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Hey! Name's Hannah. I have a ton of different forums, and have never heard of this one. I'm happy to join in~ 

I don't have much to say, so I guess I can go deep in describing my personality. I'm probably the most frugal person you have ever met. Im stubborn in a way; I don't like changing my decisions even if it's a positive thing. I hate asking for things, even for food. I'm extremely giving. After I give and give and give just to make you happy, I realize I won't ever get anything back, but whatever! Fuck it (: As long as you're doing fine. I love cooking and getting others' opinions on it. I'll most likely end up being one of those mothers that give their kids the most love through food lmao. I'm also that friend/acquaintance that's serious and fun and reckless at the same time. 

I hope to stay here and not forget about this forum.


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