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I completely agree :[ 

Her hypocrite personality will be her downfall. If she could just be more open minded and listen to ALL her viewers -regardless of if they are infatuated by her o want to give her kind criticize- she could become much more popular on YT. But nooo, she feels offended by everything which in the end, shows that she is as far away as possible from being Japanese. Japanese people (or at least the ones I have met) are polite and modest. They accept criticize and rarely insult back if/when offended. I just wish she'd meet a Japanese who would tell her so...


She has met them.  If it's a native Japanese person that tells her these things, then, they are racist.  That the issue with her.  Everything is someone else's fault.  Never her's.


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Posted (edited)

Found to this to describe someone else but it fits Mira to a tee. 45.thumb.jpg.a69fa39da6cc37200ff5fbdc465

It's never Mira's fault.

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left out a word

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´´Fishes´´ dont have nationalities :D


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