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Giving Back to PULL

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Btw your Gofundme is down. 

My monthly Patreon pledge is supposed to start today but has yet to process (like literally zero notice on my account). No idea. I checked and everything is set up. I will contact them because (1) it's not like my account is empty, and (2) I'm fucking pissed off because I would like to just do something nice for PULL. It's their fault obviously. But damn I am quite annoyed at them.


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Can you do a one time pledge? I'd like to contribute but can't do every month rn.


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Posted (edited)

Though I haven't tried it out yet, Ko-fi.com might be better than Gofundme as a place to give PULL one-time donations.

The former is geared toward supporting creators while the latter sounds more like charity for people in urgent need of medical expenses. I have no intention of hinting that PULL isn't worth a place on Gofundme, but Ko-fi sounds like the one-time version of Patreon minus the reward feature; or it looks like a tip jar.

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