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General Koreaboo Thread

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Also what does Kawaii and Ulzzang have to do with eachother? Koreaboos/weaboos just love to mesh Korean and Japanese culture together cause it's "uwu cute and asian" 



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it’s 2am and idk what made me read this thread because now my eyes hurt from all the koreaboos using the wrong hashtags to describe what they post which makes zero sense. 

also i feel terrible for the asian guys who get fetishized by these girls. i don’t know what pleasure they get from all of this but it’s all so wrong, and trying to adapt a whole ass culture that is not yours makes me cringe even more.

and i dislike how most posts under the hashtag ulzzang are white girls.

- i cut my hair i’m so ulzzang

- i have lenses i am so ulzzang

taking a word and twisting it over and over again and giving it a new meaning, for what? for a few likes from korean people.

Literally educate yourself before thinking Korea is a K-drama, accept that the stereotype you have created is far from the reality, you won’t find a rich ceo at the local cafeteria, nor Jackson Wang at some party you’re invited in. 

Korea is just like any other country, but with a different language & culture. You will find assholes, drunk people, disrespectful boys.

It’s damaging the younger ones because they will grow up with hopes and high standards and requirements that they’ll never meet, only if you’re a successful extremly rich girl with a perfect Korean and visa. 

Wake up Korea has basic people living their daily life, going to school, working, shopping etc. This ain’t y/n.


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