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share time! IRL snowflake experiences?

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So, I'm pretty sure that when we read up on our favourite flakes, their drama and lives seem so far off what we know. But every so often, you meet that one person who is a little flake-y.  Maybe they have aspirations of becoming efamous, maybe they just want a bit of drama in their lives. Perhaps they were successful in becoming a snowflake or are mentioned somewhere on PULL. Or, maybe their drama was only local to your area or friendship group  

Im in the mood for member stories again !:D

anyway, this is my contribution to the thread, it's kinda long and even then, I'm probably missing a lot out:

I met S when I was at school. The school was a specialist centre for kids who, for one reason or another, couldn't be in mainstream education.  Reasons varied from intense bullying, trouble adjusting because of autism, mental health, heart conditions and eating disorders.  It was a small centre, so everyone knew each other.  S had joined with her sister(J), she was three years younger than me, and her sister was in my class. Occasionally we would hang out after school together, but all in all, I had more contact and got on better with her sister.  Nothing against her, she was nice enough, polite, quiet and would make funny and relatable remarks from time to time.

A few years passed since I left the centre, I attended college and every body sort of lost contact, most of us were all friends on Facebook out of courtesy.  One night when I was working, I had a slew of messages come through from S, then J, it was a little weird because I hadn't heard from them in a long time, but it was nice to hear off them. They both reminisced about our school days, because I was closer to J at school, naturally conversation flowed better with her. S would write to me trying to get my attention, saying that she was drinking alone because her mom and sister didn't get her.  She then started to get a little attacking and claimed that I always liked J more and that even though she thought I seemed cool, I shunned her. It was confusing, it was part like she wanted my friendship, but at the same time like she was biting my head off.  She starting asking me questions about my situation and somehow decided to tell me that she had been raped, that her family could never know and that she now, at 18, was anorexic and an alcoholic. She told me all about tumblr, asking if I had one, then telling me all about how she should be "tumblr-famous"

My online contact with her died out with S, but I continued chatting with J and eventually we started hanging out and catching up. One day after having a drink, we went back to J's house, and there was S. Because of my interactions with her online, I was on edge and didn't know how to approach her. She seemed a little glad of the conversation and then became quite enthusiastic, and for a moment, it was nice talking to her.  Then J wanted to go hang out upstairs, and the moment she suggested that, S snapped. She started screaming at her about how she was just talking and that not everything was about her, and how she couldn't stand S having attention.  It didn't end there. She then started trying to punch her sister, then launched at her, grabbing her hair and pulling out a fistful of her sisters hair.  This was at about 12/1am, so to get out of it and let her calm down, me and a very shaken J went for a walk.  When we got back, S had hid out in her room, bawling about how she was 18, an adult and she was going out for a drink. Eventually her partner picked her up.  When she left, she shouted sarcastically " oh, TikkusMeep, THANKS for coming." Even though I had tried to relate to her and calm her down.

Hanging out with J had become an forward planned event, whenever S was at her partners, we would hang out with at J's with her mom.  Occasionally she would pop through to pick something up before she headed out. I hated running into her. She would either smirk at me and laugh to herself, smile, or come out with some sarcastic comment. 

Her tumblr was no better. It was full of typical sassy gifs of her trying to look edgy/cute, passive aggressive blog entries about people who could have been anyone, complaining about her weight or drug abuse and of course, references to her sex life nobody cared to know.

She treated her life like a skins episode. If she did something to fit in, she would scream about how she had sacrificed herself for our approval. Because I hung around with her sister more than her, she would insist we were intimate despite the fact I am straight and her sister was engaged to her partner. An innocent compliment from her partner would be twisted to have some double meaning she would attack him over.  She had gotten pregnant in the time that I knew her and had an unsuccessful abortion, all of this she did not hide. She would leave pregnancy kits out in the open when she knew I would be visiting.  She seemed to thrive off drama and create it when there was none. 

 I don't think I have ever met someone so sarcastic, bitchy and vain, and yet I cannot hate her.  To me, she seems like a "beautifully broken" tumblr that doesn't stop when you hit the log off button, and what's more, it doesn't seem to be stopping.  Because of her ongoing thirst for efame, her online handle hasn't changed since she was about 15. A quick search of her handle I did recently proved she hasn't changed, but her tactics have. She is expecting again, but there's an obvious trail that leads me to think she baby trapped her partner.  He is a responsible guy and despite her and her families issues, as far as I know, he has never wavered from her side.  I believe with all my heart he would be a loving and responsible father and partner, it's just S that concerns me.  From my experience with her, I can see her getting bored of "mommy life" and cheating when the shine starts to fade and she realises there isn't much to glamourise about it online.  I'm genuinely concerned for this baby who will have a wannabee tumblr ana queen for a mother.


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She sounds like she needs a break and a whole lot of help. It seems that she's unafraid to state the obvious but twists everything up because of her victim-mentality. 

It is very hard being with these kinds of people, and to have to be on the receiving end of all their blaming and complaining. It may help if the one speaking to her is brutally honest to her but speaks without emotion or bias so she doesn't get the chance to play the victim. 

But she's had a hard life and maybe she really has been abused in ways that other people are not aware of. She sounds like she wants love, undivided attention, and acceptance. 

I suppose I've met a snowflake before as well:

She was a pampered bully in school. The sort of girl that commanded all the other girls.

She would photoshop all the photos of herself on social media. On the internet she had gum-ball-sized eyes, pore-less blur-tool skin the colour of milk, huge jugs and mile long legs. Every photo glorified her jugs. And during the viral ALS movement (where everyone dumped cold water on themselves), she made sure to showcase her jugs under the transparent and wet shirt. She also went to acting school and she wanted to become an actress. But that didn't work out and she failed her exams.

Her ex-boyfriend broke up with her but even when they were together she was playing around with another guy. But the guy she played around with crushed on another girl. She was single and still had the hots for that guy so when the guy confessed to his crush, she made all the other girls isolate the crush. She couldn't do much because the crush actually had a good reputation. 

But the Snowflake later got together with another boy. She ended up being pregnant but aborted the child despite being rich enough to raise the child. But the father of her aborted child was revealed to have been with her best friend before. They were best friends but she dug up dirt on her best friend and spread it like wild-fire. Their friendship may have burnt to nothing after that. She would go back to her old school, and like bird watching, would pick out cute younger boys that were obviously too young for her. Then she was enrolled in a college where anyone would be admitted as long as they had money. She quit soon after because it got in the way of her night-life and partying.  

And she continues to post jugs-glorifying selfies till this day...

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@BlueFish I think you're right about my snowflake experience, I think she must have had some grief in her life and part of me didn't want to give up on her.  But at the same time, she was very quick to find deception that wasn't there and she had a tendency to be quite nasty for no real reason and couldn't accept she hurt people.  I guess she just turned everything outwards and found comfort in it being a lifestyle people tune into online.

the snowflake you mentioned sounds so dodgy, I will never understand the appeal of being known for the girl with the tit pics online and it's messed up how she would pit people against one another.  It's kind of like she sees people as accessories to her ego and not actual people :(

dont get me wrong, it's interesting to hear what crazy things these people get up to, but to be around, these people are incredibly draining and exhausting to be around 


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True ... Snowflakes garner attention because they do certain things to the extreme and often that leads to an unhealthy direction. 

And you're right about the snowflake I mentioned. I once heard her saying that "boys are her toys." And I guess she just wanted to be sexy online, get lots of attention and finally become famous. She really just wanted to be sucessful.


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