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Who else feels lonely?

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I often feel lonely as well. Sometimes I wonder if I am distancing myself too much from my friends but I think I've dealt with depression. My friends make me feel better but it's like I lose the will to try and make plans. They help me a lot though. Finding true friends that you know you can trust is key.


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Posted (edited)

Tbh everyone feels lonely at some point in their life. It's only natural. 


You should maybe identify why you feel this way tho, it'll occupy your mind, tho don't overthink.

Maybe your loneliness is bc you are single, newly or for too long? (don't date someone to fill this hole it's bad)

Or maybe it's because you regret smth and you don't know how to repare it? Maybe you are too stuck in your past?

Edit : i bumped a fucking old topic kill me

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Oof noticed smth

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