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"I want to pick up a few books because I want to start reading again..I did finish the books on my shelf though..ummm I just haven't really shared that infoooo, but maybe in a favorites video...But yea, I want to go shopping for some books."

She just contradicted herself saying she wanted to start reading again, and then saying she did finish the books on her shelf (I think on her iPhone because she kept waving her phone). Unless she finished all those books a long time ago.

Even if she did read more, her English is still bad because she went to the bookstore and "picked up" a book in English. I would have been impressed if she bought any books in Korean, but they're probably too hard for her because she doesn't make any effort to improve her Korean.


uh she's too lazy to look up stuff in a dictionary ie the 30% as in the meat of the daily quotes book written by tablo. It's  literally a sentence every other page. She bought the Korean and English versions of that book. Im sure aesthetics also placed a part


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