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Dasha & Cyr

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ItsBabyDash / Off-brand Khaleesi / Neuph / urmothership (Dasha)

Instagram (now private) / Alternate Instagram (also now private)Twitter (now deactivated) / Twitch / YouNow / Subreddit

Baby Dash 7 of 10

Dasha is a 22 year old popular Instagram model who is currently dating Youtuber Vincent Cyr, mainly known as "Cyr.". Her real name is either Julia Stadler or Julia Waldhör as confirmed through her relatives. (Her maternal side of the family is Stadler, the paternal side is Waldhör)

She's gone by a plentitude of other names with her real name purported to be Julia Katinka Blinow or even Dasha Anou. One of her fake names was discovered on a German modelling site from when she attempted to start a modelling career there. 

Cyr (Vincent Cyr)

Youtube / Twitter / Instagram / Twitch /  PerioscopeFacebook

Image result for cyr

Michael Ryan Cyr is a 28 year old Youtuber who has been on the website since 2006. Outside of Youtube, he used to model for Hot Topic and is known for looking like Johnny Depp. He used to be friends with Onision and frequently collaborated with him, but cut him off when he started to become problematic. From his featured channels list on Youtube, he currently seems to be friends with JacksFilms, Colossal is Crazy, Elvis the Alien, HeyWatchYourMouth, BionicPig, Maxmoefoe, and Anything4Views.


The Dasha, Cyr, Mina, and Edwin Drama


  • In early 2016, Mina Bell (MinaxxBell) flew to Los Angeles for a modelling job and began dating Cyr, who she had been talking to for a few months prior. When Mina left to go back home to the UK, Cyr cheated on her with Dasha
  • Mina called Cyr out for cheating, but he repeatedly denied it. Eventually, Mina apologized for calling him out and Dasha convinced Cyr to make up with her.
  • Around late 2016 and early 2017, Edwin (Edwin's Generation), Cyr's roommate,Dasha, and Cyr all lived together.
  • Cyr, who had been in a relationship with Dasha for about a year now, decided to try to have a poly relationship with Mina. Dasha invites her to come live with the three of them in LA. 
    • Apparently, Dasha was the driving force in getting Cyr to invite Mina to LA and start a relationship together
  • During this time, Edwin basically fourth-wheels in the house while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
  • Both girls are featured in some of Cyr's videos, and both look eerily similar to each other
  • In the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, and Edwin makes a vlog as they're leaving. During this vlog, he is visibly upset.
  • This brings us to. . . . . .

The Drama Part 1: Late 2016/Early 2017

~ Dasha and Cyr tell their side of the story, and the harassment of Mina begins ~

  • Around Nov/Jan 2016-2017, while they are all still living together, Mina discovers upon logging into Instagram that her account has been deleted. Mina starts suspecting that Dasha had something to do with its deletion.
  • Dasha goes on Perioscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr greatly
    • Fun fact: Dasha gets her lolcow nickname, "Putin," from this video
  • Soon after Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes on Twitter. Dasha's fans also start harassing her in messages and DM's. 
    • Her fans also start to make suspect posts on lolcow around this time, defending Dasha and trying to make Mina out to be the one at fault
  • Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone (Note: Dasha previously claimed that she never went though Mina's phone) and found a fake Instagram account on Mina's phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealous
  • Cyr gets involved, defending Dasha and calls Mina a "crazy girl with an agenda"


The Drama Part 2: mid-2017

~ Edwin and Mina respond ~

  • Edwin makes videos discussing what Dasha has done to harass Mina
    • Edwin makes a video with Mina titled "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story." (uploaded 4/17/2017)
    • He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled "Edwin Responds to Cyr's Lies" (uploaded 6/12/2017)
      • In these videos, Edwin and Mina debunk the things that Dasha and Cyr have said about them, and chronicle their time living with them
      • Overall, I highly recommend watching these videos if you are curious about what happened as they explain everything that has happened pretty thoroughly 
      • tl;dr:
        • Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wants
        • Follows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
        • Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt "emasculated" by Dasha)
    • Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
      • Quote from Dasha: "...And I told him, yes, I'm fucking-- I'm going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina's side over your best friend. I said that to him! I'm owning up to that! I told him that I'd ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British c*nt... I'm sorry (smiles), over his best friend. He's absolutely right, I stood there smiling as..."
    • Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina's style
      • Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she's received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina's style

The Drama Part 3: Early 2018

~ Dasha makes sockpuppet accounts on lolcow and PULL to talk shit about Mina ~

  • Sockpuppet accounts on lolcow
    • Throughout 2018, it was discovered by the lolcow Admin that Dasha had posted on lolcow hundreds of times on her own thread
    • Every post made by Dasha can be found here
      • This was mainly proven by:
        • Some of the screenshots Dasha shared on lolcow show the "analytics" icon on tweets made by Dasha, proving that she was the one who made the screenshots

          A screenshot shared by her on lolcow:1525113768201.jpeg

        • Her posting on lolcow coinciding with the times she was active on Twitter
        • Her geographical location displayed by her ip address
        • Her typing with English language mistakes typically seen in native speakers of German
        • The screenshots showing the same browser seen in her vlogs
        • Her using three different iPhones to post, with two belonging to her and the other probably belonging to Cyr
        • Talking about insider information, but not providing any sources to back up her claims
        • Posted nude pictures of Mina and her real passport
        • Tries to use "Kek" and other common "chanspeak" to blend in, but much of it feels awkward and forced
        • Sticks up for Dasha while talking shit about Mina
    • In these posts, Dasha mainly talks about:
      • Posted Mina's nudes and passport
        • Mina believes she got the photo of her passport from when Dasha asked for a picture of it so she could buy her a ticket to LA
        • Even admits in a private message with a former fan that she "I should not have sent her (Mina's) passport around, I know, I was mad at that..."
      • Trashes Mina's appearance, calling her ugly and accusing her of shooping 
      • Accuses Mina and Edwin of having eating disorders
      • Constantly brings up how Mina is just trying to copy Dasha's style
      • Says that Mina is working as a prostitute, and was doing this while she was living with Dasha
      • Sticks up for and defends Dasha
      • Made nearly 150 posts talking about Mina, and in some of these she attempted to pretend to be other people and have a "conversation" with herself, trying to make it seem like other people agreed with her
  • PULL
    • In early 2017, around when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, an account named Fawnie created a topic about Mina
    • This account mocked Mina for photoshopping, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyone
    • In one of Edwin's videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.
    • Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinny
    • While it hasn't been confirmed that Fawnie is Dasha, lots of evidence points to them being her. 

The Drama Part 4: mid-2018

~ Dasha is still obsessed with and stalking Mina, despite it being more than a year and a half since this all went down ~

  • Edwin makes two new videos explaining how Dasha has harassed them recently, referencing the sockpuppet account on lolcow and revealing receipts from former friends of Dasha
  • After this video dropped, Dasha made her Instagram private and deactivated her Twitter. Edwin says in a Youtube comment that he believes this is because she's trying to lay low and disassociate herself from the drama
  • Prior to the Dasha videos, Edwin makes a video titled "I Sued, Went to Court, Won, And He STILL Won't Pay Me Back."
    • In this video, Edwin talks about how he sued Cyr in small claims court for illegally evicting him from the house they shared. 
    • Despite trying to get his stuff back, Cyr refused to communicate and also wouldn't pay back 
  • Former fans of Dasha send Edwin clips of Dasha telling her fans that her and Cyr are conspiring to get Edwin's Youtube channel taken down, most likely to suppress their growing bad reputation
    • Soon after finding out about this, Mina's own videos are copyright striked and two are taken down. When Mina checked the claimant, she found that it was someone pretending to be her.

The Drama Part 5: Jan 2019

~ Dasha is outed as an escort, despite trying to make Mina look bad in the past by calling her an escort ~

  • A video by Tony Toutouni, a rich guy also known as "Lunatic Living" mainly known for hiring Instagram models to escort, is posted to his twitter, where he is shown in bed with two girls.
    • One of the girls is presumably Dasha, however, she is dressed up like Mina and even has her fake moles
    • Interestingly, the video was posted by Tony the day after Cyr's birthday
  • Mina sees the video, and claims that Dasha is wearing her 15 year old sister's clothing that she had left at the house when they got kicked out over a year ago:


  • Dasha is questioned by someone on twitter about the video, and claims that her and Tony are friends and that it was made just for fun


General Ongoing Issues: Cyr

Manipulative behavior and gaslighting

General Ongoing Issues: Dasha

Mina Bell Skinwalking

  • Dasha has as a strange, very creepy obsession with emulating Mina's looks, which she has been doing since around 2016
    • Examples:

      Left: Dasha Right: Mina


      Dasha (2018):





      Mina (top, 2016) Dasha (bottom, 2018)


      Top: Mina Bottom: Dasha


      Left: Dasha Right: Mina


  • Bonus: someone actually thought one of Dasha's pictures was Mina, and Edwin responds:


    Most recent IG icons:

    Mina starts an alien theme, suddenly Dasha is talking about space/aliens ??


    2018 pictures that look Mina-like, without Mina comparisons:



  • Dasha wearing Mina's Clothes:
  • Left: Mina Right: Dasha


    Left: Mina Right: Dasha


Living in the United States illegally, and shady brand endorsements

  • Edwin has accused Dasha of living in the US illegally
  • Dasha is apparently trying to lay low, and mostly makes money from online modelling and makeup endorsements
    • She has previously collaborated with the controversial makeup company Lime Crime, which actually has its own PULL topic.
      • All of the controversial stuff Lime Crime has done can be read about in this article.


  • Lastly, a collection of some pretty spooky shoops under the cut:Old Shoops (2016-ish)

Old Shoops (2016-ish)


1529676492324.jpeg1486242890828.pngImage result for itsbabydashImage result for itsbabydash

New Shoops (2018)


Candids (2016, 2017)


Candids (2018)



Old Modelling Pictures/Pre-2016


Finally, 7 minute video by Mina summarizing everything Dasha has put her through:



Thank you to lolcow for the art lol

//Last updated Jan 2019 by MahouShojo//


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Posted (edited)


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Posted (edited)

Oh boy I was just about to make a thread about her lol 


I tried to overlay one of her newer pics but everything about her face is so different that it was almost impossible to do so

PicsArt_01-01-09.18.09.thumb.gif.81076f7the comparison pic is already shooped as well but I tried :alpacadone:

Edited by lumin

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she's so pretty in the video screenshot??? why on earth does she photoshop herself into dehumanized betty boop



although I thought she was going for the morticia (adams family) look



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Yikes I was not prepared for how.... skeletal those shops look ;;;; it's a little disturbing tbh. She's so pretty too, it's such a shame ppl might actually think she looks like her PSed self. :alpacaworry2:


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Ayy it's Dasha! I seriously only found her not too long ago and personally I think she's kinda pretty, but recently people have been calling her out for cosmetic/plastic surgery so she posted a vid of her putting on lip liner, but it was deleted before I could embed it (hmm), but I don't think the lips we're the only surgery concern... I feel like she kinda pulled a movie-style misdirection on everyone lol


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Geez Louise... She looks just like a Michael Jackson blow-up doll ! :phftt:


Why does she shoop herself like that, I wonder ? She looks very pretty on the video screenshot, but the edited pictures are Dakota-tier terrifying. Is she trying to look super-French or something ? I don't want to be rude, but that's the only thing I can think about right now.

Also, am I only one who thinks this caption is ridiculously funny ?



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Posted (edited)

Kind of off topic but I feel like her friend Mina (@minaxxbell on insta) that shes been hanging out with might photoshop to some extent also...



the one on the right is a shot from a vlog (she was drunk)

Edited by deathwish

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OH MY GOD I followed her recently and thought she was drop dead gorgeous. Have to admit it's a relief to see how normal she looks IRL 

Tagged vs. selfies. Guess she was tired of looking aryan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I don't blame her 





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I recently had an "encounter" with her. I'm not sure what you'd call it but basically, she posted a picture of her in a dressing room on Instagram with the caption "I wish my best friend were in here so I could molest her." Of course I commented saying that she shouldn't say that and some other people did too. Her response was very gross, "I was molested in the past so I'm validated to say that" (which is sad but it doesn't really give you validation ) "everyone in 2016 is so triggered and sensitive" She replied to me saying that, this isn't word for word but a general summary of what she said, and she commented something like "you're annoying don't tell me to change my caption" which I didn't tell her to change I just said it was inappropriate. She then blocked me which was disappointing and sad. I really liked her and thought she was so cute but I guess she's not all that. 


umm. thats creepy af. kinda like saying, I was bullied so Im allowed to bully, or I was raped so Im allowed to rape.

She is clearly the one that is triggered


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umm. thats creepy af. kinda like saying, I was bullied so Im allowed to bully, or I was raped so Im allowed to rape.

She is clearly the one that is triggered


but she was ""joking"" so ""everyone should chill and not be so triggered and butt hurt""


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i'm not super left leaning or an sjw by all means but even i think saying something like that is stupid. it makes her sound like a 12 year old at most going "xDDD i raped you !!!"

just because you got molested doesn't mean it's funny to joke about it, or that you have any right to. she couldn't have just said "so i could touch her" instead?


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