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How do y'all lose weight?

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It's pretty simple, actually. Make sure your  caloric intake is less than what you're burning. Also, avoid simple sugars and carbs (emphasis on sugar). I also follow the F.I.T.T. ( frequency, intensity, time, and type) module when it comes to working out. When one increases, another should decrease (i.e. work out frequently? Decrease the intensity and length of time. Work out less? Increase time and intensity). Also, make reasonable, attainable changes in your lifestyle to keep the things realistic. Those who tend to start a new crash diet and hit the gym every day are the ones who burn themselves out. 


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I'm really fucking lazy w counting calories, so essentially, I only eat three meals a day that are reasonable serving sizes. I don't really snack on anything unless they're low calorie like berries, or if I do have something like chips or chocolate, I make sure it's in moderation. I go to the gym about twice a week, and I'm also in a bootcamp program.

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