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a protection spell from the jvlogging deities, and not sure if this thread will last.

IMHO: These people are the Taylor Swift of the jvlogging community! They have better PR control then Angelina Jolie.

Only controversial stuff they have is this stuff I found here: and I believe I posted before in the common jvlogging thread.
Reclaiming Asia tumblr

has yellow fever:
“Most people who are attracted to Asians like them because of their looks, though.I grew up in the middle of the weeaboo crowd who were attracted to Asian men and women, and it was all physical.I love Jun with all my heart & I would love him no matter how he looked, but the fact that he’s so exotically different from me pretty much makes him irresistible. We’re biologically wired to find "exotic” people attractive since it gives our children a better spread of gene combinations.Even just a foreign accent tends to get people hot & bothered.“
As a psych major..Ima call BS on
we go for opposites(My spouse may not physically resemble my dad but persona wise...they the SAME!)

I didn't watch the videos(well I peeped the weaboo video for 30secs) but these two sites I linked are not inclined to lie about issues such as these.

There's also a comment about her on lolcow in regards to the whole Weaboo jvlogger scandal with Mira and her denying sponsorship for these clothes she used.
And an anon saying Rachel&Jun took credit for her work, but even though it irked them they didn't want their names out in public anyways so it's like a *annoyed but not annoyed* issue.

other than that, and I do deem the controversial stuff touchable territory, I guess they aren't touchable.


oh yeah, and new nose (not my body, so don't care)

+people noted, and not just here*sorry I can't scower every forum known to man to point it out, but someone on 2ch mentioned it too*, that it seems Rachel talks over Jun/*Runs the show a lot and he hardly speaks. Jun persona could just very well be  the listening type, but her over talking over other people has been shown with other vloggers as well *Go to the Sharla thread, I think it was mentioned in their recent video together*

That's it. (I like cats so if they can just dedicate a channel to her cat and jun's food..that'd be great)


this thread is 4 years strong! ah 🍷 

also i’ve realized that they make everything about Japan, most of their youtube videos contain “Japan” in their title. 

Japan this Japan that.

I feel like she makes living in Japan a personality trait.

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