and they are so infuriating. How can he rant on about complicated American issues when he has never lived in America? Not that foreigners can’t have opinions about the US, but you can tell he just got all his “info” from YouTube comments and has no ideas the nuances of American society. It comes across as so entitled and ignorant that he thinks he has a right to “preach” about it. He should honestly shut his mouth about what he doesn’t understand and speak out about Japan’s issues if he so desires. 

Also, side note does anyone else hate how much he swears? He doesn’t seem to understand that in serious videos he shouldn’t be throwing around “fuck” and “shit”. It’s so cringy to me. 


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Posted (edited)

I honestly hate channels like this AND people who specifically go out of their way to find a certain race bf/gf. There is NOTHING wrong with interacial relationships im surrounded by them.

But when you are specifically looking for a certain ethnicity only it gets weird.

these kind of channels are so toxic tbh. Just like these bitter nice guys western men complaining how loud/fat/slutty/masculine western women are(of course 99% of the time they are ugly with a shitty personality themself) and go on and on about the "submissiveness" of ukranian or japanese or thai women.

Its degrading and disgusting.

Seriously what normal person wants to find a date with someone that fetishizes your race? 

This is most specfically men(though some women too, but I find these are usually teenage k or wboos wanting a asian only bf) 

Its also such a weird and general statement whether jp men are more attracted to black or white women.

Because both white and black women all come with different features . there are beautiful black and white women and also "ugly" black/white women.

But I also think people should have enough common sense to know that these are a few random people from the street. I could not care less if a japanese guy thinks i am unattractive simply fir me being white. Cause I do not wanf to associate wirh these kind of people anyway. Honestly its like people today deliberately go out of their way to find bad stuff in this world.

Many Japanese guys would go for a black or white woman(if she is attractive to him of course) and then a lot won't cause maybe they are not attracted to your features or personality regardless of your race. I mean Japanese men aren't attracted to all Japanese women either lol. Some people like certain features and dislike others. I've been told too I'd be a lot prettier if I wasn't so pale  And then there's a small % of people who fetishize or hate certain races. Avoid those. Simple as that.




Edited by Kiko

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Yess I am here for this thread this guy has bothered me for sooo long. Those race videos were super problematic I hate the mentality of “that happened a long time ago get over it” there are people that still remember public lynchings and segregation. He makes my skin crawl 


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I made this account literally just to comment on this guy's thread because he infuriates me so much.

I remember in one of his videos he talked about the crime stats in America and followed it up with something along the lines of, "With all this, do you really expect people to treat you normally?" Like I said I don't know the exact quote, but it was something like that. Anyway to answer his question, yes Nobita, I DO expect people to treat me the same way. Why should I be punished and discriminated against simply because I share the same skin color as someone who commits a crime? Why should I just "suck it up" and hold all my hurt and anger at someone who indirectly/directly was racist towards me? Why? Because millions of miles away from my home there's the possibility of someone stealing a car that just happens to share the same race as me? Nobita, you are a Japanese person living in Japan among other Japanese people. So I don't expect you to comprehend the psychological or emotional effects of racism like a black person (since he's talking about black people that's the group I'm sticking with) has living in America.

I don't expect you to have racism be one of the reasons why you're depressed or suicidal, because the MULTIPLE experiences you had with other races haunt you to this day.

I don't expect you to become shy and borderline anti-social around other races (even when you know that it's not right) because of your experiences with racism.

I don't expect you to start developing anxiety because an Asian lady kept following you around the store, so now whenever you enter a store (regardless of who owns it) you have a panic attack.

i don't expect you to avoid the person you have a crush on, not because you feel those "wonderful" butterflies, but because the degradation you've faced thanks to racism has made you believed no one will ever fucking love you or want you.

You have the nerve to sit there on your channel and tell black people that if they don't want to be discriminated against, then they shouldn't commit a crime. You have the nerve to think it's practical to treat someone differently in a negative matter because they're apart of the race that commits the most crime. People like you are one of the reasons why I nearly killed myself at such a young age. Because among other things and past events that happened in my life, I couldn't take the discrimination I was facing at school and out of school. I was tired of people online and offline trashing my race like it was some fun game and treating me differently. There is no justification for racism. None. I don't care about the stats. Whether you're black, white, Asian, or Latino/Latina, we don't deserve to be treated differently based of the mistakes and actions of others. ALL races are at fault for something negative. No one is superior morally or intellectually because it's all about your environment. You wanna treat people negatively so bad? Treat them that way if they have a shitty personality. Trust me Nobita, I've found people with all different skin colors to be assholes. You're one of them.

Another thing. I saw a clip of your videos about immigration and saying how you don't want your country to become like North Korea where it's closed off to the world. Yet here you are filtering people by saying that it's dangerous for your country if someone follows the beliefs you listed. By doing this you're pushing it one step closer to Japan becoming a closed off country like North Korea because eventually you're going to get to the point where you have two possibilities: 

- Japan just stops letting foreigners in because they're all "dangerous" due to their beliefs 

- You do let some foreigners in, but force them to undergo some bizarre moral check that makes sure they don't believe in those "dangerous" beliefs

One leads you to a closed of country and the other will just lead to a significant drop in foreigners coming (which you said that you didn't want). Can I just say how authoritarian that sounds? He takes the race issues in America concerning predominately Black-Americans, and says that if they follow those beliefs then they shouldn't be allowed entry. I already discussed what that means previously, but what exactly does he plan to do with the black people already in Japan that believe all the things he listed as dangerous? I was gonna say some more stuff, but this is already long enough lol.


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