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we all know if she got pregnant she'd abort it real quick. but it would be different for her because she's (spin the wheel):

• young

• a dropout

• no stable income

• "mentally ill"

• "I didn't have a mother so I don't know how to be one!!"


wow. she's actually trash when you make a list, minus the mental illness. which i doubt she got help for, btw. she just used it as an excuse to drop out, it's not like she dropped out to get help. loser


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Here she goes again. Ugh im honestly so over this girl and her uneducated ass. Mish we have armed security guards and police officers at school! Staff shouldnt need to go through gun classes and being armed when they barley get paid for their hard work and time in the first place. Its not in their job description to stop shootings. And as for planned parenthood, you seem to not understand that it gives more than just legal abortions it gives cancer and STD screenings, birth control, and many more for women (and im pretty sure men) that’s affordable. Didnt her birth control come from planned parenthood anyways?! Im not even going to go on as to why both of these screenshots are the most idiotic thing ever. If i had a dollar for every time ive told this girl to do proper research i think id be a millionaire. 



Girl said she’s just trying to trigger people and thats not the real her. Yet she put the energy into looking for these, screenshotting them, posting them to both insta and snap, and wait for us to react. Like okay girl whatever you say. 


Mish, we all know you're extremely happy to live in a country where women can buy contraception pills and have unrestricted access to abortions up until the 18th week. Don't try to act like you aren't lol


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lol, no wonder her delusional ass is racist. Just watched my first video of hers, and that awful southern inbred accent of hers was enough of a explanation. She's a hick, and what does most hicks have in common? They're racist. 

Also her aesthetic is a mess, she probably went into her local second hand store and bought some clothes that probably still smell like the alcoholic that wore it.


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