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She posted it in an ig story saying how easy surgery was etc etc. I’m confused tho like wth why did she get breast implants out of nowhere?? I don’t follow her closely so maybe that’s why it seems out of nowhere but Karen never striked me as someone who would get breast implants. Like she never really talked about her boobs lol?? Has she talked about why she was getting this surgery anywhere?


In her Instagram stories, she talked about wanting them for three years...but I've never seen her talk about them ever. I mean, I could have missed it (granted, she did pad out the girls in some pics), but it all seems so sudden for someone with such a big social media following. Again, nothing against titty upgrades to business class. Her attitude about it really rubs me the wrong way, with how she says it was so easy. It's elective surgery with so many things that can go wrong, especially post surgery. Ah well. 

Irrelevant update: she said it wasn't sponsored, and honestly, I respect that a lot more than her usual attitude. 

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Yes I am quite suprised too. Actually I think her boobs size is not too bad (that can be seen from her past threads) and she's really pretty enough. I don't want her to be a bad influence on some teenage girls (who are the die-hard fans of hers). Hey there's nothing wrong to have an "unideal" body... Hope there's no after-effect on her boobs/body.


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