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Unpopular opinions

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i hate christmas albums unless its ariana grande, otherwise they sound like shit

i don't see how mariah carey is a queen. shes a snobby bitch. kids these days don't even know her.


mariah carey is a bitch queen who invented christmas. delete your comment.

I think some of these are my worst opinions. Sorry if they hurt you... I just wanted to let this out...

I don't like feigning sympathy for botched surgeries for celebrities, or normal people who are/were so insecure about how they look they get voldemort's nose and dissolved chin. If they get surgery and look good, good for them. But if it comes out bad well... sorry for their loss, but disproportionate, alien faces are funny. 

People who complain about everything are annoying... but I find people who complain about [people complaining] more irritating. Ironic because I'm about to do just that, lol.

I also think people use "people complain about everything these days" as a cop-out to having a discussion, and it's pathetic. I'm not trying to deny that they hurt, but words are only as bad as you let them be (not in regards to say, being framed for a crime or something, and you need a testimony....) Bite back harder. Be meaner.  

Screamo singers are fine, but that type of vocal performance ruins all of the really great instrumentals by the rest of the band members. The genre shouldn't exist. 

Children are the most important demographic. I don't think that means you should spoil the shit out of your kids. Just take care of them, please. I don't think anyone is born evil, but they can surely become that way. 

Children who are CHOMOs should still go through the rehabilitation process, but if it happens again, they can't get out of the system. Especially if they are adults, they shouldn't get another chance.

daoko or however you spell her name is not a good rapper/singer. And her music is.... really bad.

Also, reading a lot of you guys' (???english???) posts, since sjw is a popular topic... I like them. I don't mind them, probably because I barely see how ~bad~ they can really be. I think this is a very unpopular opinion in real life. But, what I like most about them, is when the extreme ones fight with some other extreme pleb online who also thinks they are right about everything. That's when things get the most interesting. I think the more wild sjw have potential to be really dangerous irl, but if they get labeled as a terrorist group or something in the US and the KKK doesn't that's going to be so fucking wild. Yeah. it will be shite, but it would be so fucking wild lmao.

Rather than holding grudges, when someone bites more than they can chew, either irl or online, it's hilarious when they can never escape from it. It's just really entertaining LOL 

I think I've mentioned things being entertaining/funny/interesting having pretty high regard to me so far in this post, so I'll bring up my final unpopular opinion: TW if you're suicidal(?)

None of this matters. Literally nothing matters. If you, reading this, died 5 seconds from now, this post, this site, this device you're using to read this, everything wouldn't really matter. Not to go all existential crisis, but seriously, nothing matters. We're only doing things because they're more enjoyable than doing nothing, usually. Isn't the only reason people fear death is because they want to do something? Otherwise you could just die with no resistance should the opportunity arrive, right?? Maybe my psychology course is messing with me, but seriously, nothing you do or think matters. There is no reason for anything. 

You could probably guess from this, I don't have a [problem], or should I say, I'm not effected by people saying "kys" online. I don't say it personally, because I know it really does negatively affect people, but I really don't think anything of it in gcs or whatever/wherever. People don't even have the "guts" to say it irl, but I think if you're fighting someone you really hate or something, and you really want 'em to know how you feel... then okay. Let em know ig. 

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im offended




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