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Vic Mignogna

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Risembool Rangers Website // Facebook // Twitter

Vic Mignogna known for his voice-acting roles in English anime dubs (such as Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist & Tamaki Suou in Ouran Highschool Host Club) and his acting role as Kirk in Star Trek Continues. He was engaged/married to Michelle Specht through the timeframe of sexual misconduct allegations.

He remains popular for his starring roles in several classic anime and his charismatic personality at anime conventions. 

Vic is a devout Christian and has worked with some Christian companies (this might be related to Funimation having Christian side business Echolight). He also briefly worked as a cop.

The Risembool Rangers is one of the longest running English VA fanclubs ever. Members are of a range of ages and genders, with a notable number of young female fans during the peak of his dub career. Vic and his mother "The Matriarch" run his fanclub with fan volunteers.


Long Standing Internet Rumors

Forums and blogs have been talking about Vic's behavior for many years. Some complaints or discussions date back to the 2000's and have continued since.
Common accusations include being a con diva, being flirtatious/inappropriate with minors, shoving his religion down people's throats, and being homophobic.

Examples: /cgl, ANN comments (2007-2019),  GaiaOnline (2008)Vic Horror Stories Tumblr (May 2011 - March 2015)Vic Mignogna : The Visual Misconduct
documented list of Vic allegations/articles (mostly recent + updated)

It is common for female congoers to warn each other of staying away from Vic, and for people to have "a Vic story". Vic is referred to as a "missing stair", aka a problem well-known and warned out, but never fixed. Although some VA peers and con staff addressed things to him in private, he continued with his behavior. He is rumored to have been "shadow banned" at several cons for his behavior. This means that the con decided privately to never re-invite Vic as a guest, but did not announce it publicly.

Risembool Rangers

Sometimes referred to as somewhat of a cult. Many of his fans were young fangirls, but he is loved by people of various age and gender. Vic enjoys using his character voices often, and is sometimes considered to BE the characters he voices. This makes it harder for fans to accept his wrongdoings.

The culture of the Rangers can sometimes be toxic. Here is testimony from a twitter user who used to be a Ranger. And another one, who used to be a moderator. In one of the ANN articles, an ex-Rangers moderator who was also in charge of managing Vic's fan merch store was just a volunteer and never paid for her time before being eventually ousted unfairly and berated by Vic.

The Rangers do make an effort to have a nice chat space for fans and have some rules for their members, including no hate speech and to be inclusive. Besides the initial chat leaks, not much is known about what has been happening in the discord. 

One ex-Ranger recalled a time when they questioned Vic about a fan drawing where he stuck his head in a girl's breasts ,and he affirms that it had been true. They describe the rest of the experience with Vic at the con Part 1 Part 2

Other Risembool Ranger stories include conventions where Vic would spend time secluded with the Rangers in a corner of a con without other supervision, or times when Vic drinks in the presence of minor Rangers at Ranger dinners. Some rangers received big hugs and kisses from Vic as thanks (which is usually enjoyed), but one individual remembers being kissed on the neck by him as special thanks for taking care of his Christian CD sales.

Vic, like other celebrities, has some over-dedicated fans who do things like look for his hotel room. He has also been allegedly inviting minors to hotel rooms, and banned from a con for it.


Vic's one Holocaust joke which he tries to defend. There is also an incident where a Jewish fan bought a song CD from him instead of the Christian CD. When Vic asked why, the fan replied they were Jewish. According to them, Mignogna stared at them up and down and responded by saying, "Well, we can change that."  It might not be enough to label him anti-semitic, but the jokes were in bad taste.

Fai D Flourite (Tsubasa) - Vic claimed that Fai is not gay and that it was confirmed by CLAMP . Because of CLAMP's past with LGBTQ characters and meticulous plot planning, it is unlikely they said this. He also implies that gay relationships are only sexual. A fan points out that in the manga they are shown to be soulmates and Vic answers "okay... but does that mean that they're screwing each other?" ... "that's the question, are they sexually involved". He is adamant in separating the anime Fai and the manga Fai.

Rin (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) - When Vic was cast as Rin in 2014, fans and LGBT fans petitioned against it due to Vic's homophobia and innappropriate behavior with fans. He still received the role. Free is a show that has fanservicey homoerotic tones and is popular for gay ships, so the petition was dismissed as "yaoi fangirl rage".

Admits that he refuses to sign yaoi/gay art, in the video he says he doesn't like yaoi. In his recent apology (2019) he states that its because he does not want to sign non-canon material. In panel recordings on YT he doesn't clearly voice support of gay people. Gay artwork is often generalized as "yaoi", which makes it sound explicit. A fan brought him a non-yaoi FMA doujin that he dismissed as "yaoi" and refused to sign (2012) . He has signed non-canon material, including original characters, voice actors, congoers, fake poo and a lobster. As long as it's not explicit, why can't he sign non-canon gay art of characters?

Vic signed fanart of he and Ed arguing. Still canon? 


Various video clips of interest (2006-2014):

- hated EdxRoy and also ED IS TOTALLY STRAIGHT GUYS HE LIKES GIRLS (2006). He also hated KuroFai and denied it was canon although it is (2007).
-a video of him in 2008 he signs some drawings of Ed/Winry and "parental!Ed/Roy" drawings after being pranked ("this folder is full of yaoiz!"). Parental!Ed/Roy means it's family, not romantic aka "yaoi" and is still not canon (found family trope is great, no shade on that). In the comments someone mentions that their friend got kicked out of a Vic panel at Anime STL for mentioning yaoi and that Vic can be cool when he's not a jerk.
-Vic recounting his yaoi haterz stories at Genericon and calling those stories the biggest crock of lies. Unclear whether they are true or exaggerated, but he does his best to make it theatrical and uses a voice to make fun of yaoi fans (2011). 
-Vic dodges addressing the topic of gay marriage at Bayoucon (2013).
-While some gay fans have reported that Vic’s been professional with them, others have been disappointed by Vic’s homophobia. One fan reports that Vic called him and his boyfriend a ‘disappointment from God.‘ (2014)

In Vic's defense, he once defended gay people in front of Christian protesters at a con in 2016. Some people saw it as genuine proof he cares, while others saw it as just showing off in front of fans or letting his temper go. He has also voiced an R18 short gay audiobook.

Regardless, he damages his image in 2019. His statement is that he could not be homophobic "because he has lgbt friends".
It sounds like the classic "im not racist because i have black friends!" line.
He also says that extra money received in his legal fees gofundme will be donated to The Salvation Army, which as an organization is actively anti-lgbt. One of the lawyers he hired this year also is pro-conversion therapy. Triple-yikes

General Con Panel Content/Diva Behavior

At panels he does Q&As and entertains with scene re-enactments. A popular choice is the Tamaki coffee scene... more on that in the next section.
He sometimes holds religious sermons at his panels like Sunday service or Easter weekend service, and frequently talks about his beliefs. (AWACON 2011). He has even taken attendees off con grounds for sermons.

He knows that he is receiving a lot of criticism on the internet and frequently talks about people's "lies" about him , sometimes asking attendees to actively defend him and deny the accusations. Here is one very detailed recount of a "Rumors" rant panel by Vic in Tekkoshocon 2010, and in video.

He's said to be one of the most difficult people to be handlers for at cons.

Stories mention things such as : He is demanding, uncooperative, and throws fits about small things.He has reportedly yelled at staff members and has a flaring temper; once his diva attitude led to him making a pregnant staff member cry (thanks Todd Haberkorn for providing that little detail). He has also overstayed his time at panels, even at the detriment to the next scheduled panels and often arrives late. Once he barged in on a panel by announcing an impromptu autograph session, taking away half the audience. Others have described him having an ego, snubbing congoers who don't recognize him. On stage he is enthusiastic for fans, allegedly backstage he has talked about how annoying they are and how he actually dislikes cons. There are accounts of Vic drinking, or being drunk, in public.

One story that stands out is about how Vic had been making passes at a younger female staff member, and the rest of the staff actively made sure she was kept away from him semi-jokingly calling it a "Code Vic" into walkie-talkies when he was in her vicinity.

Behaviour with Fans/Minors/People

 When re-enacting Tamaki's "what if i let you drink it from my mouth" line, he whispers it sensually directly into fans ears. This fan is of age (2011). Another example, posted by a fan. And another example of a first-time congoer who requests the Tamaki line (2014).

It's a little creepy even if he's joking when he says "Oooooohhh. You need to be properly initiated. Come closer". He places his hand on her shoulder and then on her NECK and then whispers something in her ear. Then he does the Tamaki line amid the cheers of fangirls and even does like what looks like a smooch.  Even if it is by request, he should know appropriate distance. The girl looked both mildly uncomfortable (maybe stiff or nervous?) while also star-struck and excited.

Vic's response to the backlash of people criticizing the Tamaki coffee line: "I'm not a pedo because the fans ask me for it"  (2015). Vic needs boundaries.

Here is a gallery full of how he hugs fans (happy fans). For non-consensual stories/photos, check this documentation list of Vic allegations/articles . He has made many people, especially minors, uncomfortable. Some weren't fans but were still given strong hugs. The hugs are general very tight, using two arms and gripping the shoulders. Occasionally hand casually slipped under jackets. Often kisses.

Whether or not they are fans or whether they were happy about it, he does not ask for permission or their age before hugging and kissing. Notable difference in how he hugs female vs male fans (one arm across the shoulder). 

Vic gave multiple minors his number or it was mentioned mentioned that they were in contact with him, such as in the ANN article and this old blog post.
He also has allegedly brought minors and invited minors up to his room. He has sometimes had alcohol in the presence of Rangers, many of whom are minors. There are accounts of him spending time alone with groups of young Rangers in slow parts of the con without other adults.

-Asking for a pictures =/= Hug and kiss me 
-I'd like a hug for the pictures =/= kiss me
-Wearing a character cosplay from an anime Vic has voiced =/= hug me

A few images of Vic kissing fans:


An old facebook post claims he gave out shirts saying "I slept with Vic Mignogna". This is not the same shirt, but *also* creepy that Vic posted it on his twitter. Possibly related to allegations that he hits on fans and has had sex with them, one being an Ed cosplayer, and hitting on girls who cosplay the characters he voices regardless of age or craft skill.

Flirted with minors at panels at Dragoncon 2013, where he asked a 5yo girl "What are you doing after this?" and asked a teenage girl if she was a slave and if she would like to be one.

PULL Experiences 1 2 3 4 5 6

#KickVick, #IStandWithVic, Vic's Apologies

After Hazukari was called-out, there was a twitter thread calling out con-creeps. Vic was mentioned, leading to the viral tweet by Hanleia (January 17, 2019 // now deleted). The tweet questioned why Vic was still getting jobs despite all the accusations against him. Many people replied to the tweet with their Vic stories. MarzGurl started the hashtag #KickVic. To counter the accusations and post positive experiences, people started using the hashtag #IStandWithVic. Young female fans are by far, not the only ones defending Vic.

The #KickVic tag and big call-out tweet threads quickly gained traction with many accusations of Vic acting inappropriately. Most were about his uncomfortable embraces or kisses without asking, stuff with minors, or about his diva attitude at con.

Coincidentally, at the same time Dragonball Z Broly was about to be released in theaters. Vic stans thought that #KickVic, Hanleia's tweet, and metoo stories were a SJW conspiracy meant to ruin the movie using an innocent man. This was in part due to 4chan's fake ~feminists against DBZ~ movement. Twitter user Hanleia was not aware of the movie, nor did she care about it as she was in Japan doing other things. MarzGurl is accused of making up Vic stories, although she only shared and supported other people's experience.

Vic released an apology/statement on his twitter a few days later. 

This is heartbreaking. Over the last few days, a number of comments and allegations have been voice on social media. I'd like to share my thoughts

Homophobic? NO! Some of my dearest friends are members of the LGBTQ community, including serveral that I brought into my production family on Star Trek Continues. This is a blatantly false statement. I said many years ago that I didn't think a particular character I voiced was gay, contrary to what some fans believed, not because it matters to me AT ALL, but because I was told this was the case. I also elected not to autograph Yaoi, not because I am homophobic but because I didn't wish to sign material that was not canon.

Anti-Semitic?? I couldn't even grasp where this was coming from until someone pointed me to a moment years ago where I was in a panel, and referred to a bunch of noise coming from another room jokingly as "a holocaust." As I said then, it was a metaphor for armageddon, death, and mass destruction, but not "THE Holocaust." Could I have chosen a different word? Sure, in retrospect I could have. And, of course, I am sorry that it offended anyone.

I sincerely apologize to any convention staff member who ever felt I was anything less than kind and grateful to be included in their event. Unknown to most staffers, contractual arrangements made in advance with cons were occasionally not honored when I arrived and that made me frustrated. That does not excuse making anyone feel badly and I am deeply sorry.

I would also like to sincerely apologize to anyone who ever felt my interaction with them (a hug or a kiss on the cheek or forehead) was crossing a line. Never in a million years would it be my intent to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Rather, it was meant to show gratitude or support. I come from an affectionately expressive family where such displays are commonplace. But I understand that not everyone feels the same way. Hence, I will not be interacting in the same way with fans in the future. Understand this is the climate we live in and this is how it was to be. To my fans who ask me for hugs, etc., I'm sorry, but please know that I am no less grateful to or supportive of you!

Finally, any allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or most disturbingly, pedophilia are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FALSE. My heart weeps for anyone who endures a violation of this kind, so to be accused of harming others in this way...I have no words.

~Vic Mignogna

Issues with the apology:

-he only issued it after the big viral tweet, despite being accused of such for years

-the classic "sorry it offended you, not that i made an insensitive joke"

-only claims he is not homophobic "because he has lgbt fans"

-claims his hugs/kisses were due to him being from an affectionate family. This does not excuse his actions, and many people from affectionate families can make the distinction between what's appropriate with strangers or family... ESPECIALLY after being told so multiple times by staff and peers such as Monica Rial, and fans showing discomfort.

-places blame on the "cultural climate" and doesn't acknowledge his actions, apologizing to his fans. He could still hug fans,  just ask first and don't get too handsy.

-despite his "sincere" apology, in the Risembool Rangers discord he shows he is not really sorry and doesn't think he did anything

The first comment Vic had in the Rangers discord was guyz im innocent I did nothing wrong I bestowed them with love but now they're attention seeking. He asks fans to be vocal and do all they can to counter statements. He puts the blame for the situation on the "current climate" despite complaints about him for over a decade.
Here you can see one of the first uses of "innocent until proven guilty" that stans love to use. He also recognizes allegations pop back up when he gets a new role.





Vic issued a verbal apology to Bak-Anime 2019 attendees at his panel. (first FB video deleted + transcription by a resetERA user below, another fan video uploaded to YT day 1day 2)

~3:00 - Vic addresses accusations of inappropriate touching, kissing.

"I've always been very demonstrative. Hug everyone. It's always been who I am...But here's what I've learned; just because a thousand people want a hug doesn't mean everybody does..."

"Over the years I got really lazy, and I got used to *hug gestures* being the same person all the time and I was insensitive to the fact that there could be people out there that don't want that. It has never been my intention to offend or hurt anyone...I like to think that the tens of thousands of people that I have met over the years that know that."

"But there are people who don't want that kind of interaction and I have not been sensitive to them. I see that."

"Here's the thing guys. Voice actors aren't any different than you are...how many of you would pray to god that somebody didn't follow you around every minute of the day with a camera and log everything dumb thing you ever did or say?"

"I am a work in progress just like you. And I have made some mistakes I regret...All my gestures of hugging somebody for photos or kissing somebody on the forehead or the cheek in my mind in that moment was a sign of kindness and appreciation and warmth. But it was wrong--it was really wrong of me to assume. So I am profoundly sorry to anyone out there that I offended. That was never my intention."

Vic goes on to address the crowd and acknowledges that everyone is different.

"I made the mistake of kind of painting with a broad brush...I am profoundly sorry for that. And I would like to ask anyone out there that I may have offended to accept my sincere apology and know that I have learned from my reflection during this time...that I need to alter the way I engage with you."

"It's difficult sometimes...when a hundred people come up and ask for a hug, you start to assume that the 101st one wants one too. You just get lazy, you get used to it."

"I'm just a dumb guy like you trying my best."

~9:40 - Vic addresses assault accusations. Denies any wrongdoing.

"Now I have to just say this...any kind of claims of assault *chuckles*...or molestation or abuse. No. My heart hurts for anyone who actually have been. And my heart hurts for anyone that feels that. I am mortified to think that I would have made somebody feel that way."

"In our current setting, you have to be more careful, right? And I'm just a dumb old man...When you get affirmation from so many people, you start to believe it...When 500 people walk up and tell you how much they love you...you start to believe that crap. And you start to assume that she liked me and they all liked me so she probably likes me too. No maybe not, right? Or she's diff--she deserves the respect of having her own...space and opinions. She may be different and that's where I really messed up."

The panel moderator calls for applause for Vic, tries to begin the Q&A to "lighten the mood". Vic continues.

~11:35 - Vic addresses fans about backlash they may have received when coming to his defense.

"I don't want you to be the subject of hatred and anger as well just because you're trying to stick up for someone. I don't want that for you. Thank you for those who have been kind and supportive...It really breaks my heart when I hear that somebody tried to speak words of positivity...and then those people get attacked because they're trying to be supportive. I don't want that for you. I don't want that for anybody."

"I can't even speak to why speak to why some people say the things they say. You guys probably have some ideas of your own about why some people say some things online and put stories out there. All I know is that I'm profoundly sorry. Profoundly sorry if any of my actions meant innocently offended anyone."

Issues with the Bak-Anime apology:

-this apology was only made to his fans at the panel, not to the upset people who actually needed it as they were very likely NOT at his panel. He didn't even film a video for upset people specifically, and this recording from a fan.
-"sorry if any of my actions meant innocently offended anyone"
-see issues with the other apology, more of the same


Vic also requested that his fans stop sending threats, which is good. However he asks his fans to actively defend him in discord/panels which inevitably leads to harassment. 


Vic's last statement after the results of the Funimation investigation. He decides to seek help from a counselor and from God. 

He does not make statements regarding his fan's behavior after. Unfortunately many of his supporters did not listen to his wishes.


Jessie Pridemore/Todd Haberkorn

One of the first bigger voices in the industry to speak up was cosplayer Jessie Pridemore. She told her Vic story framing it in context with an unnamed alleged powerful voice actor who raped her. In her account she was taken advantage of while intoxicated, and the unnamed rapist bragged about it to others, presumably also Vic. At a con Vic grabbed her hair and tugged it hard, saying that she enjoyed ____ anime because _____(rapist). He did it again and implied that if ____ had had her, then he could have her too". Vic has been shown to grab people by the hair as Jessie described, sometimes in joking manner.

Bizarrely, Todd Haberkorn outed himself as the alleged rapist in Jessie's story (now deleted). He told a story from his point of view that didn't negate her version, except for the part where he thought he had mutual casual sex with her. Jessie was friendly with him after the incident as she thought that the sex had meant something, but only realized that it was rape after consulting with friends. Todd released HQ screenshots of his conversations with Jessie detailing her private life (divorce, health, feelings), some Vic smack-talk between the two, and con stuff. It's unclear what he wanted to prove by showing too much information, maybe that Jessie was friendly to him.

Jessie had been confirming the name of her alleged rapist to women who guessed correctly in private. After being contacted by industry friends who brought it to his attention, Todd decided to make a statement. This statement was to protect himself and was not about Vic, although weirdly timed.

This was taken as "proof" that Jessie was lying, and therefore was likely lying about Vic too.  Adam Sheehan, who was mentioned in Todd's story, made a statement back corroborating Jessie's story and regretting letting her go with Todd while she was too drunk to give proper consent. He then posted some screenshots of conversations between he and Todd about Vic. Despite being buddy with Vic, Todd had some things to say mentioning #30yearAgeGap and that Vic "gets away with so much", and mentioning a time when Vic made a Head of Guest relations cry and that Vic was a diva.



ANN + Other News Articles

On January 30th 2019, shortly after Jessie Pridemore's statement, ANN released an initial article about Vic's allegations. ANN writer Lynzee researched incidents that had multiple people confirming it and photographic evidence when possible. There were pictures for most stories, which described Vic hugging or kissing them in photos without consent. Another story had a minor to which Vic had agreed was "sexy" and he had given his phone number to. The minor wrote his number in a journal at the time and when researched by the reporter, it was indeed Vic's phone number.

Criticisms about the first ANN article:

-ANN has interviewed Vic before and only chose now to report on him. This was commented on and ANN said that they had not thought to report on it before despite knowing some things, but realized that this was the right thing to report on especially now that there was more evidence.

-ANN used pictures from fans who were consenting to Vic's embraces. ANN commented, saying that they never claimed those specific images were non-consensual, but they used the images to show the pattern of Vic's behavior with young fans. It was without permission. They believed that since the photos were on the internet it was fair-use to include them, but removed them in respect of the fans in the images displeasure and added some clarity to the article. This is a fact often used to "debunk" the ANN article.

ANN continued to cover more news around Vic, other outlets began to pick up the story too.

polygon (summary)

io9 (funimation investigation and more testimonies)


Industry Pros Stand Up

For years long before the hashtag, voice actors like Sean Schemmel and Greg Ayers have been firing pot shots at Vic in "Voice Actors After Dark" panels. They are unable to say things out of these panels or jokes, at risk of putting their VA careers in danger. It's thought that Vic's views on homosexuality (maybe he has disclosed more to his peers) caused friction between he and Greg Ayers.

Sean also had a YT series (long deleted) called "Kip Mangina" , a thinly veiled characterization of Vic.  Voice Actors in Ghost Stories (the English dub is like an official abridged series) made some jokes about Vic in the dub which referenced some of the same common rumors.

Notably, NO voice actors have stood up for Vic. The biggest name standing up for Vic is Onision, and well, if you haven't read Onision's thread...

After Jessie Pridemore's tweets, several voice actors such as DC Douglas, Jamie McGonnigal, Michael J Tatum, and Monica Rial made tweets supporting victims. Many others have spoken in support, not all are listed in this PULL post.

DC Douglas became more vocal, and was eventually accused of recording women in a bathroom. The video of him was a recording in a women's restroom, but was not of them or their tinkle. It was more a joke about him walking into the wrong bathroom on accident and being unable to leave after some people came in. Not the best taste in jokes, but not as bad as some make it out to be.

Other VAs began to RT the ANN article, such as Stephanie Sheh. Other voice actors and Vic's ex-wife Michelle Specht have silently liked #KickVic tweets.

Monica Rial continued to make tweets vehemently in support of victims. After being pressured,  she admitted that she was also a victim of Vic but didn't want to share the details to protect her privacy. She eventually released a few more details, before she was revealed to be one of the io9 article's more detailed accounts. She apologized for getting very riled up and threatening legal action against people attacking her, and then stopped tweeting about the situation.

Monica is liberal with blocking users who ask her repetitive invasive questions or harrass her.  Her husband Ron Toye continues to aggressively support her on twitter. Both Monica and Roy are still being attacked and have been doxxed. 


Neil Kaplan says his Vic story On their first meeting, Vic was late and then mounted Kaplan's shoulders as a joke. Neil Kaplan felt like he had to go along with it to be civil, but was uncomfortable by Vic "pressing his junk against [his] neck". He compares Vic's way of hugging fans against his own to show how inappropriately close Vic is before deleting the photos at the request of the fan, who did not want their pictures in drama.

Voice actors, especially Monica Rial, have been harassed for not going big on this earlier and allowing more victims to happen instead of blaming Vic, forgetting that Monica has already talked to Vic about it in the past.

Jamie Marchi and Amanda Wyn Lee have tweeted in support of #KickVic.

Jamie Marchi shared her Vic story. She also made extremely inappropriate death threats.
One of Amanda Wyn Lee's tweets to a female she was arguing with was misinterpreted as threatening the female with sexual assault. Her intention was to say that she meant that sexual assault is common to women; and if that happens she wishes the woman will receive the understanding the woman does not give to current victims. She apologized for poorly wording her tweet.


Even a funimation coworker and staff member at RoosterTeeth shared that she witnessed him give repeated unwanted attention to a younger coworker.

Dropping Vic (Roosterteeth, Funimation, and Con Appearances)

In late January, anime conventions Vic was scheduled to appear at in 2019 began to withdraw their invitations.  Eventually almost every con he had been scheduled at was canceled.

The exceptions were Bak-Anime (thought to have been too close to the con date to cancel), the infamously bad AnimeMatsuri (sexual predator execs among organizational issues), and Kamehacon. Kamehacon, a Dragonball Z con, originally retracted their invitation to Vic, but in a scummy move, invited him back a few weeks before the con. Other voice actors and panelists dropped for moral reasons or safety worries in response.

February 4th, RoosterTeeth announced Vic would no longer be a part of their productions. Vic was voicing the character Qrow in RWBY.

February 5th, Funimation announced they were recasting Vic's role in Morose Mononokean to Ian Sinclair. They made no further statement on the issue until later. Their change in tone after many years is speculated to being due to Gen Fukunaga stepping down.

February 11th, Funimation announced they had been running an internal investigation (which had likely started long before #KickVic), and decided that they would no longer be hiring Vic for productions. Samantha Inoue-Harte commented on how thorough the Funimation investigation process was in a now deleted FB post, copy of the text below, archive. She had some screenshots from some emails during a past con describing a situation where Vic harassed a Japanese guest and the guest's manager complained to the con.

"My personal thoughts on the investigation that Funimation performed was that it was very VERY thorough and very professionally handled. When I gave my testimony last week and provided my information, I was met with respect and the questions asked of me were very VERY detail oriented. I had not spoken with ANY voice actor or actress with regards to the questions that were asked of me prior nor after. I was asked to give detailed testimony of several instances that other voice actors and actresses had stated I was involved with. After my testimony I was informed that my testimony matched what was already documented. Dates, locations, other people involved all were documented. We combed through a LOT of information. 

To demand proof be given to the general public would mean exposing the identity of victims who did not go public. Would detail their personal experiences. Would detail locations, dates, times, other people who witnessed the events, etc. 

To demand proof means putting other people in the line of fire of internet harassment. 

You are all witnesses to the internet harassment that people who have come forward publicly are suffering. 

To demand proof means that you want to expose victims who have remained unnamed. And that....is cruel. 

BUT....just to give you SOMETHING to give you an idea of the type of information provided....I decided to provide you with one single sample of an incident. I refuse to give anything further. 

Names, contact information, full date, convention, etc and information not related to the incident have been erased. 

So this is part of an email exchange I had with the manager of a Japanese idol singer the morning after an incident that followed my confrontation with Vic regarding introductions. The idol singer was very upset by Vic's advances after the altercation and the manager spent most of the evening calming the Japanese idol singer down.

(Screenshots in link)

So ask yourself....should you be privy to all the names, the contact information of various industry professionals, all the details of the victim's experiences?

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sensitive nature of information and documentation provided during the investigation and you see why information like this should not be made public.

So trust Funimation on their decision. Their investigation was very very thorough. Please stop demanding proof that you have no right to know about.

Vic has since been invited to a few smaller cons.


Detailed Sexual Misconduct Allegations

 Attemped sex with a minor (RobinEgg on PULL 2017) (Twitter thread 2019)

Michelle briefly described the incident on PULL in 2017, providing a general year and location. After the #KickVic tag blew up, she described it in more detail on twitter. She allegedly knew Vic before he was famous some 30ish years ago. He was working with their Christian school for a play. Vic gave her some special after school attention, and visited her after he was done mentoring for the play, and invited her to his house to see a new worship video. There he pushed himself on her and stuck his tongue in her ear. She vehemently refused and he let her go, dismissing her coldly after having been a kind mentor until then. She felt ashamed and that it was her fault, especially in her religious community. Many years later and after therapy for the mental scars, she was shocked to see that her kids who enjoy anime were his fans.

Some facts were attempted to be checked. There was a small blurb about his involvement at the school. An article in a newspaper in 1989 for a play places him in the area too. The facts from his biography and details he talked about in panels somewhat checked out (being in VA in 1988), and working for a Christian video company could be a match for the new worship video mentioned. The school has gone through a name change, a landslide and many years, making it difficult for people to ask the school for more details.

Michelle is not really involved with anime beyond it being popular with her kids, so she isn't randomly conspiring against Vic. She was sad to have to tell her kids about her experience.

Vic allegedly cornered PULL user Nyahko ,who was 16 at the time, in an elevator and put his hand up her skirt. Prior to the incident, they had been in contact where Vic had been emotionally supporting her through difficult times. He suggested that they meet in his hotel room, and he treated Nyahko and her friends to a meal and anime gifts prior to the incident. The victim didn't know what to do and was shocked that he did that, causing her emotional trauma (Nyahko on PULL, Dec 2018)

io9 article featuring testimony from the funimation investigation and other more serious accounts of Vic's harassment. The stories are more detailed and generally more serious than most of the twitter comments on Vic. The names of the anonymous victims in the article were later sussed out. In the article Vic admits that some of the events did happen, but claims that his interpretation of the situation was different.

Voice director Donald Schults mentioned that Vic Mignonga joked "Silence means consent" in the recording booth.


"Fake Evidence" Arguments / Misinformation

There have been several incidents particularly that casted considerable doubt on both sides. Both sides are deeply disappointed with lies and also continue to use misunderstandings and lies alike to "debunk" and discredit the other.

-ANN "debunked" *see above ANN section for why they are not debunked*

-a video incident posted by #KickVic after the tag came out. The video was edited to make Vic look suspicious. Removed after a call-out.

-Samantha-Inoue-Hart claimed to have been swatted by a Vic stan and in a confusing choice, used old images from a swatting that caused her testimony to look fake. In a full statement, her story is more plausible but is still shaken from the unfortunate choice to use old photos.She posted images of her door. The images were shown to be images of an old swatting incident she had.


She replied that the pictures of her current swatted door had information that revealed her personal information, so she decided to use old images. The police in the area denied that there was a swat call. She said that she had been called on her phone and told that she had been "swatted" by a person who had said "I stand with Vic!". When she had returned home, she found her door kicked in and called the police to report. Adam made some strange tweets about her being in an unstable mental condition.

Assuming she is speaking the truth, it sounds like someone found her house, personally destroyed her door, and then called her to make it seem like a swat. Still terrifying, even if it was not a real swat call. #KickVic generally agrees it was a mistake to use old images in her story

Sean Schemmel commented that he was disappointed about the lie, but says that soon after he was contacted by his local police who had said they were concerned over a swatting attempt on himself.


-Valerie Depa on FB : in some group, a FB account made a comment that they should photoshop evidence against Vic, causing Vic stans to say aha see it's all lies. The FB account turns out to be fake and someone had impersonated Valerie Depa. The other comments from anti-Vics all said variations of "no don't do that". The FB accounter later disappeared. This is used to "debunk" pictures of Vic, despite fan pictures being the exact same.

-general misinformation being spread about MarzGurl, and Hanleia

-standers investigated Michelle's post. they tried to contact her old school and came into difficulty getting statements due to some confusing name changes within the school and the general course of time/change of staff. also vic was not hired by the school, he was working with a christian company involved with the play at the school. 



-Pensacon, who had guests who were Vic's victims, said that harassment of guests would not be tolerated and that the police would be there. This was taken as threatening congoers. It wasn't so much disrespecting congoers, as trying to make a safe environment.

Everyone, we need to address a situation that continues to be a problem - mainly from a group of people that seem to think harassment is their right. For the past several days, based on a video produced by a local YouTuber who courts the toxic fandom crowd and others of this ilk, we have been receiving hateful messages from people involved in this movement and also from some people who are confused and claim that we are trying to limit free speech - as this is how these bloggers and their videos have portrayed the situation.

Recently, a prominent voice actor was accused by multiple women of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. There were also several men in the industry that backed up accusations saying that they had witnessed the same sorts of behavior. After investigations, this voice actor was fired by two of the most popular and successful anime companies in the U.S. for which he worked.

One of these woman who bravely spoke out was our guest Monica Rial. Since that time, Monica has been harassed online, threatened and worst of all called a false accuser.

We started to receive messages from people letting us know that Monica should be cancelled from Pensacon because she was an awful person, a liar and in many cases, worse terms were used.

That prompted us to make a statement:

"Please note: We don't do victim shaming at Pensacon and as stated before, we don't tolerate harassment. We're committed to everyone's safety. If you harass a guest, you will be escorted from the building. If you choose to resist, law enforcement will be involved and you will be arrested. There is zero tolerance of this type of behavior. If this is something you can not abide by, we don't want your business."

As you can see, we said nothing about anyone wearing t-shirts, suppressing free speech etc. What has happened is that these alt-right trolls who have been threatening Monica - both verbally and physically seized on this and created a false narrative. As you can see, we will not tolerate this and so law enforcement is involved.

They also took selected tweet responses of ours and edited them to make it look like we were threatening people. The Twitter user we had an exchange with, whose comments have conveniently been edited out of these alt-right blogs and videos, was trying to organize people to harass Monica Rial at our show and when we called him on it, let us know that he felt people aren't harassing her if they don't physically attack her. We - and law enforcement - disagree.

They also tried to claim that we were spying on them. If having a Google alert set up to let a business know when someone is talking about them online is sophisticated spying, then we must be more high-tech than we thought.

People seem to think that we are some small convention that can't handle this situation and will be easily bullied.

We are not.

We will have over 35k attendees this year and the entire community is involved in this event. These people seem to think that if they show up and cause trouble, we will need to call the police, but the reality is that the police will already be there to deal with any situation.

They even tried to e-mail local officials and businesses to harass them into cutting ties with us because we took a stand. Those requests have fallen on deaf ears because the people of this community know what Pensacon stands for.

Also, as far as accusing anyone, we haven't, though I would suggest that you read the statement issued by the accused on Feb. 13, where he says he is entering counseling for inappropriate actions. We hope that is true and that he finds help.

But how do these people still defend his behavior and attack a victim? We're baffled.

We're looking forward to having the biggest and best Pensacon yet - without people who spend their time hating others...

Thank You!

- Pensacon

Pensacon later claimed they had received bomb threats with screenshots posted. The email shown had pensacon's name involved and was considered a fake self-post, but the name is because Pensacon received it through an ask/contact us form on their site. The email address itself was a throwaway.
Pensacon's wikipedia site was later vandalized with a lot of misinformation, using alt-right sources such as One Angry Gamer.

Con-Munnity (a small convention) 's game room was apparently vandalized and had equipment stolen. An early leak revealed that they were suspecting #KickVic despite saying they were going to be a neutral con. Con-Munnity clarified that they were still investigating. They neglect to provide photos of the damage or a list of stolen equipment.  After investigation they found some of the culprits, not all of whom were KickVic and most of whom were minors but still have not provided specifics.

Rikieta Law, Kickstarter

Rikieta is a Youtuber who has lawyer credentials and makes lawsplaining videos. He has become one of Vic's most vocal supporters.

Despite having no interaction with this Youtuber previously, Vic calls Rikieta a "friend" and allows him to open the gofundme. He says he will not be receiving the money himself. HMM. Fishy. Vic also says that any extra will go to the Salvation Army, notorious for being anti-lgbt. For some reason, Vic doesn't open a gofund me himself.

He started a kickstarter for Vic's legal fees that garnered $122,000. He suggested this kickstarter before Vic had legal representation  and Vic was hesitant to get legal counsel. Rikieta did this despite not being associated to Vic, or representing Vic himself. He has since been making money doing streams, videos, and making merch for himself and IStandWIthVic merch. Later, he raised the goal by another $100,000. He content has shifted over to threatening Ron Toye and telling #KickVic to have fear when Vic goes to court and takes everyone down.

Rikieta has shown extremely unprofessional behavior, especially for the business account of a lawyer. He has a fixation on Ron Toye, Monica Rial's husband, and calls him Soy Boy. He is constantly spewing his thoughts without filter about Vic. Even if Vic isn't his client, this could potentially harm Vic's case in the future and is not normal professional law practice. Here is a transcription of one of his streams provided by a fan of Rikieta, which demonstrates his unprofessional behavior as a lawyer:






Vic's legal team. They will also be representing Todd. Ty Beard in particular has been making merch of himself to sell with words such as "Ty Fear the Beard". There have been ethical issues found about some of the lawyers, such as Blackfacing and being pro-conversion therapy.
It is unclear whether they were hired to defend Vic, or if they will be filing a lawsuit. Possibly a defamation/libel lawsuit. A defamation lawsuit would not work well in Vic's favor because he would have to do several things : prove the information is wrong, prove that the defendant knew that the information was wrong, prove  that they spread misinformation on purpose with malice, and prove that he did not already have the reputation. There is plenty of evidence against him for each of those points. 



Supergirl Twitter and PULL, Alt-Right, Youtube

Stuff about some very adamant supporters that is kinda big enough to mention, but more of the same banal WK support. YouTube in particular has become a cesspool of alt-right videos that I won't even link here, but many have been made by channels like YellowFlash. It shows that now some of the most vocal people in support of Vic aren't fans anymore, they're just doing it to get back at the nasty ~sjws~ and #metoo.

@iamsupergirl11 / Claire Edwards and supporters accused PULL of doxxing her and seeking the private information of other #IStandWithVic. She has been a vocal Vic stan and hops into #KickVic dms pretending to be supportive and then posting the private dms like she thinks she is some sort of sneaky spy.
 She has been hypocritical about doxxing, not caring about Monica Rial's doxx and seeming at least a little amused. She later berated people for doxxing Monica before finally being upset about her own "doxx". 

PULL is accused of doxxing Claire, Rikieta, and targeting other users. PULL users have not made any attempt to doxx people and doxxing is against PULL rules. KiwiFarms on the other hand has doxxed people.
PULL found her full name because she used it in a twitter handle (@claireedwards88). The old handle was a source in an article, and had the same information and avatar as her current handle @iamsupergirl11. It is also connected to her LinkedIn, which contains information @iamsupergirl11 references on her new account. Rikieta's business address is not a doxx because it is literally information he posted himself on his website, because an address is important for real businesses. PULL has never even mentioned some of the randos that it is so called "targeting" and if they read the thread it would be easy to see no doxxing is happening.

This information is public and did not require any special hacking or investigation by a fine-tootth comb or whatever happens when people doxx.

#IStandWithVic / White Knight FAQ

"Innocent before proven guilty!!!"
This is true in a court of law to protect people from incarceration. Right now Vic is in the court of the public. There are a lot of things floating around right now and it's up to the public to come up with an opinion based on what they know.
And before some of his serious accusations which may count as something, what Vic was doing wasn't worth going to criminal court for... but they're still bad things to do as a person. The law does not cover every wrongdoing.


"There's no evidence!"
Testimony is evidence. There is also a lot of photographic and video evidence. And photos/videos from consenting fans are still evidence (still establishes a pattern of how Vic treats people at cons). Here is a great compilation. It's also hard to get evidence of things happening every single time, especially in a directed meeting at an autograph session. There is usually one chance to take a photo with the VA, if you are allowed to. This is also demanding that photos have been taken everytime a victim is fearful, confused about what is happening to them or is being assaulted which is messed up.
Was it mentioned already that there are already con photos and videos and testimony?

"False reports" 
Only 3% of  rape reports are false. It's much better to support victims while holding a grain of salt, until there is stronger evidence. In Vic's case, there is a lot of evidence, and his isn't even a full on rape report. It's unlikely that so many people from so many places who don't know each other would come up with the same patterns of behavior. Even given if a few are exaggerations or lies, there are too many to just shelve away. "Where theres smoke, theres fire"
There are many negative documented experiences from even fans and ex-Rangers, who have little reason to ruin their own idol.


"Conspiracy/ Voice Actors want his job"
The voice actors speaking against him are all on their own career paths now, and many are quite successful in their own paths and have more/bigger roles than majority of Vic's current castings. Many of the VAs who have spoken against him have voice roles in the same series and are cast as entirely different kinds of characters.
They are more at risk of losing their jobs and losing fans by standing against a popular VA like Vic, and they certainly have lost a lot of fans. Plus, now some fear for their safety or are attacked on every social media post they made.
Vic still has options for jobs if he takes fixing himself up seriously, and he is still being invited to some cons.


"People make mistakes, he apologized and should be forgiven"
He has made the same mistake for over a decade.  He knows what people think about his behavior, he talks about it every con. VAs and con staff have told him in private. Even after the most recent viral tweets, it took 3 tries for him to say he would seek help/counseling, since he didn't think he did anything wrong. His apology was insincere and dragged out of him for PR reasons. He should have apologized and changed himself the first time this came up.
If he changes from now on that's good but first he has to face the consequences of his actions. He has certainly been more careful now.

"I have had a great experience with Vic, he's so pure there's no way he did those things"
That's wonderful. Now please, have some sympathy for people who didn't get nice Vic experience too.
Your positive experience doesn't negate someone else's terrible experience.
Your positive experience is not being challenged by someone else's bad experience.
you still want to support Vic, do so by encouraging him to better himself and not participating in harassing victims. Harassing victims and blindly believing Vic is 100% innocent is a bad look for him because he is tied to his supporters.

"Why haven't victims spoken up earlier off their blogs/forums? They must be lying now, or if they're not lying they're to blame for not stopping him"
He has been told off by peers and con staff.
He has been reported to cons by congoers before. They were not taken seriously, or Vic was given priority as a money maker.
Congoers likely considered the con an authority and didn't think it was worth getting Vic jailed over, so didn't go to the police.
Sexual harassment victims have lots of reasons to believe that they wouldn't be believed, as history shows they are not often supported. Serious allegations might require going to court, reliving trauma over and over only to be denied again.

Other people as minors did not realize that Vic's intimacy with them was inappropriate, or didn't know how to react.
People with jobs were concerned for their livelihood, especially going up against someone loved like Vic. And cons who let the Vic situation should have had some integrity, but in the the end it's Vic who is behaving inappropriately. 
The sudden influx of testimony is not because it was lacking before, it is because now people feel like they can say it and be believed. Also the ability to record information and communicate on the internet is better too. Vic is still popular, but he is not the complete powerhouse of the Eng dub industry anymore. Simple.


"His kissing and hugs are innocent and affectionate. Those are not serious enough to lose his job. People are being oversensitive" 

It is concerning behavior to be so intimate with strangers, especially children, most especially when UNWANTED. The bare minimum of respect is for him to ask if they'd like a hug or kiss first or wait for them to ask. Even if hugs don't bother you, it matters because it did bother THEM. It can leave emotional damage.
And it's unprofessional. You can give your fan a special momment without rubbing your cheek on their face.

No matter what, flirting and being sexual (Tamaki whisper) with a minor that is over 30 years younger than you is wrong even if they "want it", which just sounds like a predatory excuse. In public space he should have learned that he cannot treat everyone like his touchy Italian family. 

He also has other issue that need attention like homophobia, being an asshole to con staff,etc.

What about the other industry creeps? Why is Vic the only one being targeted? 

There have been accusations of other con scene people currently and VAs in the past. Feel free to check out AnimeMatsuri's the Leighs, Chris Niosi, Illich Guardiola, Hazukari, Scott Freenman, Todd Haberkorn, for some starts. Some of those are quite recent. Vic has been one of the longest running  "con creeps", so it's about time his record started catching up to him and people started listening.



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Posted (edited)

I was wondering if some one was going to make a thread here. I Seen him at a con long time ago and he and a younger fan ( she had to be around 12-14) decided to reinact a scene from Ouran Host Club and it was fucking creepy and cringy to watch i equate it to watching someone being molested in public becaue that how uncofotable he was being.

He is very unprofesional and many people have horror stories of him being creepy 

hes also not that great of a VA most of his voices are doable but whenever he get a role it just him playing himself  and it get irritating to the point i refuse to watch any dub that has him (and two more VA's) in it. 

And his band (that hes always pumping at concerts for some reason) is shit.

Plus there is a thread on lowcow about him 


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You don't know how long I have been looking for an anti Vic Mcdingadong topic.


It's also known he's a HUGE diva at cons, to the point I think a couple banned him? (SakuraCon I think?)


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OOh I remember hearing about him a few years ago because some people were upset that he was about to voice a character in Free, I think? Since Free is slightly shounen ai (is this the right term? Since it's not outright yaoi) I think people were upset that since Vic had a history of being homophobic. That's all I really know about him, but he seems like such a creepy and unpleasant person. 


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I met him at AWA like... 4 years ago? (I'm p sure I was 13 at the time) He didn't do anything to me but I did get those creepy vibes from him. When we took a picture he pulled me into a reallyyy close and tight embrace lol. Idk maybe it doesn't bother other people and it probably doesn't seem that bad the way I'm describing it but I think there should be limits when touching a stranger, even if they're a fan. I expect maybe an arm around the shoulder or waist for a photo, not some 40 year old man engulfing me with his body. Anyways, after hearing about these allegations I wasn't particularly that surprised. Idk, you just get that feeling from certain people that they're really creepy, you know what I mean? 


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Damn. i never really saw the guy. He voiced a lot of my Favorite Anime. But after hearing all this. I dont want to meet him


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Sweet, I've been waiting for this. I pulled some last night.

Thing to know about Vic:

There has been many claims of him creeping and being inappropriate with underage fans.

He has been known to be homophobic and likes to shove his religion down people's throats.  He has even held sermons at cons before.

He has the ego the size of Texas.  He has been known to bully con staff to meet his demands and has even been banned from some cons.

Here some screen caps from a FB group I used to be in.




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OOh I remember hearing about him a few years ago because some people were upset that he was about to voice a character in Free, I think? Since Free is slightly shounen ai (is this the right term? Since it's not outright yaoi) I think people were upset that since Vic had a history of being homophobic. That's all I really know about him, but he seems like such a creepy and unpleasant person. 


Oh yeah i remember that. There was even a petiton to block him from voicing Rin from Free because of his homophobic belifes 


But seeing how close he and funimation are he still got the role:alpacamad:


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Posted (edited)

I saw him at a con two summers ago. He was kinda funny and there wasn't a moment where it was boring. But it was kinda strange how one of the first things he said to the audience was calling out all the "disgusting" things people have said about him, and I think he talked about tumblr specifically (I think this was around the time he was recently announced to voice Rin from Free!). @Fairyduster, thanks for bringing up the petition, because I just remembered that he mentioned it and was like "who would go through such huge lengths!111!1"

Like now that I think about it, it was kinda like he was trying really hard to make himself seem like he was cyberbullied or some crap. He was even putting on this "gloomy" voice and trying hard to seem like he's a victim :alpacabored: Like isn't he 50 or something? The poor baby. 

Besides that, I think he talked about himself a lot. Like I understand voice actors come to cons and they usually reveal more information about themselves in their panels and whatnot, but he kinda acted as if he was some huge celebrity. There was little interaction between him and the fans, besides people asking him to act out scenes from Ouran  :alpacaworry:

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js that the person who uploaded that video (first link) said this about the girlfd.thumb.PNG.949e8aa58a65624509ec8493969


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I don't want to post the full picture of when I met him,  for obvious reasons, but I just needed to share his face because my friends think he looks creepy af and one told me he looked like an "evil crab" lmao




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I don't want to post the full picture of when I met him,  for obvious reasons, but I just needed to share his face because my friends think he looks creepy af and one told me he looked like an "evil crab" lmao




His "im gonna molest you on a DL" face hes 54 years old and he looks so fucking creepy here. :derp:


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Posted (edited)

Oh yeah i remember that. There was even a petiton to block him from voicing Rin from Free because of his homophobic belifes 


But seeing how close he and funimation are he still got the role:alpacamad:


but like

free! isn't even canonically gay. the fangirls may be insistent it is but the most it has is occasional homoerotic undertones? tbh compared to YoI it's not gay at all, haikyuu is less homoerotic than free! and the fangirls are still obsessed with yaoi for some reason

I don't personally like how everything has to be ghay buttsex in that sense by fandom standards, as a bi person what t f is wrong with an anime about guys having close friendships and emotional bonds? That's not even a homophobic observation, that's just kind of what I see it as- at least partially?

going out on another tangent the free! dub was pretty crappy, forget the performances, and unfitting voices (except for Rei, Tatum is a good glasses guy VA and Rei has that sophistication to him that makes me think Kyouyas VA wouldn't be a bad match, albeit the fact that Rei is dorkier), the script was utter garbage and the forceful shoehorning of dude and bro was to say the least kind of an unsettling, forced mood whiplash. Like how could they mess up something that was handed to them on a gold encrusted platter again?

Im not saying Vic is in the right for being religious and homophobic at all but I'm also not one for the fangirl harping

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but like

free! isn't even canonically gay. the fangirls may be insistent it is but the most it has is occasional homoerotic undertones? tbh compared to YoI it's not gay at all, haikyuu is less homoerotic than free! and the fangirls are still obsessed with yaoi for some reason

I don't personally like how everything has to be ghay buttsex in that sense by fandom standards, as a bi person what t f is wrong with an anime about guys having close friendships and emotional bonds? That's not even a homophobic observation, that's just kind of what I see it as- at least partially?

going out on another tangent the free! dub was pretty crappy, forget the performances, and unfitting voices (except for Rei, Tatum is a good glasses guy VA and Rei has that sophistication to him that makes me think Kyouyas VA wouldn't be a bad match, albeit the fact that Rei is dorkier), the script was utter garbage and the forceful shoehorning of dude and bro was to say the least kind of an unsettling, forced mood whiplash. Like how could they mess up something that was handed to them on a gold encrusted platter again?

Im not saying Vic is in the right for being religious and homophobic at all but I'm also not one for the fangirl harping


This was what I thought too! It's not outright gay or anything; but I guess Vic may have been ~disturbed~ by the undertones and fangirls may have been concerned that he would ruin the dubbing (though it sounds like he did anyways lmao) 

I never watch dubbed because it's just so awkward to listen to :/


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but like

free! isn't even canonically gay. the fangirls may be insistent it is but the most it has is occasional homoerotic undertones? tbh compared to YoI it's not gay at all, haikyuu is less homoerotic than free! and the fangirls are still obsessed with yaoi for some reason

I don't personally like how everything has to be ghay buttsex in that sense by fandom standards, as a bi person what t f is wrong with an anime about guys having close friendships and emotional bonds? That's not even a homophobic observation, that's just kind of what I see it as- at least partially?

going out on another tangent the free! dub was pretty crappy, forget the performances, and unfitting voices (except for Rei, Tatum is a good glasses guy VA and Rei has that sophistication to him that makes me think Kyouyas VA wouldn't be a bad match, albeit the fact that Rei is dorkier), the script was utter garbage and the forceful shoehorning of dude and bro was to say the least kind of an unsettling, forced mood whiplash. Like how could they mess up something that was handed to them on a gold encrusted platter again?

Im not saying Vic is in the right for being religious and homophobic at all but I'm also not one for the fangirl harping


I get what you are saying and tbh i really wish they never made the dub because the sub was perfect (yes i do like sub more than dubs but i do like a good dub from time to time) and the only good dub is the octopimp parody one on yt. I mean there will always be shippers in any fandom and while FREE is a sports anime it wasn't spared it's shippers  

The only reason i say the dub shouldn't have been made was because funimation has a bad habit of fucking shit up and going adlip at time which in certian animes isn't a bad thing but not for the majority of titles they hold.



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