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She just bought 2k followers yesterday. In the morning i checked and she had 18,8, in the evening - 20,8, nothing happened in between, her photos didn`t hit explore page. 


just slowly topping up until she hits 580k again. xD

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 18.56.33.png

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Damn, I don't know how to feel about this whole thing. Knowing she did something this shitty made my stomach drop tbh. I'm just going to comment on her art for now because I'm still wrapping my head around this entire thing. 

That NiteNite video was bad before the edits and glitches imo so the final product just looked all the more terrible. The monologue is so try-hard.

The concept photos have been very try hard too. It's just edgy for the sake of being edgy at this point. 


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I'm laughing at the gall she has already preparing to sell merchandise for this low-effort stunt. G0ds0dds got an update, she's fumbling with the code for the upcoming store, specifically the "sold out" category, which makes it even better.


And you can tell she bought new followers by two things:

1. her account is private, no way she went through 2000 follow requests manually in such a short time, so she opened it up briefly and bought followers - in fact she's at 22k now so make that 4000

2. look at some of her new followers, they're typical for fake follow services because they're just throwaway accounts who follow a large amount of people but have zero activity.



Screenshot at Jul 19 16-08-07.png

Screenshot at Jul 19 16-10-44.png


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