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Weren't North Koreans the pretty aristocrats and South Koreans the ugly farmers though (according to that saying). 

And what even would the point be of bringing this up tbh. What difference does it make to koreaboos? It's not like they have any access to North Korean people anyway. Or South Koreans, because they're probably sick of koreaboos as well lmao.


Because the school of kdrama taught them that there are no bad looking oppas, therefore all the "ugly" Koreans they see must be peasants from North Korea.  (This all thing is so stupid, smh :alpacadone:)


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My impression was that this sort of Koreaboos seem to think that North Korea is a hellpit like the one we see today initially because North Koreans are way more "low quality" than their Southern counterparts.... And yes, if my impression hit the nail, that's some serious oversimplification in action.


Yo some koreaboos be calling south korea NORTH KOREA 


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