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[Pyrocynical voice]

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Hello peeps and peepers! Nice to meet you all!

You can call me Dull! though take note I won't live up to my username I'm actually not that Dull or anything //laughs

I go by another username outside of this forum and have hobbies like everyone else (such as drawing) and to keep a best of both worlds- I'm down with making friends here and talking down about internet personalities/snowflakes

I've been reading the topics in this forum for a while now and incognito, without an account, it all started when I searched up after suddenly having the idea "I wonder if peeps talk bad about [insert weaboo youtuber here] I dislike?" and boom, here I am and making my debut!

I know it might be strange to say say this but I hope I can make friends here while talking about flaws of any internet personalites here and get to know them outside of this forum! If any of you would like to become my friend just DM me! ✌


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I think many people find PULL by Googling weebs; I think weebs are so common online and offline that it's inevitable. :alpacashocked:

In any case, hello & welcome to the site! :alpacaheadshake:


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