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Just for the fun :P

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Hi! I am Jellyfish -not an actual Jellyfish, but a Jellyfish lover. Used to be a lurker; now, I'm joining the fun : D 

During my "young years" I used to be a big admirer of Dakota and Venus Angelic. Like, a HUGE admirer: I would dream about looking like them -didn't know they were mostly photoshopped- and actually thought my life would be ten times better if I could achieve becoming a kawaii-desu-gaijin-idoru~ (I even got as far as consider me inferior because I just couldn't look like them) Fortunately, a good friend of mine showed me how fake they all were D:! Hence, helping me regain confidence in myself and learning to love my looks♥

Nowadays, I wonder how many other girls are out there believing this gals are "the best one can be", comparing themselves to these ideals of beauty and hating themselves for not looking like alien-headed babies, big-eyed dolls or crazy-wannabe-Japanese. It worries me that these girls promote themselves as naturally beautiful, without realizing how their fans, aspiring to look just like them, can become disappointed by not naturally achieving their looks. I think its way worse than celebrities, because they at least acknowledge they spend a lot of time,money and effort in looking how they look; while these girls just brag about being pretty without mentioning any sacrifice on it. 

I was also a HUGE Mira fan as I always dream about visiting Japan and considered her a great guide : ) I am grateful I never got to go to Japan before, because I know now have I acted like Mira I would have probably been hated. And I feel really bad for the people who actually believe Japan is as Mira says: I mean, there are some downs on Japan, but not everything is as weird,crazy, and ducked up as she constantly tries to state. Plus, here sense of humor goes straight along the lines of Adam Sandler's worst comedy movies: dull, not funny and pathetic. 

So, what am I doing in this forum? I want to contribute to the debate about these snowflakes hoping that more people will become aware of who they really are and how WRONG it is to consider them 100% real. After all, they are built-on-YouTube-personalities. Besides, there are so much more talented and real vloggers, that I can't see how people still remaind dazzled by these girls.

Also, I admit, I actually enjoy trying to solve their mysteries and to figure out their malefic plans: Is she really getting married for a Japanese visa? How crazy is she compared to who she used to be? Are those fake? Who is she fighting with? 

I mean, they are almost like criminal minds (manipulating, creating strategies, attacking, etc.) and I can't help but wonder if I could ever pull of a plan (become kawaii-desu-YouTube-idoru) as twisted as they~


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