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She actually has bad photoshopping skills. It’s easy to spot if your eyes are trained enough. But in this case, she only photoshops parts of her body thicker and her nose smaller, it’s obvious when it looks warped and blurry. You can also compare all her photos and make a collage and see how poorly she shoops because it’s inconsistent. Therefore, I wouldn’t say she’s skilled.


Yup, you're right, the blurry boobs when she wear a top with patterns are really bad lmao. But it is good in the way that she looks super different from photographers photos, and you don't see it at first glance that her face is photoshopped (for untrained eyes). She had me fooled for a minute until I found this thread.

E.g. when scrolling past her pics, I wouldn't be able to tell that she actually look like this:


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Does she just never wash her hair? It always look like an oily mess.


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