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Natural Circle Lenses for Light/Dark Eyes

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ive been enjoying lighter brown colored eyes for that natural look and i totally recommend the artric 76 brown lenses! these are known as the "lee sung kyung lenses" since it emulates her naturally light brown eyes. however, they arent enlarging since they are more ~natural~. i do appreciate it though since im here for color change, not so much enlargement.



also, i'd like to recommend the o-lens russian velvet brown (or in fact anything from o-lens is pretty natural due to the small diameter). they are more like solitica dupes but a little less opaque which i quite like since i dont want to look like im dead. the only downside to o-lens is that most of their lenses are monthlys or dailys. there is a small section that lasts up to 6 months though. the russian velvet line also has grey and blue colored contacts if youre into that.

(i bought 3 boxes and this website gave me a pair of free lenses btw)



*i'll say again that these are not enlarging what-so-ever and they do not have a limbal ring but will noticeably change dark brown colored eyes





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What graphic diameter should I search for to achieve an enlarged but natural look? I don't want to get anything too big that I look bug eyed but nothing too small it doesn't do anything :alpacaheadshake:

Also anyone know what lenses this girl is wearing?



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...I know I asked already but: Does someone know nice circle lense with a 9.0mm base curve?? I can only find a few  (G&G has a lot) ...but pinky paradies seems to be the only site that even offers some .:alpacadone:


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