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I second the Book Depository suggestion, they're the best site for anything book and comic/ manga related I know :)

(Sorry, can't put it under a spoiler, I'm on mobile and can't figure out how)



[ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] is what I use for the phone (minus the gaps between the brackets) I so abuse book depository but with the posible tax on imports coming in, it kills me but for now, I will keep with it and thanks so much guys


Imma gonna let Joey keep thinking he can change the world of anime, it's actually amusing to see 

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I think Joey needs to take a few life lesson classes. There are many countries out there producing content that others will never be able to get their hands on for one reason or another.

I like Nollywood movies but it's so hard for me to get my hands on those movies since one Nigeria isn't that advance in DVD/CD distribution to other countries and two Nollywood makes most of its money in Africa so there is no need to distribute any of its content outside the continent. And that's what Joey doesn't understand; Japanese entertainment companies make enough money off of Japanese/Foreigners living in Japan buying their products that there is no real need to branch outside tbh. Also, it seems CD/DVD are king in Japan which honestly isn't a bad thing when you look at the quality and content of said CD/DVD (like deluxe packs, gifts, etc). There is also the big issue of distribution. It's complicated to distribute anime, you need the right license, an audience, money, voice actors, channels/websites willing to stream such content stuff like that is complicated and it's the reason why very few channels/tv station have anime available to Western viewers.

Once again Joey is talking without thinking and trying to better the "world" instead of improving his YT channel. What a joke


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